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    Damn...they might as well be french
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    Bet you think i wouldnt, HA!
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    Most positive thing to ever come out of NK and could actually lead to a peace treaty. My dad fought in that war, I never thought I would see this in my lifetime and dad is still kicking at 83. We should not be so naïve to think Kim will just serve up his nukes on a plate but I think his intelligence told him Trump was not playing and would lay down a huge pre emptive stagger blow in a matter of weeks if not days.... And I hope we make strides with the Russian Federation when Putin comes in the fall...the old ways of diplomacy are not working... I would love to see Trump and Putin make some kind of big economic deal and just tell the whole world to piss off....despite MSM, Moolers, shot out porn stars, and their scumbag attorneys....
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    Was this pic from your Walking Dead audition?
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    Yeah...like 'I am a serial killer'
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    I just try and remember Hillary Clinton has a Gynecologist.
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    If someone asks you what the main difference is between most of Obama supporters and most Trump supporters, instead of stammering and looking for the best answer, just tell them that most Trump supporters sign their checks on the front, and most Obama supporters sign their checks on the back.
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    I remember reading Sycoly thought Michelle was more attractive than Melania, now I know why.
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    "We dont fuck up the environment...we just make the crap that does and sell it on the open market." You cant make this up 😂
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    Look. Both are bad no doubt, and I don't want to take anything away from Texting your mother "go to hell" while driving, then getting in an accident only to realize you wrecked into your mother's car and killed her, with her phone in her hand, but I'm going to have to side with Saints linebackers. Manti, aj, fuckin kikaka and some dude named craig..CRAIG!? Craig works down at the warehouse and dates your cousin, he ain't no goddamn linebacker. These people are terrible.
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    Bruh. If you say jammies one more god damn time.
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    Love the days when the garden starts producing... Smoked Beef Petite Loin, Caprese Salad, Grilled Veg...
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    Making a change in our trade deficit didnt seem like it was that hard. Why didnt the greatest president in history do it?
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    you don't have anything to worry about....JB has never been one to back up his bullshit
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    Not till sundown.
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    It gets up. Just not really high.
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    Lmao HJ is unintentional comedy gold 😂