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  2. You all forgetting a couple things 1) medical science is far better 2) Bo Jackson literally popped his leg back into place and went on like nothing happened without realizing that he cut off a lot of bloodflow when he did it
  3. Dago


    Because you like how democrats enriched the top 1% when they controlled the federal government in the past decade?
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  5. MASH

    CGM fined

    Gotcha. Never really paid attention to him
  6. Thomas is always in that kind of zone.
  7. MASH

    CGM fined

    Thomas was pissed for some reason. I want to know what kazee said to get in his head like that
  8. Am I?! This article lists the team sending a rep to the workout: https://sports.yahoo.com/here-are-the-nfl-teams-reportedly-attending-colin-kaepernicks-workout-202525494.html?.tsrc=daily_mail&uh_test=2_15 Pssssssttttt....Falcons are on that list.
  9. Yet you were too chickenshit to take me up on that bet. That tells me that you don’t even believe that bullshit.
  10. Don't act retarded man Just because the workout is in Atlanta? You're better than this...
  11. Yeah I thought that it was really unnecessary.
  12. He should have been. That was egregious. Seriously.
  13. Welp ...you’re Falcons were the original host team for his workout.
  14. Thomas was fined $10,527 for his facemask penalty against the Falcons last Sunday. https://saintswire.usatoday.com/2019/11/16/saints-news-michael-thomas-face-mask-fine-j-t-gray-falcons-punter/
  15. Saints will be eliminated in the playoffs if not before. Tough guy.
  16. Who is? Don't act like y'all are special or some shit...
  17. Gonna be interesting. Got money on them to win the championship...
  18. The truth is that the Saints aren't interested in the CK circus.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Apparently its the same sort of injury that put Bo Jackson on the shelf. Shame on Saban. I hope more kids realize he doesn't give a fuck about them.
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