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    For real. That's some revolutionary shit right there.
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    so basically what you're saying is the bucs swept the falcons. cool.
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    lol.. I'm actually looking forward to reading through some of the future drama on TATF, when Mike Smith and Dirk are winning in Tampa, while Quinn and Shanny are chasing their own tails.
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    The front door was left open..... Pats - better team Cards - better team Panthers - get lucky at home Broncos - better team
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    Most of us wanted Rivera fired after 2012 and after the 1-3 start in 2013. I didn't personally, but I wouldn't have been against it. 2014 when we were 3-8-1, the team looked lost and unprepared, and he started looking like 2011-2012 Rivera again is when I reached my tipping point and called for his head. Now the entire team is galvanized behind him. Sometimes the fans just don't know what the fuck they're talkin about when it comes to things like that. Honestly, I still don't know if he's a good coach or not. He has his moments.
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    Umm yeah you kind of forgot McCoy, Doug Martin, Mike Evans, Kwon, and Ali Marpet.
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    If the falcons had played perfect football, they would have won easily though. So, if they play perfect football next season, and everyone else doesn't, you know what that means right? That we're all trapped in Smoke's dream.
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    Was thrown at 8 times yesterday. Allowed 2 catches for 4 yards. Had 2 PDs and an INT. Got some things to clean up, but I'm so happy for him after what he's gone through. The level he's playing at after the injury and not plying college ball is pretty remarkable.
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    Winner - reason Patriots - Tom Brady Broncos - week 17 Peyton Manning and defense Cardinals - complete team on both sides Seahawks - Cam Newton
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    Yeah, been a ton of shark activity the past few years, last year especially.. Little sand sharks and stuff like that ain't nothin... they've always been around, but there's been some damn monsters migrating this way here recently
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    in b4 Matt Ryan throws a game winning interception to Kwon Alexander.
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    Saying you're "due for division losses" is a loser mentality Which reminds me of Smitty's mantra of winning your division games then splitting the rest Also a loser mentality Fitting post for a Smitty thread
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    You better hope Mike Smith has no input on who they draft on defense if you're wanting a DE early. Even if they do it wont matter, he'll send his DE's into coverage
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    Dirk Koetter must feel accomplished knowing he just switched spots with his former boss lol
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    Too bad you're not a horse
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    Glad its not too serious bro. Enjoy the meds.
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    Matt Ryan is a steady Qb. I'd rank him as the 15th to 20th best qb in the league.
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    Matt can't just punch the ball in because he's a weak little faggot.
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    I wanna know how the fuck someone with a last name like Breaux ended up on the New Orlean Saints and actually ended up being good I mean it's pretty cool, but damn what are the odds. That's like the football gods just fuckin with us