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  3. Chicken and sausage gumbo, fried chicken topping a spinach salad with creole tomatoes, fresh corn, mandarin oranges, toasted sesame seeds and stilton blue cheese.
  4. Marty threw high 30 tds last year? julio had how many?
  5. The "very wealthy" that he's speaking of includes himself. Bernie is quite the hypocrite.
  6. Umm yes he does you ignorant ginger-headed flaky sytarded fuck. Socialism is literally his entire platform that he's campaigning on, so you mean to tell me that if he were to get into the oval office, he would cheerfully renege on his past five decades of policy in favor of an economic system he derides at any given chance? Fucking liberals.
  7. This does nothing to supplant your original argument. How 'bout dat wall doe?
  8. It has to be someone we would not expect. Julio is too obvious and is the 1st WR that comes to mind due to the contract situation, which makes it unlikely to be him.
  9. You got a win though. What was your overall assessment of the Bucs after tonight's game?
  10. They sure don’t help each other
  11. Yeah, but could still be a possibility considering injury history and Boyd coming into his own. Green will be back and can contribute to another team. Couldn't imagine guys like Hopkins, Adams, or thielen getting moved. I mean I guess Brandon cooks could get traded again, but not likely considering they wanna try to get back to sb.
  12. Honestly Green Evans Hilton One of those 3
  13. Yes. There are crooks in every political party. My wish is for all political parties to be blown up and have us all start from scratch.
  14. Meanwhile Matt Prater just hit a 61 yarder
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