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    @Vanilla2 sent me this...
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    If I were the Panthers, I'd begin my search for Cam here >>>
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    What point is that? That im an "assburger" Dude, do everyone a favor. Go buy a vest with a million fucking pockets on it. Go outside and find a stick. Whittle it down. Then take a fucking hike. Your family will thank you. But more importantly I will thank you.
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    Burgundy is the color your ol ladys pussy turn after i hit her in that sideways burger
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    I hope you fall overboard and are greeted by several hungry bull sharks.😁
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    @Vanilla2 is your refried bean eating ass just going to sit there and take this?!
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    He’s got an impressive list of bodies. Watt Fowler Clowney Lawrence Barrett
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    Beasley and Takk will show these bums a thing or two....
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    He’s being helped to find his “Glory Hole”.
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    It would have been awesome had it been 3 teams with 28 penalties.
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    Mash you are one odd motherfucker lol
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    Never. He is in permanent decline, physically, emotionally and morally.
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    How is an official statistic fake news lol
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    You are such a fucking asshole you know that. You are wrong. You are a wrong asshole.
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    Saints have the stoutest run defense in the NFL. Very impressive.
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    Shrimp and Grits... Part of an Appetizer Party tonite...
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    Saints, Panthers, Bucs.... Yep that about covers it for the South.... I feel like there used to be another team
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    Fresh Speckled Trout with Eggs Sardou
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    Mine is fantastic. Retired. Set for life. Fantastic friends and family. Paid for house and cars. A virtual vacation site with a pool and all the amenities. A wonderful wife of over 31 years. The youngest head coach as a son in the USA Swimming program in the State of Louisiana. The other son is a singer songwriter performing daily on Broadway Street in Nashville with an EP that debuted and peaked at #2 on the iTunes Blues Charts. Your turn, Ronny.
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    I will settle for "with".
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    Mash, you need to remind TATF who leads us in receiving yardage.
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    You think you're shocked? I was expecting to see Ito Smith.
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    This motherfucker here trying to promote his 5 inches of disappointment... How big is your truck?
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    So discussing how an football player stacks up against his peers is now taboo. This means we should never discuss how one's team stacks up against another team. Never rank position groups either. Or how Matt Ryan may or may not be better than Newton or Winston. Comparing Alvin Kamara and CMC isn't acceptable because it's "Top 10 Dick Riding" This is exactly why I've suggested and actually posted comments about knitting and sewing. You see the problem with your comment Mash?
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    Seared Tuna with an Avocado, Roasted Anaheim Pepper, Tomato, Grilled Corn and Cilantro Salad in an Olive Oil and Lime Vinaigrette.
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    Did you notice how most of the Falcons fans dropped out of the Saints Game Day thread towards the end (with the exception of @Ron Burgundy) ?
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    Dude dropped a 64 yard COFFIN CORNER BOMB!!!! that bounced sideways out of bounds at the 2 yesterday. Take that shit elsewhere lol. Would bang.
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    I'm not trying to change anything. I thought that punt returners/returns were the topic. Did you see the one Colts punt today? How'd your punt returner do when given that one opportunity? If it's too touchy for you to discuss your punt returner, nevermind. Just don't wait for him to break one and then bring this back up.
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    naw, man...check out Broncos kicker Brandon Mcmanus heading out to the last preseason game... Now THAT's Freddie Mercury...
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    Good we need him to be healthy to help us get a top 5 pick.
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    He’s on pace to have all of 43 more touches than last year. And has 10 more touches than this point last year.
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    I'll pass. That was a nightmare. Dante Fowler and Barrett destroyed him lol Our 2nd rounder Greg Little this year is our starting LT but he has a concussion currently so our 6th round pick this year Dennis Daley is starting. He was solid in his first start last week against the Jags. Way better than Williams. Daryl Williams is better on the right side. His real position is RT but our starting RT Taylor Moton is better than him at that so now he's a backup. Right now tho, Williams is filling in for our Pro Bowl RG Trai Turner while he has an injury. Turner might be back this week but who knows. Williams was much better at RG than LT this past week.
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    He should get a minimum 2 game suspension. That’s as intentional as it gets.
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    In other words, he has no spine? His opinion was no different than that of the sensitive feels majority.
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    Yeaahh Shaq Barrett boi..I predicted he'll get 10 sacks this year but its going to look like 15.
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    There is always hope. He could start throwing left handed?
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    Please Fiddy never rep the Falcons again, your sacrifice might mean joy for us long suffering fans. Thanks again and keep up God's work.
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