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    For real. That's some revolutionary shit right there.
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    so basically what you're saying is the bucs swept the falcons. cool.
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    lol.. I'm actually looking forward to reading through some of the future drama on TATF, when Mike Smith and Dirk are winning in Tampa, while Quinn and Shanny are chasing their own tails.
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    Most of us wanted Rivera fired after 2012 and after the 1-3 start in 2013. I didn't personally, but I wouldn't have been against it. 2014 when we were 3-8-1, the team looked lost and unprepared, and he started looking like 2011-2012 Rivera again is when I reached my tipping point and called for his head. Now the entire team is galvanized behind him. Sometimes the fans just don't know what the fuck they're talkin about when it comes to things like that. Honestly, I still don't know if he's a good coach or not. He has his moments.
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    Umm yeah you kind of forgot McCoy, Doug Martin, Mike Evans, Kwon, and Ali Marpet.
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    If the falcons had played perfect football, they would have won easily though. So, if they play perfect football next season, and everyone else doesn't, you know what that means right? That we're all trapped in Smoke's dream.
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    Was in your boat not too long ago. Except I had no problem eating Percocets like candy and chasing it with everything in my cabinet. It really makes the time go by soooo much smoother. Get well soon, Bro.
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    This year it seems the league figured out that if you can get Matt Ryan to press, he is gonna give you the ball. And I guarantee you, Mike Smith knows exactly what to do to make Ryan look like shit. Matt Ryan's coordinator and old head coach as division rival is going to be real ugly for us Falcons fans. I feel like EDP inside.
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    We saw week 17: one legged Brees>>>>>>Matt Ryan
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    This year? Man, I've been saying that for years. Twunt no secret bruh.
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    Fluke: rare occurrence that is unlikely to be repeated Yet the bucs beat them twice.. The Falcons beating the panthers was a fluke. faggot.
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    Yet they still swept y'all lmao
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    Don't see the bucs being in the postseason for another year. The schedule is brutal. The only way is if Winston takes a major fucking leap next year, they stay healthy, and the bump some talent into the defense this offseason.
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    Ill throw eggs at these two if they try to get matt ryan after the falcons cut him.
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    I'm was big a Koetter fan when he was in Atlanta. Now there's less pressure on Smitty as he's just the DC. I could see them doing a good job.
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    The meltdowns when they start winning in Tampa.
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    Even with a bum ankle I'm slightly more coordinated than him
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    Russ has the hardware and is proven in the playoffs. Easy argument over Cam right now. We'll see if Cam can take the steps to change that this weekend and the rest of the postseason.
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    you mean KOS because we may as well kill yourself kind of makes no logical sense.
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    this thread needs more kys and fiddy....
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    Where the fuck did I say they didn't matter? God damn you're fucking impossible to have an actual intelligent football conversation with.