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  2. You know eyhar else is a fact. Julio wants stupid insane money and it's made the Falcons hard to sign future contracts with their own players.
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  4. I constantly get great compliments on my smell at work. Most say they know when my office door is open
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  6. Hey, nothing wrong with that at all. I've been on a Chanel AHSEE binge lately. It's such an under appreciated fragrance. I kinda like it that way, not many people own it. They opt for the ubiquitous Bleu de Chanel.
  7. Watching the battle royal in double or nothing 1. It's great to see guys flipping the bird for some reason. The former perfect 10 tye dillenger is fun to watch. 2. We have a glacier sighting lol
  8. Since I don't make a lot of money, the same thing haha Armaf CDNIM https://www.fragrantica.com/perfume/Armaf/Club-de-Nuit-Intense-Man-34696.html
  9. @VoidedSaint What have you been rocking lately?
  10. Chris Cornell had the greatest rock voice of all time in my opinion.
  11. You're "too" stupid to use proper grammar, bitch. Besides, you answered WRONG on the last one hence your reluctance to even attempt this one. You fat hypocrite.
  12. Jordan Pederson speaks about tribalism . Have you listened to any of his stuff ?
  13. Grady just turned 26. Kawann Short is a relevant comparison.
  14. They hate manufacturing jobs that involve a living wage and benefits.....
  15. Yeah , two out of 180 isn't that gay I guess. I have 2 young lesbians working for me . Nobody complains except the women in the office.
  16. So McCoy, a six time probowler is getting offers for 11 Mil, but we can't get Grady Jarrett to sign a longterm deal for 14-15 annually? Fuck him. Take McCoy for a four year deal... Dude's only been in the league for 9 years, should easily have 3-4 good years left as a DT... suh signed for 14 Mil last year, 10 Mil this year...franchise pricetag is 15 Mil...Fucking Jarrett...price/worth has been set. 14-15 Mil is what top FA DT's are worth. Take the 15.5 annual longterm deal, sign it, and just fucking get it done!
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