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    I started a petition on my ball satchel since saints fans are plenty used to sucking dick. Y'all can sign while they chill on your chins.
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    Cam Jordan and Saints arrive for SB week practice in host city Atlanta.
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    HAHA! I'm back motherfuckers! Ryan >>>>>>>>>>>> Brees Julio >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Thomas and we ALL sitting at home watching other teams play football. Difference is, the future looks motherfucking BRIGHT for the Falcons. The Saints. Not so much! FUCK YOU ALL VERY MUCH. SUCK ON DAT VOODOO!
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    Outside of Buc fans, Van and McCrook, all you bitches can suck a fat one ....
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    He struggles with posting. Expect it to be exactly 200 words. Wait he uploaded it.
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    Saints got screwed. Writer has an aunt in California.
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    Only thing running through NOLA in 2019 will be PJ Williams after he gets pulled over again for DUI
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    That sucked On the upside I ran into Saints Legend Joe Horn at the Cooeland's on Cobb Pkwy. Nice dude.
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    I'm still not convinced. Got any infrared or thermal imaging?
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    Regardless if the Saints won or not. That was probably the best back to back games on Championship Sunday I've ever watched. Entertaining football.
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    Motherfucker is in a Cooks jersey. Dude just beat you. LOL Fucking dumb ass Saints fans.
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    Yes, flight and hotel reservations will be changed.
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    Glad that's settled. No we can further dissect the Saints colossal choke.
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    I think politics, in general, need to stay out of the football forum. Don’t like Trump or Obama..... Wanna discuss indictments.... Don’t like border control.... Think the left or the right is fucked in the head.... Stay in politics. Don’t fuck up every forum.
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    Anyone that has to announce that they are trolling is as wack as someone who sports a mullet, and willing to fight because of their mullet. I know none of us knows anyone that lame
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    I can't help what other fans do. I just owned my part of it.
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    The Atlanta Falcons recently opened a new, multi-purpose, retractable roof stadium known as the Mercedes Benz Stadium located at 1 AMB Drive Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30313. The roof design included eight triangular translucent panels, that when opened would create the illusion of a bird's wings extended, such as a Falcon on display outside. If you’d like to purchase Atlanta Falcon season tickets, you can call (470) 341-5000 and make that happen today. It’s a wonderful investment. You can get $2.00 hot dogs in the stadium, and who doesn’t love a great dog. While you enjoy that dog, walk the supersized hallways of the stadium and admire all the Chick-fil-A’s, but you won’t be able to buy them because they’re closed on Sundays. Be sure to grab one on Monday night games. I’m here to tell there is no way the New Orleans Saints can compete with any of that. Brett Favre, Hall of Fame superstar Green Bay quarterback, was originally drafted by the Atlanta Falcons. Superstars Mick Vick and Deion Sanders played for them also. Matt Ryan, the Super Bowl starting Falcon quarterback signed a 5 Year, $150 Million contract, and is the star of the Falcons team. Go Falcons
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    Marcus Davenport 2018 1st round, 2019 1st round, 2018 5th round sacks 4.5 tackles 22 (10 assisted) pd 2 int 0 Vic Beasley 2015 1st round Sacks 4 tackles 26 (6 assisted) pd 3 int 1 Well it's obvious Beasley had a better rookie season than Davenport, and was a bargain compared to what the Saints unloaded to get the project pass rusher. Even Kikaha had a better rookie season.
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    Love this shit. Keep it up fellas!
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    Yet here you are on the couch with the rest of us, minus a couple of draft picks.