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  2. Absolute best feature on a woman is a great ass
  3. Assholes that aren't following the rules...
  4. Hey, jb! Look at what I found!
  5. The amount of deaths in America will be 10,000 come Sunday.
  6. And this post makes you super fn gay today. Strait fn douchebag!!
  7. Why do I feel like I'm about to download something messed up
  8. Great to hear. Thanks for keeping us updated
  9. You make sure to tell @Handsome_Jimmy that I didn't delete none of mine!!!
  10. If you agree. You like the dang comment!!!!! Don't make me go Ron on you. @GOAT POTUS am I doing this right?
  11. Yeah I'm confused why he posted a picture of himself.
  12. You clearly need a bad over her head for you.
  13. That's a better way to say it.
  14. So this is, in essence, a dissertation of the author's opinion that without Brees, the Saints are just a shytty scrub team with absolutely no championship aspirations... I agree, Ray...
  15. The forum must be broke or either lawyer Hank did something without my approval.
  16. I'd been running slow for a couple weeks, but considering how appreciative we all are (or at least should be) at how a few maintain this site for the many, I was perfectly happy to live with it...but I must say I'm even happier now that it's been fixed... Anyways, thanks for keeping this little ol' neighborhood Cheers up and running, brohams...
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