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    Are you gonna pay me my 4 grand or not?
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    Abortion is not removing a tooth, you murderous dumbfuck... a baby is not part of the woman's body; it's another body entirely. "Especially a WHITE Male" as if there's been a few black dudes who got pregnant... you are such a fucking fuck fucker fuck... there's simply not enough fuck words to describe you...
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    Allow me to translate..... JB is retired, so he pays little in taxes. He’ll tell you I’m wrong, I’m not. His causes are marching against Trump, or rallying for legalization of weed. That’s it. He’ll tell you I’m wrong, I’m right. He spends his discretionary income on Bucs tickets, helping to line the pockets of billionaires who he despises. Again, I’m right. He had a chance to help family in Puerto Rico and said he couldn’t because his pockets were light. But he blamed Trump for the Hurricane. I made a donation to Hurricane Harvey victims and he later made that into a political sideswipe, yet he did nothing. The fact he won’t answer Ron’s question is telling. So in summary, he contributes little and takes what he can. Finally, he’ll reply with EAT SHIT commentary in all caps. He’s an epic loser.
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    So where's the 2018 Rivals meet-up? Freebird vs. Ron B Beef vs. JB Tree vs. Tree's virginity Me vs.& Beef's wife
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    As he should be. Says a lot about his character.. It also tells me the fans not watching the game because of anthem protests had a way bigger affect on the NFL than they ever admitted.
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    Again. Hate and Vitriol. It's literally all you have. You're so fucking tolerant. So fucking enlightened. So fucking right all of the time JB. At least, that's what Obama created of the left. What Obama did while in office, and what you support is far more fascist than ANYTHING Trump has done. From the complete corruption of the justice system on EVERY level, to his divisiveness in every which possible manner, racial, political and even educationally. But you're perfectly fine with that, JB, why? Because it's YOUR FUCKING SIDE. Look at the fuckin' asshole it turned you in to. We used to be able to hold conversations with you, without giving a fuck that you were a bleeding heart liberal. Now that Obama is gone, the right is finally able to undue that mess and it's breaking your heart. You so god damn institutionalized that it's turning you fucking INSANE. As for all of us getting what beef dishes out, that's an outright lie and fucking blatant excuse for your newfound dickheadedness. You need to create some sort of excuse for you to treat people the way you are, otherwise, what kind of tolerant, love trumping hate, liberal would you be? Face it JB, you've become the thing that you are supposed to be combating. A noninclusive, hate filled, bigot. You are 110% unaccepting of ANYTHING but your way. You are literally a fucking communist. I don't give a fuck what kind of asshole you act like, I go about my day exactly the same whether you are bigot dickface JB or angry old man yelling at a cloud at a bucs game JB. In fact, what you don't get is your complete intolerance is what feeds people like us to make sure your life continues to be the living hell it is. Fuck man, I'd vote for Hitler in 2020 if the motherfucker came back to life and ran for President of the US just to stick it up your asshole. You've become a piece of "human" garbage. I use the term human loosely, because the only thing human about you is your body. Maybe one day you'll actually see how intolerant you've become and be able to accept things other than your own opinion. Until then, you're closer to the Hitler you so hate, than ANYONE else to ever post on RC.net. Period.
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    I can't wait to watch JPP try and eat some "W's"
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    https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/columnists/byron-york-if-mueller-didnt-charge-flynn-and-manafort-with-collusion-then-who-was-colluding If Mueller didn't charge Flynn and Manafort with collusion, then who was colluding? Trump-Russia special counsel Robert Mueller is authorized to investigate "any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump." The popular word for that is collusion, and it remains at the heart of both the Mueller and the Senate Intelligence Committee investigations. (Majority Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee recently announced they were unable to find evidence proving collusion.) While much about the Mueller investigation remains unknown, we do know the indictments he has filed and the pleas he has reached with various figures in the case. There are some, including charges against Russia's Internet Research Agency, several individual Russians, and two minor figures, that target either people on the Russian side of the equation or those for whom there are no suspicions of collusion. But Mueller has charged three people who were in the Trump campaign inner circle -- former national security adviser Michael Flynn, former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, and former deputy campaign chairman Richard Gates, all with ties to Russia and all of whom might be expected to be part of a collusion scheme, had one existed. Mueller has also charged one peripheral hanger-on, George Papadopoulos, who might conceivably have been part of a collusion scenario. But all have faced charges and none of those charges, at least so far, has involved allegations that Flynn, Manafort, Gates, or Papadapoulos played a role in a scheme of collusion, or coordination, or conspiracy, or whatever it is called. And that could tell the public something about the state of the collusion allegation inside the Mueller investigation. To put it briefly: What kind of collusion scheme between Russia and the Trump campaign could have existed without Michael Flynn being part of it? What kind of collusion scheme could have existed without Manafort? And Gates? And yet none of them -- nor Papadapoulos, either -- has been charged with taking part in a collusion scheme. Flynn pleaded guilty to one count of lying to investigators about what he discussed in a phone conversation with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak. (Investigators have always known what the two men talked about, since the call was wiretapped, recorded, and transcribed.) Manafort has been charged with a daunting number of financial crimes, including fraud and tax evasion, relating to his work for a pro-Russian political party in Ukraine. Gates was charged with most of the crimes Manafort faced, but received a deal from Mueller, allowing him to plead guilty to one count of lying to investigators and one count of hiding profits from his work with Manafort in Ukraine. Both Gates and Manafort were charged with something called "conspiracy against the United States." As the former prosecutor Andrew McCarthy points out, "there is no such offense in federal law as 'conspiracy against the United States.'" But Mueller's office described their alleged crimes that way, and some media commentators liked the treason-ish sound of the phrase. Papadopoulos pleaded guilty to one count of lying to investigators about a conversation he had with a Russian who wanted to create ties with the Trump campaign. All those charges, and none alleging that any of these men, some of them at the highest levels of the Trump campaign, took part in any collusion, or coordination, or conspiracy between the campaign and Russia. "I can't imagine that there would have been collusion or conspiracy with the Russians that Michael Flynn didn't know about," said Sol Wisenberg, a former prosecutor with the office of independent counsel Kenneth Starr. "If you're trying to make a collusion case and you are Mueller, you're trying to get someone to plead to the crime you're trying to prove." McCarthy has written much the same. "When a prosecutor has a cooperator who was an accomplice in a major criminal scheme, the cooperator is made to plead guilty to the scheme," he wrote last December. "This is critical because it proves the existence of the scheme." Even Preet Bharara, the New York U.S. attorney fired by Trump and no fan of the president's, said last year, "When we had evidence against somebody and wanted them to flip, we made them plead guilty to every bad act that they had ever done, especially if we were later going to be alleging other people had engaged in that activity as well." But in the Mueller investigation, it is precisely the people who would most be expected to be part of a collusion scheme who have not been charged with taking part in any such activity.
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    This 'investigation' won't end until they find something, anything on Trump or he is out of office. I believe this was their plan all along, the ruling elite weren't going down without fight.
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    I'm sure you would not mind if these players lower their heads doh.....
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    @I'm Ron Burgundy? K guys , lets find a middle ground . Freebird, only have a few drinks a hour . Ron , try and grow that set of balls. .
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    Everyone's so nice to each other
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    JB is proof that pot does not actually make you mellow and peaceful
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    Glorious day, it is.
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    LOL, Trey and Matt totally trolled an uber liftwing organization and crowd full of Hollywood assclowns in grand fashion. I freaking love these guys. This might devastate our resident pinche cabron who has an affinity for posting South Park gifs as derogatory meme's towards us non-Lefties.
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    Cardiac Arrest Rotisseried Pork Tenderloin wrapped in Pork Belly with spices of salt, black pepper, white pepper, red pepper, fennel, mustard seed and sage. The cracklin was amazing as well.
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    And so it begins The Dominos have begun to fall for my 2018 season allready
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    Lol. A small group of retards are out marching and that’s supposed to bother me? 66 million of you intolerant nazi ideal loving bigots couldn’t stop the right from doing what is best for America. You think I’m afraid of your little hissy fit marches? The NRA is putting up record membership DAILY. You ain’t taking anything from us but constant asswhoopins. When RBG dies in a few months you won’t have a chance in the courts. Your days of communist dreams are over. Period. Thats why you are so filled with hate, so unaccepting, such a bigot. Your way of living is DONE. Welcome to our America bitch, strap your belt or get the fuck out. It’s OVER JB. The sad part is, you had a chance for compromise and you and your party went full uncooperative dickface mode. We won’t stand for that garbage.
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    You need to look up the definition of Bigot, because your picture is above the word bitch. As far as hate goes, no one demonstrates how to hate on this board better than you. The shit that you type, you should literally be saying to yourself as you look in the mirror. When have you EVER attempted to have a discussion with ANYONE on these boards about politics? Instead of listening and attempting to change the minds of those who don't think the same way you do, you scream your beliefs, tell people to fuck off about theirs and then stick your fingers in your ears and chant LA LA LA LA. You're a bitch JB. Nothing less... My Hitler comment was a joke. You know what wasn't a joke though? You voting for Clinton after the DNC rigged EVERYTHING in her favor. How very Nazi-like of you. As long as it's not the other guys right? You literally bring nothing to this world anymore. You should kill yourself...
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    You know poor jb is losing sleep over this shit
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    As if we needed confirmation that this dude is a piece of shit
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    Of what? My hot ass garbage of a team being 3-13 instead of 4-12?
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    Lets be honest....JB would let another man bugger his wife as long as he was a Democrat politician and would insult Trump while doing it
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    One more political post on this side of the forum and you won’t be posting in it come football season...
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    I feel like the Saints as an organization failed this kid on every level. They had a chance to keep him close to Bama, keep him level headed and in check. Instead they allowed him to go off to California, fuck his life up and they have the worst LB's in the NFL to show for it. At least they got a serviceable lineman for a few seasons though.
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    One of the toughest situations we can go through is the loss of a life long pet....especially your dog. One of our toughest times we've been through was when we had to have our 15 year old Dalmatian put down. My deepest condolences. I wouldn't wish this on anyone.......Even You. Stay Strong! This works for Allie Too:
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    When are your pictures going to make money for you instead of others?
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    $200M+ in career earnings.... That's lawyer talk about suffering cash flow problems. I'd be pissed if I bought something and it wouldn't appraise. But I must say, I wouldn't invest in jewels, that's fools gold.
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    Marijuana should have been legalized over 50 years ago or longer. And I've never smoked it.
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    Are we discussing this post or your sex life?
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    I'm a man of the people.
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    @S4L ...see what you started!?! Thank you.
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    we already have a Lombardi so that is just not true when you have already made it, there is nothing more amusing than watching your bastard step brother fuck up in the most spectacular way possible
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    I think they should make this a national holiday. I'll get the ball rolling on this and will start taking off of work and have the family start exchanging gifts on this day.
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    Holy hell "juvenile brain" jb... The Mueller indictment and quotes from Obama to start with. I sourced both of those to give my argumentation a backbone. You on the other hand, cite yourself. Again and again. Over and over. When the only person you have to reference is yourself in order to create a fact, then anyone can manufacture garbage at will to suit their closely held presuppositions. Which is exactly what the left has been doing, so don't even give yourself credit for coming up with that. Besides, when in the fuck have you EVER and I mean EVER given credence to these outlandish statements you routinely pontificate to the rest of us? As Tree and others have said, you are the very thing you claim to hate. You're just unwilling or unable to see that. I'd wager the latter. A lifetime of watching gay porn just to prove to yourself how "homophilic" you are can corrode even the most resilient optic nerve. More on your sensory systems below: The truth, and it's already been proven. Problem is your ears are so fucking rotted from listening to the Grateful Dead on repeat for 50-fucking-years that your auditory system had no choice but to self-destruct. Of course not. We don't give a fuck what a retard thinks of us. Had said retard taken a liking to us, then perhaps it'd be time for some "self-scouting."
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    Imagine if Brees wrote a book called, "Things That Make Black People Uncomfortable." He'd be burned at the stake.
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    Bitch got what he deserved. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/03/21/teacher-who-called-military-lowest-low-is-fired.html# By Benjamin Brown | Fox News Facebook Twitter Flipboard Comments Print Email Video Teacher's scathing anti-military classroom rant goes viral Jonathan Hunt reports on the controversy surrounding El Rancho High history teacher Gregory Salcido's remarks recorded by a student. A Southern California teacher who was recorded bashing the U.S. military in a profane classroom rant was fired Tuesday evening. Board of Education President Aurora Villon said the El Rancho Unified School District reached a unanimous decision to fire Gregory Salcido, a history teacher at El Rancho High School and elected Pico Rivera city councilman, the Los Angeles Times reported. “His comments do not reflect what we stand for, who we are,” Villon said, adding that “the classroom should never be a place where students feel that they are picked at, bullied, intimidated." Salcido faced a severe backlash after a student secretly recorded him asking his government class why they would want to serve in the military, calling those who serve “dumbs‑‑‑s.” “Think about the people who you know who are over there. Your freaking stupid Uncle Louie or whatever. They’re dumbs‑‑‑s,” Salcido can be heard saying in the Jan. 25 tirade. “They’re not like high-level thinkers, they’re not academic people, they’re not intellectual people. They’re the lowest of our low.” Villon said thousands of emails flooded the school board, as veterans and relatives of military personnel from all over the world voiced their disgust with Salcido’s comments. Salcido apologized at a City Council meeting in February, the paper reported, and attempted to clarify that his comments “had nothing to do with their moral character.” "I don't think it's all a revelation to anybody that those who aren't stellar students usually find the military a better option. ... That's not a criticism of anybody. Anything I said had nothing to do with their moral character," he said, the paper reported. During a break, he told reporters that he believes the military is the not the “best option” for his students, but added "that does not mean I'm anti-military, because I'm not." The student who secretly recorded Salcido -- later identified by KTLA-TV as Victor Quinonez -- told Fox News opinion writer Todd Starnes in January that his teacher had “a history of being anti-military.” “Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion but at the same time they shouldn’t be disrespecting the veterans who have fought for our rights, who give up their lives and do stuff that other people are not willing to do,” Quinonez, who says he wants to be a Marine, told Fox News. The rant even prompted a strong reaction from White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, who said Salcido "ought to go to hell." “I just hope he enjoys the liberties and the lifestyle that we have fought for,” Kelly, a retired Marine Corps general, told Fox News host Brian Kilmeade.
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    prepare for: "ban me" "throwing a monkey wrench in your right-wing plans" "donnie dumbfuck" "overused gif" "you are trying to silence the people" "bringing decency to this board"
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    he will have to settle for eating a V. It works because he could say it stands for victory although he might have to explain the meaning of the word to Winston
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    Dude, just because you have a carrot-top fro doesn’t make you taller. LOL
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    Willy, I'm quoting you so you can see the error of your ways. Was this former SWAT team member a psychopath? Gaskill is a hero
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    If an entire force of motivated people try hard enough to find dirt on anyone, they'll likely do so. In this case we're talking about an extremely successful and wealthy American with global interests. What we are watching here is a Democratic witch-hunt because they absolutely can't comprehend the lose of the 2016 Presidental election. What Trump should have done was immediately counter with an exact witch-hunt aimed at Hillary Clinton.
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    Dungeness Crabs at the Silver Slipper Casino...