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    Remember when Jones and the Commish were best buds when Tommy Boy was up for his Deflategate suspension? Anyone 'Member Jerrah saying Tom should just take his suspension; that the Commissioner had the right, power and authority to mandate such things as best for the league... Man, that was surely a Zeke suspension ago...
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    want to know how stupid you are? One of my relatives was lynched by a judge who was a proud KKK member right here in Independence, La....there is a book about it called Spirit of Vengeance Additionally, my mother is Jewish so unless you are going to insist that the Holocaust never happened, you should probably shut the fuck up before you make yourself look even more stupid with your ignorant accusations and stupid analogies. Now that I think about it, even if you do think the Holocaust never happened you should shut the fuck up it is the height of intellectual laziness (and not to mention blind ignorance) to assume that someone on a message board is racist or doesn't acknowledge racism just because they don't agree with you.
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    Hahahaha!!! Dumb bitch!!! htt Emotional white girl blames RACISM for not being able to order French fries at Taco Bell... despite them not being on the menu By Mollie Cahillane For Dailymail.com22:32 07 Nov 2017, updated 14:15 08 Nov 2017 A video shows the moment an emotional girl has a breakdown and blames racism when she is told she cannot order French fries at Taco Bell. The white girl approaches the counter and tries to order a medium French fries, but the employee tells her they don't serve them. She responds by saying at Burger King they sell fries, and the server explains that it isn't Burger King. An emotional girl said blamed racism for not being able to order French fries at Taco Bell, even though the restaurant doesn't serve them The girl complained that Burger King sells French fries 'This is Taco Bell, see?' the server says, pointing to the menu. The girl then says: 'How many French fry orders do you have?' and the server responds: 'We don't have French fries.' The employee tries to show the girl the menu, but then she turns to the person filming and says: 'This is racism at its f*****g finest.' Another person tries to explain that it's not racism, but that Taco Bell only serves tacos and burritos. A different person then says: 'You're ignorant as f**k' to the girl. Another customer tried to explain that it wasn't racism, but the girl was too emotional and left the store A person asks her: 'Would you go to Burger King and order tilapia or a taco? Look at the menu!' She responds with: 'No I'm not, literally I work with people who are a challenge every day.' A person asks her: 'Would you go to Burger King and order tilapia or a taco? Look at the menu!' People tell her that the restaurant doesn't have French fries, and she says 'but at f*****g Burger King' before she is cut off. The employee then tries to help the girl by walking her through the menu, but the girl says 'I don't have problems in my life' and then leaves the restaurant. It is currently unknown where in the U.S. this video was filmed.
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    Sycoly and SSK would choose Hilary, again.
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    Here's a history lesson for you. Panthers lost SB 50 because Cam bitched out. Falcons lost SB 51 because Dan Quinn has zero game situational awareness. Please dispute this so I can eviscerate your ass.
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    of course it is possible for someone of my backround to still be racist but what is more stupid....my point that my background gives me some perspective on it or you assuming that people on a fucking message board are racist or racism deniers just because they don't agree with you? I think its funny that you are going to get all offended and talk about name calling when you started this by either saying I was racist or a denier or racism. Look in the fucking mirror bro....you started the mud slinging and now want to get butthurt because it came right back at you? gtfo with that bullshit when was the last time you donated a few thousand dollars to sickle cell anemia or to the food bank? when was the last time you spoke at an NAACP event? when was the last time you went to the state offices to help a minority keep her benefits when a jackass tried to cut them illegally? I have done all of that multiple times the vast majority of my students are minorities and if someone fucks with one of them they are fucking with me. I have on two occasions stopped police from attempting to harass two of my students and on one time played human shield for the boyfriend of one of my students when I had a parking lot full of cops with guns drawn so unless you can honestly say you have done more than that, then shut the fuck up and get out from behind your monitor and practice what you preach because you aren't anywhere near where you need to be to judge me
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    First and Last are pretty obvious. Right now i'm putting Atlanta over Carolina strictly based on the fact that I believe they can bounce back more so than Carolina keeping on their pace.
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    Hillary ........ damn ...... no wonder Bill played around.
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    the greatest and most beautiful first lady of all time that's who. MAGA
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    Jerry Jones looks like dead Hugh Hefner’s nut sack.
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    If ND beats us, I don't really care. I didn't expect us to be a Top 10 team, nor be undefeated at this point. Mark Richt definitely righted the ship quicker than expected. Because the SEC as a whole is always grossly overrated, and Georgia is usually the team slobbed on the most.
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    I said this to my wife before the game. "I guarantee the first committee meeting went like this. We're sick of Alabama being number 1, is there someone else we can put there? Well, the SEC East has been garbage for a while, and Georgia is finally looking decent. SOLD! Georgia is #1"
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    40-10! LOL at them being #1 by the committee.
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    LOL at resident loon Beef having to get his two cents (no sense) worth in.
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    Amen. These punks label all their opponents as racist and then play the victim when the people they're slinging mud against fight back.
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    Though I generally also don't think of horseradish with salmon, I rarely ever eat salmon without a little wasabi and soy sauce...
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    Just. Wow. Most of the 30 for 30's are really good. A few are VERY good. This was one of 'em.
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    What a life.... Fully powered barge with full sleeping quarters, kitchen with a chef, powerboat to get you quickly to and drop you off at your duck blind. Made me want to close the office window and head out early this weekend....
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    1) I would guess this happened in Florida. 2) She suffers from noassatall disease.
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    Always have admired Ray's penchant for Cheetos/Cheez Doodles (the crunchy kind)
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    Second time I've asked... When's the last time this happened?
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    On Saturday night, Jones was terminated as a non-voting ad-hoc member of the league's compensation committee by committee chairman Arthur Blank, owner of the Atlanta Falcons. Blank cited Jones' expressed intent to sue the league and members of the committee during a committee conference call Nov. 2, as a reason for his action. Man, this just keeps getting BETTER!
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    We need to get right, and I for one don't care if we do it against JV squads; we just need to tuck some W's under our belt until we can get this offense thing figured out...
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    It's a lazy Friday. Bought a horseradish topped salmon at Wegmans. I always aquiated horseradish to beef, but this is delicious!!!
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    fiddy celebrating the Falcons upcoming opponent's injuries, while at the very same time shitting on the Saints 6 game win streak because of our opponents injuries. World class trolling right there.
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    Falcons gonna play the Cowboys JV team. Falcons by 13+.
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    Just gonna throw this out there.... Hillary is probably a dyke. Once she comes out of the closet, a lot of shit will make sense.
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    Yup TNF games are trash and forever will be. Whether its a well played game or not
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    I don't have one yet. People wanted to dump Shanahan and even replace Ryan after one year together, but look at year #2. 8 games in and we're seeing the same type of disconnect. Wait and see for me. Your thoughts on SS?
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    Nice!!! Heading to my cousins camp tomorrow morning. It's going to be nice on the water this weekend.
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    I would have suspended him for the socks, no place for that shit in any professional environment.
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    Pulled pork in homemade Asian BBQ sauce poboy for dinner. College football night.
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    Look man, it's not that difficult to understand. It really isn't. The number black players is irrelevant. The number of black players who decided to START a protest about a national problem is. Kap was the one who started it. Absolutely NOWHERE prior to him SILENTLY protesting was he considered a problem or locker room cancer. Not once. And the man did nothing illegal. But I get it, white men don't want to discuss or acknowledge racism unless they actually have a video of a klansman in a hood burning a cross and lynching someone and even then they will say, "isolated incident." I get it. But gotdayum to act like a league of WHITE OWNERS not signing a black player because of his political beliefs which happens to make white America uncomfortable has nothing to do with racism is willfully myopic. You guys believe what you want, , it's your prerogative. But this is a little like a fox being in charge of a chicken coop, and arguing with the fox about disappearing chicks, having the fox explain loooooooooooong and hard why he wishes people would stop complaining to him about it.
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    LOL. Really? Because the white owners decided not to hire a black athlete qualified for AT LEAST a backup job because he was standing up for the rights of his people, asking not be murdered by the police. Which was, as everyone agrees, within his Constitutional rights. But the narrative has been changed, from asking for police brutality to stop to disrespecting the flag which makes it easier to have his rights trampled on, easier to call him a headache I guess. Which is the same white rage reaction to Muhammad Ali in his old-school protests or the black athletes who protested at the Olympics with raised gloved fists. "YOU KEEP YOUR PEACEFUL PROTESTS TO YOURSELF." Lol. They were ostracized by many during those times but loved by many folks LATER, for having the courage to bring some very ugly problems to the light.
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    I don't know the legal answer. My point is, it would be morally reprehensible and imply the amount of rampant systemic racism is still prevalent but because it didn't affect the majority it it isn't illegal, it WILL be dismissed by the boys in here.
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    Even if there is proof the boys in here will be completely dismissive of it.
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    She wore that outfit when we "hung out" a few weeks ago.
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    Anniversary dinner with the better half. Thanks again @Dago and @SaintRay for the recommendation. Didn't have the bleu cheese dressing, but the thousand island was amazing. Onion rings on top made it even better.
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    Steak night..... Cast Iron Filets, Shrimp Alfredo and Shrimp Stuffed Merlitons.