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  3. Turns out Unger told the team of his retirement plans 1 month ago, both parties decided to wait utilafter Free Agency to announce it.
  4. Gettleman trading good pieces away but defending Eli. That motherfucker wouldn't know an overpaid, bum ass QB if he had just paid it $100 million and it ran away from a fumble in the Super Bowl.
  5. yeah i'd give that bullshit reason to if the locker room was cancer.
  6. S4L

    Free agency

    Meh. Never been a Ryan hater.
  7. DD: OG

    Free agency

    Welp, I've got nothing.
  8. Chiefs seem to be the new Bengals. Im going with them
  9. True. Normally, a guy like him would be automatic to Cincy, but of course....
  10. DD: OG

    Free agency

    He'll land with the Raiders.
  11. Vontaze Burfict has been released ( from the Bengals, not prison).
  12. I've never had "potatoe salad" but I love me some potato salad 😎
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