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  2. This will allow schools to push more political agendas. At 16 I didn't give a shit about politics. And I was easily influenced. It wasn't until I started getting older and seeing what Trump was going through, that I knew there was an issue in this world regarding politics. But this can only end bad.
  3. What a great fucking idea eh ? .....i mean, are 16 year olds not fonts of wisdom and reason ? .... https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/the-nations-capital-may-let-16-year-olds-vote-for-president-is-that-a-good-idea/ar-AAvY8rT?ocid=spartandhp
  4. Nephew's car

    I'd have the element of surprise and he'd have a hard time chasing me down with his right testie up his ass.
  5. Well they feared for their lives

    Y’all gotta quit talking shit about Krispy Kreme. I don’t care if we have the same politics or are fans of the same football team, anyone who talks bad about the Kreme is dead to me. 😾
  6. Well they feared for their lives

    I don't use food to masturbate either, sorry to spoil your homo spank-tank material. Fag!!
  7. Sometimes you need a well placed word for this to make sense
  8. he's gifted, but too bad that noggin is a tad bit slow.
  9. Well they feared for their lives

    I wasn’t asking if you planned to eat the little fuckers.....
  10. Well they feared for their lives

    I don't eat that crap. I get my donuts at Buskin's, nigga.
  11. Today
  12. Nephew's car

    He's a big lad, like me. He'd beat the shit out of ya before your foot could move.
  13. Well they feared for their lives

    You gonna go get you some, aren't you? lol
  14. Here’s one the young guys of the forum. Check out that set of lips ....
  15. Well they feared for their lives

    Krispy Kreme has chocolate donuts????
  16. Well they feared for their lives

    He is. Best non gay sex he’s ever had in the lead position was nailing the hole on a chocolate glazed donut from Krispy Kreme. That was when he learned the art of sucking the filling out of chocolate eclairs.
  17. I think he'll be a decent slot receiver. Just don't see a #1 wide receiver.
  18. Well they feared for their lives

    isn't batt a fag? so he couldn't hit home runs in any woman if he wanted to. probably how he became gay, just couldn't satisfy a woman ever and was told that constantly, so he switched to being gay and strictly a "catcher".
  19. Well they feared for their lives

    Have fun man. Shes been dead for 15 years. You probably couldn’t even get a small grown out of her, but you’re plenty used to being a total sexual failure by now.
  20. I thought they shouldn’t bother drafting a WR because of this....
  21. 20 Most Devastating Loses in NFL History

    Its true, we suffered for 10 seconds before the final gun sounded. I can’t imagine being slowly gutted over 17 minutes....
  22. Why the Panthers should avoid drafting a WR in the first round

    Strikes me as more of a gadget player.
  23. Well they feared for their lives

    I hear BATT is this very sexy dude that hits home runs in @SaintRay's mom.
  24. Nephew's car

    Vanity plate# 26472 I'm gonna locate that little bitch and kick him in the nutz!!
  25. Anything I sign my name onto immediately becomes priceless...
  26. I like Sutton, but have never been high on Ridley. People always talked like he was next in line after Julio and Cooper. I never saw it.
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