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    The Falcons would be dumb to (x) Therefore, the Falcons will do (x)
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    And Vince has losses covered for 3 years. This thing is gona be given a legit shot
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    JB won't show up in here for quite awhile.
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    While some Democrats politicians/followers have admitted to this being childish. I think it's very childish that 17 minutes into being elected Democrats were already working on legal documents to impeach President Trump. They fought every single one of his cabinet members. We literally were without defense, too if we were attacked for those few weeks bad things could of happened to our great nation. President Trump's cabinet was the most attacked ever in history. He was the longest president ever in history to go without his full cabinet....... you can disagree all you want with some of the things President Trump does, as well as being Republican. But that childish behavior "will" of Democrats fighting from 17 minutes in, and now getting more childish with ripping up his speech should wake any Democrat followers up to Democrat politicians will never look towards to the future of stopping this horrible division of the people.
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    I still like a minefield , drones , and machine gun towers better...
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    Falconcheff It's Good To Be The King Pure Football 4,974 9,053 posts Posted just now · Report post Anybody who's read even one of your posts knows the only thing you've ever left on top of was a dead hooker... Quote Edit Options
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    It's more like a route shrub.
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    I've decided to send these flowers onto sycola instead of ronnie boy.
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    And you're a hypocrite with a mental illness. Where are you when black Obama supporters kill each other everyday? To the point that they are 13% of the population and commit 51% of the murders. I guess Obama's racist rhetoric has nothing to do with this.
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    XFL needs to revive the New Orleans Voodoo.
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    So we can count on your vote in November?
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    I don't like the guy but I wouldn't wish this on him
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    As I said earlier......... Fuck the Niners!
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    Of course they did. Any time someone from here shows up they nut up like a muhfucka.
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    Boneless Blackened Chicken in a Garlic/Butter/Cilantro/Blackening Spice Reduction Sauce topped with crumbled Chicken Skin Crackling and Balsamic Roasted Asparagus. White meat for her, dark meat for me. This plays with your emotions.
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    Then there's that hate monger gay nigga Don Lemon who's accused of sexual transgressions by his former lover.....CNN should so proud.
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    This is so surreal, I'm hurting for his family, may he Rest in Paradise......Mamba forever ❤
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    because I don't blindly comment a side on situations like this. premature, unlike some of yal hoping its true
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    It’s clear a couple of people in this thread have already decided the Saints organization is guilty. Amazing conclusion seeing how nobody has examined a shred of evidence or read a single email yet.
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    It’s just a big social event for players. It sure as hell isn’t a football game.
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    i mean if they covered it up, fine. But if this was already after the exposure and the archdiocese asked them how to approach it, than theres no wrongdoing. according to a lawyer friend, its also normal practice to block email access as in allowing it would allow the court ALL emails of the saints. They'll go through a process with both lawyers, filter out the pertinent ones that involve this case, and then allow those to be seen in court. The ones pertaining to the team say...scouting, doesn't get opened.
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    Jimmy G has thrown 6 passes LMFAO
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    @Freebird Lives I never knew even any of that. Only thing I ever knew was where they had their small thing of kicking Jews out.
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    Yep , Mike Person as well . But the TATF geniuses will tell you Sweitzer is the worst G in the history of the NFL . When in actuality he and his minimum rookie contract is much better than what Gel Boy spent 10 million on . And he is still very young and just entering his prime. Good god , what could have been if we had just plugged and played him , cut Beasley , not signed Brown and Carp , and spent that 23 million elsewhere. But no , fuck no , we are the Falcons and we love being cute...
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    Yes it has. It started in January 2017 the moment Trump took office.
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    See above , I edited before you posted this LOL...be great if he was there in the 4th...
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    Beware a one year wonder . Shit , Vic had more sacks than him ONCE ... https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/02/09/shaquil-barrett-is-willing-to-take-less-to-stay-in-tampa/
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    No political BS in the football forum please.
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    LOL , you are preaching to the choir bro , I know it is a scam and will totally implode at some point...but seriously , I know for a fact my cousins husband has made some pretty good money working this bitcoin shit. But he is one of these new age geek wizards that know how to do it. Me, I have no clue ...
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    Not in my mind, it doesn't. I, as well as most people on here, know what I mean. I don't live my life thinking that all liberals, all women, all men, all Christian, all Jewish, all Muslims,...etc...are all the same. It's an exaggeration of the reader's mind that makes them assume that when I mention Liberals, women, men, Christian, Jewish, Muslim...etc...that I mean all. NOTICE: From here on out, if I mention a name of a particular group of people...don't assume that I mean all of that group unless I actually say "All of (fill in the blank)" There's my disclaimer. SMH.
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    Oh yea, i saw a few that would have been flagged lol
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    I had someone reach out to him on Facebook to let him know to call me. With me downsizing from a 3600' house to a 1600' house I have a ton of stuff I was going to try to sell and then trash. So if any of y'all know him or can write even on that thread. Tell him to reach out to me thru you and I'll give you my number. I'm 2 hours from where he lives (according to his go fund me). I have a nice bedroom suite. TONs of toys (things I collected and was literally about to sell to a collector). Lamps. Even chandeliers. And several several stuff. Heck even own stuff that goes back to the late 1700s. Christmas trees (my wife had one in every single room) ....... if he was closer, I would definitely help him do some remodeling. And I might still consider going up there a few times to help out. Hell I even would give him some of that falcon crap I was going to be chucking away to whoever wanted it if the Falcons fail me next season. Due the NBA player who bought my house told me to gut everything but the pool table and Falcons stuff. And because my wife was attached to Falcons, it came with me down here and now she sees it's too much. If I knew this back when it happened. I would have thrown him that fridge, a few year old washer and dryer, all the furniture, and etc. I practically gave away a lot of crap just so I didn't have to transport here to try to sell. I never like showing off what lifestyle is. But.... https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/1764-Wheat-Grass-Way-Grayson-GA-30017/80168381_zpid/ the dome, ceiling molding, crown molding, are things I did. Here I've raised the living Room ceiling like a coffered tray, tool down walls, added 8' window, made a sauna shower with 3 heads for my wife...... So there's a lot I can help him rebuild. I've got the tools, so he'll just need to get the supplies.
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    Accomplishments mean zilch, it's far more important to do whatever necessary to ensure your party is leading the country.
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    My god, Sully could have swallowed that thing whole.
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    So if I smack your girls ass, you are going to get so upset that you are going to turn into an even higher, gayer dude who’s pants rip off. Like some sort of homosexual hulk?
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    I dont hate cops. I like cops just like i like anyone else. But if you wanna call slappin somebody on the ass "simple battery," and issue an arrest warrant, hand your cock in to the man police bc you aren't one.
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    This place ain't for everyone. If you can't handle it, it's best to stay away.
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