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  2. Does that change the fumble or the thread topic?
  3. How'd the Falcons punt returner do today, the one time that your defense made the Colts punt?
  4. I’d like to repeat ..... we folks in NOLA love Dan Quinn being the Head Coach of the Falcons. We also really liked Mike Smith, but Quinn is a fine replacement.
  5. Lol at Freebird. That ass must be sore.
  6. They act like they are tackling the QB most times. Either that or headhunting.
  7. Dude had the best and worst outcomes on punts tonight. He will be a bright cog in the machine this year, hopefully.
  8. Which one of you is performing the reach-around on the other?
  9. 1 week and several practices later Teddy looks completely competent and even showcased some nice wheels. And hoo boy did our defense have his muthafuckin back. We were gonna win this division no matter what, gang. Nothing personal, it's just the rest of the NFCS is kinda bleh
  10. Today
  11. We can discuss the Falcons if you’d prefer.
  12. I am still very cautious. I don't expect much but I have to give credit to the coaches and players, they game-planned and stepped up big time. To go on the road and beat a quality opponent the way they did, it speaks volumes. I think you will see the offense getting more accustomed to TB and some consistency.
  13. Nope, simply saying this team has a deep roster with many difference-makers besides only the QB. That bodes well for the time that Drew misses.
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