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    There are a lot of fake ass fans who choose to disappear or discredit wins instead fainting some objectiveness or admitting they were wrong and givein true credit when it's due here... I want to give credit to the guys who talk shit and take shit when It's time to... Real fans who back their team no matter what and don't take this as serious that they get hurt feeling.... When their team fails and they have to take a little ribbing for it... A few of my Brethren Pox (super troll king), Relax (doing the grunt work like a champ ) NYG4 (the queen B of receipts) and Wake who has stepped up his fandom after some early confusion with the enemy.. Great season so far crew lets keep it going ..Stand and Cheer and keep pounding all day!! Most Saints fans Ray, Ssk, Meezy, S4Life, Nawlins, Audio, Nola, Kevo and SLA and some others... Sat here for four losses gave credit for Rival wins and Took shit for their losses.. Good Shit guys Bucman and JB They knew they were probably cheering for a last place team but they have been here the duration taking shit and being standup rivals.. Respect giving to you both.. Van His team has been decimated by injuries and suspension .. To the point that it's comical how much bad luck has hit them.. and he has every reason to run, not post, and make excuses.. But he hasn't. . He sat here still talking shit and given credit. Not to mention he is the only Cowboy fan here most of the time.. So he is dealing with this shit by himself. . Site MVP imo.. Doc Being the only Redskin fan here isn't easy but he is here win or lose .. Giving good insight and making valid opinions.. Respect giving .. Crook Big Eagles fan who season hasn't gone like he and most of us thought .. But he ain't running he still talking his shit and making his presences felt.. Respect big dog.. Tree The Seahaks is the cram of the croop of the NFL, so it of course it is easy to put him on this list, but your is the true #1 fan on this forum. Last but not least (and most of you know this makes me sick to my stomach because i general don't like a lot of these guys).. Falcon fans Shred (very surprise especially after his act in 2013) DB11, Sycola, DD, Face, freebird lives, Schwap and Servo .... Got to give credit (even thoe some of them I wouldn't save by pissing on them if they were on fire...) for being objective (sometimes) posting win or lose and giving due credit to other teams.. You don't have to Kys fast.. You can take your time with it clowns.. If i didn't name you either you haven't been more visible to acknowledge or you're a fucking bitch that doesn't deserve shit but a.... lol... at your non credible opinion. ..Fuck you and go watch tennis bitches...
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    Exercise some Dam. ........ Demons......These motherfuckers put they heart on the field today.. Gritty fucking win!!! Yessssssss!!!
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    Quick summary: Saints whip Falcons on TNF Beef angry as shit, can't handle loss. SaintRay lives up to promise to issue a dry enema for 3 days if Falcons don't win by 14+ Beef crys the forum content hurt his feelings and was unbearable. In retaliation, all rivals have tiny dicks. Everyone up to speed now?
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    Motherfucker, I was here after the saints win giving props and I was here giving props after th Carolina win. Fuck you...
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    5-0 bitches!!!!!! Cam was clutch as hell and Kuechly was the difference on d along with Norman. I hope Shaq Thompson is alright
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    it is what it is man Panthers look for real only a Moron would say otherwise
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    color me impressed. Carolina is looking mighty stout these days. Anyways congrats on marching into Century Link and capturing the W. Y'all deserve the NFCS crown for now after that win. And I guess just to make y'all feel good n shit.... KEEP POUNDING! (Until you play Atlanta then it's.... GET POUNDED)
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    Seriously, all the dumbass Falcon fans thought they weren't a threat. The "dumbass" fans, not "all" fans fucking idiots youre always a contender when you have a defense congrats Carolina, and thank you for making some of our fans eat some humble pie. Bitches got cocky
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    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i'm drunk as fuck fuck all y'all 2 week seattle fans
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    Sheil Kapadia ‏@SheilKapadia 9h9 hours ago Per @ESPNStatsInfo, the Seahawks had not allowed four scoring drives of 80 yards at home in the last 15 years before today. SportsCenter ‏@SportsCenter 10h10 hours ago Today is 1st time that Seahawks allowed go-ahead TD at home in final 1:00 of game since 2006. (via @EliasSports)
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    I would like to agree with you but I cant. If they beat Seattle in Charlotte, I would say it wasnt that impressive, but they beat Seattle in Seattle, where they allowed 5 PPG in two games this season. Russell Wilson is 24-2 in Seattle. So, Carolina going up there and getting the victory is quite impressive.
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    They have an overall level of dooshiness that surpasses most teams. Seriously, they are seemingly the biggest collection of douchebags. Despite me wanting the Panthers to lose, the fact that the Seahawks loss mitigates my disappointment. Their misery is leading directly to my happiness. lol
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    Finally got a win after a bye week.......and we finally beat the Seahawks. I thought I'd have to wait 10 years before Rivera got that shit off his back.
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    Fuck dem Seahawks. Those bitches may be more of a rival to us lately than our division rivals. Falcons, Bucs, Saints inspire a certain amount of rage from the Panthers, but the smugness of the Seahawks has inspired a whole new level of "pissed off" from the Panthers.
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    as I suggested before, someone make a bet with him to change it to Tuggle2 or WFL complete with sig, avatar, and all also has to post foot pics
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    Oh yeah, reading this almost brought tears to my eyes. Tighten your jock strap Sally.
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    LOL @ fans of a team that lost to the damn saints thinking they determine who's a threat or not. bye
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    What do you think Saints fans were having to go through for the first 5 weeks?
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    That's what happens when your team gets drummed by a shitty team.