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  2. Prepositional phrase. for fuck's sake. (idiomatic, colloquial, vulgar) An expression of anger or frustration. For fuck's sake, mate! Stop shooting at me!
  3. He's an bigger piece of shit than that... Mike Bloomberg was once sued by employee after he 'told her to "kill it" when she announced her pregnancy and spoke crudely about women all the time' https://trib.al/03QeXpC On another occasion when she expressed she was struggling to find childcare, Bloomberg told her to hire 'some black'. 'It's a f***ing baby! All it does is eat and s**t! It doesn't know the difference between you and anyone else! All you need is some black who doesn't have to speak English to rescue it from a burning building,' Bloomberg said in July 1993.
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  5. Houston barely winning that game. I wasn't expecting a high score like that.
  6. Lol I didn’t go. I have better things to do no offense to him
  7. Fuckin holy shit what a draft
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  9. Mrs. Ray made a batch of killer chocolate covered shortbread cookies with toasted pecans today. These knocked it out the park.
  10. Nice move by Ron R and his wife. Respect.
  11. You gonna go down this road again? So Ron, how many net carbs were in the Casserole? I know the answer.
  12. So what you're saying is that they're only interested in succeeding if we succeed their way? What if their way doesn't lead to success? Should we continue to do what hasn't worked simply due to effort justification?
  13. So , he is basically saying old people can just go ahead and fucking die already. Why even bother trying to save them ?
  14. Great question.. Here’s what jB will say. “Nothing but a white nationalist site. I’ll only post here when shit is rolling my way. Fuck you Hitler bitches.” Here’s what Syco will say. “I’m still here, but its an exhausting battle trying to convince you conservatards why male gay/transgender dudes should use the same restroom as my daughter.” (He actually said this) Here’s what Willy will say. “I hate whitey and his relatives.”
  15. Why is it that our resident leftists only show up to post when there's some bombshell or purported imminent threat to Trump's presidency or agenda? For example, the board was flooded with them during the Mueller investigation, but since? Largely absent. Sure, there was a small peep during the impeachment hearings and every other anonymously sourced story that promised to bring Trump down, but after the fact? Completely missing, the only place their faces could be found were on the back of a milk carton. Where are they during the good times? Shouldn't they actually want our nation to succeed, regardless of who is leading the country? Can we not all celebrate achievements together? And why is it that our resident conservatives are here during ALL of the highs and lows of 45's presidency? When we were guaranteed that Trump was a Russian agent, they were here. When Trump had a fondness for getting pissed on by random hookers? Still here. Guaranteed to be gone within the first 100 days in office? You guessed it, still here. Record highs in the economy, winning on trade wars, getting our allies to pony up their fair share (as Bernie Sanders would say), reduction in crime, reduced illegal border crossings, etc etc etc. As a whole, they've largely ridden the wave, although at times their footing was unsure. They've been faithful and have taken, oftentimes literally, hit after hit from the left yet have not resorted to violence, they're not screaming at the sky, and have largely remained peaceful in the face of adversity. Any answers?
  16. I don't mean to interrupt the sermon, but since when does giving blowies secure "mistress" status? Surely there's a better title for this young lady than "chickenhead w/ business acumen" but a full-stripped mistress? The game is in ruin
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