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    Our Basset Hound Poppi
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    Time to lighten it up over here....post a pic of your dog. this is Charley Boy, my son, a Boxer Lab mix. We ran up on someone giving away free puppys at Wal Mart , he was just a little shit laying in the grass, 5 weeks old and full of fleas and worms. We snapped him up and gave him the best of vet care right away, I went into the store and bought a couple hundred $ worth of canine type shit. He is now 3 years old and a very healthy and happy boy. He was the only boy out of 9 siblings, so I figured if he could survive being with all those women he would be a good dog.....and he is. Post a pic of your dog. Tomorrow, I will post a pic of one of my daughters, Lucy Lou, a 2 year old Plot Hound .
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    this is my little shit. she is a rescue we got right after the Saints won the Superbowl and as a puppy her colors were black and gold. Named her Hartley. Life got easier for her after we cut Hartley because the poor thing got confused every time I yelled DAMMIT HARTLEY after a missed field goal
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    Riley graduating first in his class at obedience school.
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    My Pembroke Welsh Corgi. She turns 10 this year, I love her to death.
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    This is while she was dealing with a ruptured disc in her back. She was basically paralyzed and a vet at LSU used acupuncture, physical therapy, and laser treatments to heal her. She is fine today. The glasses are to protect her eyes from the laser
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    We were trying to mate him, and she fell asleep on him so i snapped this picture of him just staring at her lolol
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    Riley for Halloween last year.
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    Yeah, he's got his own personality, and my wife spoils the hell out of him. We can't have children so she treats him like a child, but it's cool.
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    Jamies is brown, while vince in clearly purple ASSHOLE!
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    Where Rave discusses everything Cowboy's with himself... Buckle up and enjoy the ride fellas!
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    I'm surprised Holder is alive. If it's me with a baseball bat, one swing to the head and the dude isn't of this earth any longer. Gilbert must have held back. I'm not sure I could have.
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    https://www.yahoo.com/news/sheriff-releases-shocking-video-officers-005823347.html Fuck these cops, right Atlien! They all deserve to die in that prison with those innocent people who had the right to commit crimes.
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    And my Golden Retriever rescue
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    Mommy is so cute when she tries to look smart
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    Every time I hear things like this I have a mental picture of my son. Makes me want to hurt people lol....... Maybe I should seek help.....
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    No way in hell I can sit back and watch anyone do that.
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    my dog passed away 3 years ago. chow/lab mix, tough as nails too, he has been hit by a car twice, poisoned once(that we know of). He died at the age of 14, he stayed with my sister and her kids (because my neighborhood had a wondering pitbull that was the neighborhood dog, and I didn't want them two to fight). And she awoke one morning to find him in the yard, eyes half way open, and he look bloated. So we are unsure if he died of natural causes. But he withstood a lot to be as happy as he was at his age.
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    she is wrong. the majority of people who have supported moderate independents/libertarians are disenfranchised conservatives or Republicans who have learned that both parties are going to screw us. do some research and you will see that independents and Libertarians have done more damage to Republican candidates overall. Gary Johnson even tried to run as a Republican for the most part, the Democrats still enjoy the blind support of their sheep like followers. very few liberals have wised up to the fact that both parties are screwing us
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    i dont believe for a second that someone would survive a blow to the head from a baseball bat, if im swinging the bat.
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    Not to make light of this story, but you guys realize that if the cops killed this guy while trying to arrest him, he would have been "unarmed" and Atlien would be posting another video crying about it?
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    Thinking that they had claimed QB Conner Shaw off of waivers, they sent out an email, not just to the NFL offices, but to the entire fucking NFL. Then, the bears, who were one spot ahead of them, claimed the guy. They had already cut a player to make room too. This is the kind of shit the browns do. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2016/07/01/bears-end-up-claiming-shaw-after-saints-share-their-intentions/
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    My wife laughed so hard when she saw that she was in tears. He sat like that for over 10mins, and i was wondering to myself, is that how i look when the wife falls to sleep on me.........maybe that's why she was laughing so hard lol
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    14 years...that's a good long time for a lot of dogs. I know how hard it is to lose your dog. It's tough. I shutter to think what will happen when our Riley goes. We love this dog like he's our own son. We went through it with our Dalmatian we had for 15 years, and I can't imagine going through that heartbreak again.
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    Crab cake eggs Benny on the lake...... feeling a little dry today.
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    Other than the energy level, he's a great dog. Took to training like it was nothing. Obedience training was simple and his training to be a hunting dog is going smoothly.
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    I really honestly thought you were going to photoshop reece's head onto wilfork.
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    Bring this back for the rabid dog....quik, EZ painless and cheap ! One quik swipe and POOF, nothing but blackness .....very humane and save much taxpayer $$$ on expensive lethal injections .
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    Transparency should only be one sided. As in police misconduct, not prisoner misconduct Who wants to bet he doesn't even watch the video? He'll probably post some other shit and try to "quiz" us on it
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    I was about to list my feelings on many of the main issues to prove, once again, that I'm more centrist than most here. Then I realized you're not fucking worth it. So fuck off, all you get is a random gif.
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    At least it's not Bruce Jenner in a wig.
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    Oh, and I didn't read this on CNN or ABC so this entire story is pretty much made up. It's all a conspiracy. Someone with enough free time on their hands staged it all Until those news outlets report it, we know this cannot be trusted
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    He's got a weird obsession with the gayness. Likely because he's got pent up homoerotic tendencies. Apparently if anyone on the opposition to his bullshit contentions agrees with each other, fellatio comes into play. Sounds like he's a closet gay with some sick fantasies he's projecting at us.
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    I'm speechless I cannot believe this baby is still alive. Prayers to her for a FULL recovery And God has nothing to do with the actions of this man. None whatsoever
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    I thought this was going to be a thread about @KYS I'm disappointed.
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    I don't care...SKINNY, FAT....I'm an equal opportunity FUCKHER.