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    He was spotted at a Trump rally earlier this week.
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    JB if anybody was in here making light of slavery you would be calling them racist (and rightfully so) yet you constantly turn what the Jewish people went through under Hitler into a joke I would appreciate it if you would stop demeaning my people and keep your racism to yourself
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    JB watches the news agency that claims that a 7-2 court decision is a narrow decision
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    This thread HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICS. Your answer literally had nothing to do with anything BUT politics. This is how fucking loony you are JB. You got my final warning. If you so much as use the fucking words left or right out of context on this side of the board, you'll be banished to live on the politics side of it.
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    To the officers of law enforcement who suit up everyday knowing it could be their last. A community 30 minutes away from me experienced a tragedy as they lost an officer who was gunned down by a cranked out piece of trash. After a two day manhunt they finally brought him to justice and hopefully the rest of his days are filled with the same fear that officer felt the moment before he died.
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    I guess there is something to the gay rumors.
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    Pretty sure Syco is harder on people who use memes than he is MS-13 🧐
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    Whilst your spoiled, babified, multi millionaires were kneeling others did not kneel....think about that this Memorial Day you bitchmade bastards.....
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    Funny, but it seems like you're okay about invoking rape and murder of people's kids. You were just joking though, right? So it's okay? Jokes are okay, anecdotes aren't. Right?
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    Three farmers - a Conservative, a Libertarian, and a Liberal run across a lamp. Out pops a genie who grants each of them a wish. The Conservative wishes for a new cow. The Libertarian wishes for less government interference in his farming. The Liberal wishes for the Conservative's new cow to die.
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    Run along little blow boy your friends are waiting for you....
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    Here's a quick rundown of the rules... Christian Conservatives are responsible for all the world's ills, particularly if they're white men. Progressive Liberals are immune to any and all criticism, because they are morally superior. Conservative posters must respond to every thread that is critical to their political beliefs. They must also accept responsibility for the actions of any conservative and apologize. Progressive Liberals are permitted to pick and choose which threads to post in. They're also not held to the same standard because judging an entire group by the actions of a few is racist. So yeah, leaving sounds like a good idea to me too.😁
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    What a dumb moron. Has no idea what Memorial Day is about.
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    Dipshit just admitted his hypocrisy and cries about how i didn't come to his rescue. Lol. It would have been hypocritical of me had I made threats against his family, but i didn't do that. All I did was agree about the fact that he has a different set of standards when it comes to his family than he does others. Btw Syco...I don't give a shit that you can't stand me. I don't live to please you. In parting...go fuck yourself.
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    Oh hey guys, invoking the idea of raping kids is disgusting... unless Syco does it under the right context, then it’s perfectly okay.
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    You'z one gay azz motherfucker!!!
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    SCOTUS will reverse this decision once it gets to them. TDS crazies were hijacking all of his tweet threads with spam and porn bombs and droves of obscenities and even threats, so Trump simply blocked them to try and end their shenanigans. Its going to be funny when all these people get their accounts banned by Twitter for breaking the CoC rather than just blocked by Trump. These Liberal activist judges are such a detriment to this country. They prove time and again they are not impartial and are filled with bias. If they are making decisions on bias and emotion over stupid shit like this, what and who else are they doing it on?
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    Man, I just don’t know how an old man is so immature. I had more class than this guy when I was 12 years old. Dude’s parents must have been shit.