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    How about on useful Dallas loses images?
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    Ripping apart The South
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    I don't even give a care I just went and created a new email address, registered a new account on rc, and sat patiently all day for approval just so I can come here and tell you I don't even give a care Fucking loser
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    I can't say I like your methods, but congratulations. You have shown yourself to be a complete asshole in both a remarkable and unexpected way. You're actually an interesting person. Never would've knew. So congrats on there being more to you than your implicit racism, your shit grammar, your brokeback mountain, and your sexy ass mom. Peace.
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    It does threaten the safety of the board. If I, syco, or meezy allow it, and he were to constantly do this, I can promise you people wouldn't visit as often, if at all. A lesson needs to be learned, I'm fine with him flying off the deep end and spamming a bit. We've let it fly. But at the end of the day, there's only so much that can be tolerated.
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    On useless ass Dallas wins images.
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    Here is a live pic of Voided around lunchtime yesterday.....
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    Interviewer: what do you think about when you think of that seventy five yard scoring play that was just so electric? J. Jones (basically verbatim): Honestly I think of Sanu running all the way down field and making the block on the safety that made me free. The man is fuckin unbelievably modest.
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    He also looks like Oscar the Grouch
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    To all of you homos... I didn't mean to rip the Cowboys so hard that Rave went insane. You have my apologies.
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    wait...so you can understand and support a man getting shot for walking around dressed as a creepy clown but not a violent thug who commits crimes and resists arrest?
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    For the record, its never been said that no one would get banned. When someone is being an obnoxious ass for attention it's only a matter of time before enough people decide they need to go
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    I can't even watch it. Kaine is just flat out lying his ass off every damn thing he says. Just false accusation after false accusation. Pence is having to tell him everything he says isn't true and Kaine just constantly says it is. And the CNN bitch is so overwhelmingly in the tank with Kaine it's just funny. She lets Kaine make about 10 false accusations off subject in one breathe and then goes back to Pence and makes him answer the specific question and not allow him to defend each false accusation Kaine just made. It's fucking bullshit and making me sick.
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    Im starting to see a lot of the same things that Ray is pointing out and it really hit me Sunday and the days following. Julio Jones had 300 yards and a TD, yet you didnt see the guy dancing around and stealing the spotlight. You did not hear him brag about it or make a scene. He was just out there helping his team win. When asked about it he said that numbers do not matter he just wants to help the team win. That spoke to me, like REALLY spoke to me. Guys like Odell AND Dez, also want to win, but they also seem to be about themselves. You never see Julio or AJ carrying themselves like OBJ and Dez do. Andre Johnson and Calvin Johnson did not do it when they were on top either. There comes a point where you can admire a person on the field (when they are not being inconsistent) but tire of having to defend their personality. That said, I LOVE DEZ' fire, but dude seems to find trouble (whether his fault or not) at an alarming rate. Sometimes I really wish Dallas had a quiet superstar WR rather than a brash one that brings more attention on them self.
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    The internet hasn't been around long enough to know what these guys are like when the Bucs are doing well.
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    I'm still just completely flabbergasted at what I watched last night. At one point Kaine said that "Trump has a Mt. Rushmore of dictators he admires, Vladamir Putin, Kim Jong-un, Moammar Gadhafi, and Saddam Husain. The man loves evil ruthless dictators." Like what?!? I mean he's just making up total bullshit propaganda trying to get ignorant uninformed viewers to believe shit that isn't true. Kaine literally made up out of thin air dozens of false accusations or spun some twisted narrative based on hyperbole and conjecture or flat out lies. Trump invited the Russians to hack the US. Trump is in bed with Putin to ruin the Middle East and weaken the US. Trump never pays his taxes. Trump hates the military troops. Trump will cause WW3. Trump has business dealings with Russian mobsters and oligarchs. Trumps foundation spends all its donations on vacations for Trump. Trump wants Middle East countries to have nukes. Trump will create more pollution and climate change. Trump will force middle class to pay more taxes and rich people to pay virtually nothing. Trump wants to make healthcare only available to the rich. Trump never pays his contractors. Trumps business organization is like an octopus that has tentacles all over the globe involved with shady criminals. Trumps children have admitted to illegal behavior. And on and on and on. It was endless. Kaine would get asked a question and instead of answering the question or just half answering it, he would ramble off a handful of these types lies. He interrupted Pence like 50x, just talked over him and contradicted whatever was said with a lie. Pence was a cool cat though the whole time. Super professional. There was no comparison who the genuine professional was up there. Kaine is fucking dangerous. The guy is clearly a puppet and lap dog for some masters. He was given orders on this debate to get out a long list of lies and he did it with pleasure. This clown could be President if Clinton coughs up a lung in her term. What a fuckin disgrace.
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    The Atlanta Falcons fan base. Forever the little brother
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    Meh, he will be back manana and all will be well .....
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    Bring it. I can take it, unlike @Dezstroyer
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    Wow, he even spammed this immortal thread which should be the ultimate sin....
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    You come back in this thread again and do this and I'll vote for Permaban!!
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    Sure, here's link of Rave mentrating.
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    How many NFL record lists is AJ Green on? I mean last I checked Julio had a season with the second most yards ever and had a game with the fifth most yards ever. The only player to appear on both those lists with him is Calvin Johnson, widely recognized as one of the greatest ever. Which is where Julio is head. AJ Green will end up more in the, Roddy White/Marques Colston category. Legend to a fanbase. Irrelevant in the long run.
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    Say what you cracker motherfucker ? .....
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    People claim I take things too serious...yet throw a fit the second they can't find a thread... @treefiddy takes credit, mother fucker no one gives a shit about you, look at all these mother fuckers crying, go dry their eyes before they start rioting over their precious interwebs. Hop to boy, don't make Voided ask you a third time... Shred...thinking this was about the Falcons. Lol, bitch no one gives a shit about the Falcons. Mother fucker still butthurt about Panthers content LAST YEAR. Syco...FUCK YOU, you no balls having bitch
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    People who question the tribe
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    What did I waltz into? And why would anyone get deleted or banned?! I thought this board was created to avoid that type of high school TAFT bullshiggety.
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    Ohhh so thats what this is about....LMAOOOO
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    "Prison slavery" they call it. According to them "If you do the crime...do it over and over and over again!!!" We need Trump.
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    yea man he has fucked the whole board up... we sit thru a full yr of Cam and Panther Threads , he dont fuck them up... yet when Falcons have Multi topics and are being talked about, which is a rareity it itself these days, he trashs the boards.... its fucked up man...
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    Ban that fuck. Spamming bullshit shouldn't be tolerated. Dude is just way too big a pussy to be here.
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    look at the first 4 pages. every thread is the same.
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    Lol you know I'm all for peace and love and gun control and all that usual hippie shit, but I'm sorry, if you're a sick enough fuck or someone who has so much time on their hands that you have to resort to walking around in a clown costume and act like you're going to take people's children, you deserve whatever happens to you. It's just an asshole thing to do. It's like what Darwin said about natural selection. The stupid and deficient won't last long.