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  2. Willie you are wrong the subway trip alone is between 1 and 1.5 hours not counting getting to and from the subway stations so with walk time, you are looking at between 3 and 4 hours round trip every day https://www.google.com/search?q=how+long+to+get+from+queens+to+manhattan+by+subway&oq=how+long+to+get+from+queens+to+manhattan+by+subway&aqs=chrome..69i57.14522j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  3. I bet that loony bitch, Savannah, is a fucking firecracker in the sack.
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  5. Never knew that Larry from the 3 Stooges had enormous titties.
  6. Guy in the purple dress got a sweet rack doh...
  7. Throw in this thing and you have a complete set of fools. Paging @buc-man...would ya!?!
  8. Don't know that I have ever seen a bigger bunch of losers in one place. WTF have these kids been taught ? Once these little fucks take over AMERICA IS DONE.. The rot is upon us , just like in Rome. And people think I am crazy for being a prepper...
  9. Agreed. I mean, how in the hell do people get so upset about the word “man” that they feel the need to whitewash the term? Err...I meant blackwash. Or colorwash. Speaking of color, you ever seent them beaches in Libya??
  10. Do you know the cost of living in New York? And public transits would possibly take longer because of all the stops. And believe it or not Willy, some people have children that go to school, daycares, special needs programs, this commute alone would end up costing them more (not financially potentially). It could easily because a 3-4 hour total commute. Whereas the commute if headquarters were in their district would be much easier.
  11. Makes you wonder if they would say this shit in front of soldiers who have lost brothers and sisters in war. Some will straight fuck them up, maybe even kill them.
  12. Nah, that’s an hour during rush hour, and that’s on the road. Public transit exists. And again, do you think that’s even a 1 hour commute is going to stop someone from queens from getting a good, well-paying job in Manhattan? No, of course not. Your “point” doesn’t work either way. You tried to do some banal pedantry about how “uhhh actually queens isn’t Manhattan” and apparently forgot the fact that everyone commutes to work. It’s OK, we all make mistakes.
  13. https://www.quora.com/How-is-the-commute-from-Queens-to-Manhattan It could be well over an hour depending on where you live Willy. And I'm unsure if this is accounting for rush hour. Maybe you should do more research.
  14. You pointed out that what I said was dumb. And that I don't do research. Apparently you don't do research when you post the hypocritical dribble that find from the first link you see on Google. People in Queens would have had their property values increased substantially. And I would bet it would take more time than 20 minutes for someone from Queens to get to work in Manhattan.
  15. So you do support MFA, vast public education, free college, and never cutting entitlements? And like I said; why isn’t your preference that the government be focused on shit like manhole names instead of evil things like making sure laborers have stronger protections? If they are spending as much time and money as you believe them to be on the name of manholes, you should be jumping for joy at the awful state of a governing body.
  16. I've said it before and I'll say it again, thank God for the 2nd A.
  17. These 3 are proof the human species as a whole is fucked.
  18. Don't change the story Willy. You wrongfully stated I don't want taxpayer money spent on healthcare, education, college, social security or Medicaid or anything else that’s actually useful to people. I rebutted that and you glossed over that with this new question. And to answer this new question, which I've already answered as well, it's a complete waste of government time and tax payer money spending any time whatsoever on this ridiculous new law.
  19. He’s also a Zionist who believes in the idea of a “Just War” and spends a lot of time repeating liberal FP talking points about how evil everyone else in the world is, juxasposed to us of course. I don’t believe in a perfect politician, I believe in ideas and what people stand for. Bernie’s ideas appeal the most to me and he has, through his entire career, stood up for the poor and working class. Focusing on one bad vote de-contextualized from a politicians entire platform and movement is “gotcha” politics. Obviously the 94 crime bill was horrific, and Bernie shouldn’t have voted for it. But he has an otherwise whole career fighting to end for-profit prisons and for both racial and economic-focused criminal justice reform, so it would be foolish to take one vote and throw out an entire political project. What I don’t think you understand, is that Bernie isn’t a singular, glowing personality that everyone loves. He’s a cranky old guy with weird hand movements and a thick Brooklyn accent. Bernie is simply a vassal for the best policies this country has to offer. And given that aforementioned history of constantly being in the right on these issues, he’s actually legit about completing those policies. One bad vote doesn’t break an entire movement.
  20. So they’re going to vote her out? She’s losing the primary then, now that her voters are so upset? Also, are you under the belief that only people from queens would have been working in queens? Or that only people in Manhattan would’ve been working in Manhattan? It takes about 20 minutes to get between the two via train, it’s not a long commute. Nobody in queens is going to work in these new tech places with open jobs 20 minutes away, is what you’re telling me?
  21. Bernie Sanders did support the 1994 Crime Bill and while he acknowledges the damage that it did, this was his 'apology' "So it was one of those, and it happens. It may happen tomorrow. You've got a bill which has some bad stuff in it, some good stuff. You make a choice," he said.
  22. As I said, doing this isn’t costing them any money. And if you truthfully believe that government, as an idea, is fundementally full of crooks and the most incompetent of people, wouldn’t you want their time and money wasted on stuff like this? Wouldn’t you want our government to be busy with some stupid lib shit instead coming up with new regulations and taxes that make this country a better place? Why are you upset?
  23. Willy please tell me this what district does AOC represent? Because Amazon is going to Manhattan. You would know this if you kept up with actual news! Instead of, you know, the usual Youtube videos and CNN talking segments. Here is a little quote from NYpost that you might not like. "Queens residents overwhelmingly supported plans for 25,000 new jobs with an average wage of $150,000, despite protests from Ocasio-Cortez and other politicians over $3.2 billion in capital grants and tax incentives, polls have shown." https://nypost.com/2019/05/27/amazon-is-reportedly-eyeing-office-space-on-manhattans-west-side/
  24. Who's seeking it out?! In most cases, these things pop up on social media or news flashes on smartphones. For instance, my work phone has this type of shit popping up from nearly every news organization. The app came with my phone and the company will not allow me to delete apps.
  25. Show me where I've ever said I don't want taxpayer money spent on healthcare, education, college, social security or Medicaid or anything else that’s actually useful to people. You won't find that. I'm a proponent of sound fiscal management. I exercise this principle in my business everyday. I also spend considerable money both in business and personally on healthcare, education and social security. I just concluded on Tuesday of this week renewing the healthcare program for all employees of the company, including maintaining a $500 individual and $1,500 family deductible along with a $7/30/70 prescription plan. Urgent care visits cost only $35. The company pays 100% of the policy premium for all employees. The decision to do this allows for our company plan to remain a leading plan in the region. To keep this benefit for employees I agreed to suck up an 18% increase in policy premiums. Or I could have switched to a different plan offering $1,000/$3,000 deducts and saved 11% or $3,300/$6,600 deducts and saved 37%. I offer continuing education assistance to all employees, and for several I've paid for MBA's because they offer value in the positions they maintain within the company. I also privately funded my share of higher education for my children with zero grants or assistance. I'm in favor of grants and assistance for higher learners who've exhibited a commitment to education and sensibility toward life in general. I've been fortunate in the business world and paid a serious amount amount of taxes over the years, both personally and in business. But I damn sure don't feel guilty for any deductions I've enjoyed either. If Uncle Sam and all the crooks in Washington, and in state government can't manage cash properly, that isn't my fault. My input to them has been there. I am strongly opposed to government running businesses because you can't name one in which they do so with fiscal responsibility. I'm extremely pro-business and there is nothing you can say that would change my mind. I'm 61 years old and I've seen decades of proof government can't get it right. I have a serious issue with the butt-hurt people of this country who suddenly believe all historical sites, monuments, landmarks, language terms and long established customs and laws need to be changed to appease their chapped asses. Or those who believe it's OK to attack somebody in public because of their religious or political belief. How about doing something more constructive with your time? And this idea that Berkeley will change city laws regarding these now offensive terms is simply more pandering to the extreme lefties who can't function in society. Its a total waste of government time and money.
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