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    I don't even give a care I just went and created a new email address, registered a new account on rc, and sat patiently all day for approval just so I can come here and tell you I don't even give a care Fucking loser
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    It does threaten the safety of the board. If I, syco, or meezy allow it, and he were to constantly do this, I can promise you people wouldn't visit as often, if at all. A lesson needs to be learned, I'm fine with him flying off the deep end and spamming a bit. We've let it fly. But at the end of the day, there's only so much that can be tolerated.
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    To all of you homos... I didn't mean to rip the Cowboys so hard that Rave went insane. You have my apologies.
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    For the record, its never been said that no one would get banned. When someone is being an obnoxious ass for attention it's only a matter of time before enough people decide they need to go
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    I can't even watch it. Kaine is just flat out lying his ass off every damn thing he says. Just false accusation after false accusation. Pence is having to tell him everything he says isn't true and Kaine just constantly says it is. And the CNN bitch is so overwhelmingly in the tank with Kaine it's just funny. She lets Kaine make about 10 false accusations off subject in one breathe and then goes back to Pence and makes him answer the specific question and not allow him to defend each false accusation Kaine just made. It's fucking bullshit and making me sick.
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    The Atlanta Falcons fan base. Forever the little brother
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    Meh, he will be back manana and all will be well .....
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    Bring it. I can take it, unlike @Dezstroyer
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    Wow, he even spammed this immortal thread which should be the ultimate sin....
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    You come back in this thread again and do this and I'll vote for Permaban!!
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    Sure, here's link of Rave mentrating.
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    Nobody is banned. I'm not sure how else to phrase this to get the point across... But Juvenile is flooding the board with the same image every time someone posts that. You have to know something needs to happen to prevent that from happening. It's either this, or me putting restrictions on everyones post amount / posts per minute / etc. I think we know which makes more sense.
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    Its always about that, ALWAYS!
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    look at the first 4 pages. every thread is the same.
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    Lol you know I'm all for peace and love and gun control and all that usual hippie shit, but I'm sorry, if you're a sick enough fuck or someone who has so much time on their hands that you have to resort to walking around in a clown costume and act like you're going to take people's children, you deserve whatever happens to you. It's just an asshole thing to do. It's like what Darwin said about natural selection. The stupid and deficient won't last long.
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    There's an A list, and a B list.