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    I just figured your dad was drunk and your mom gave in.
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    I'd rather be an ugly hair do than a stay at home dad.
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    Syco, JB, you're all backtracking and looking like a bunch of morons. This Trump-Russia investigation has been proven to be a witch-hunt a long time ago. From people at CNN admitting it's a nothing burger to it coming out that the whole investigation was opened up over debunked Clinton funded opposition research, not to mention the fact that everyone literally knew the establishment would try to impeach Trump if he won long before he was actually elected. Literally everyone. No one here is celebrating a foreign country "hacking our election", LOL. We're celebrating the unraveling of an attempted coup that we all saw coming miles away, way way before we knew what any of the allegations would even be.
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    If there were more Russians other than these 13 individuals and 4 shell companies, of which not all are affiliated with each other or the same financier, then why wouldn’t they have also been named? Is there going to be a separate indictment with different Russians and different shell companies that does claim to have colluded with the Trump campaign? Why would they separate that from the 13/4 indictment? And why wouldn’t they lead with that. Logic says they would have poured all their resources and effort into the one that nails Trump before going after 13 guys they’ll never actually even get to arrest because they’ll disappear into Russia and never get extradited. And if this other indictment does exist, how the hell has the news of it and the collusion involved not leaked? How is there not a single soul who has even a hint of this evidence existing not reported anything of it? Poor JB. Still hanging on by a thread of hope and delusion. As I've said before, this isn’t going to go anything like you hoped. LMMFAO
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    Your boy just told us recently that the Russians helped Hillary Clinton, did not alter the outcome of the election, and also said that there is no proof or even any evidence of collusion. But hey, that SMOKING GUN is right around the corner JB!
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    That's not an opinion piece. That's a House Intelligence Committee memo that lists facts. You can put your spin on it, but what I posted is an actual source . Your response to that source is the "opinion piece", and I'm sorry, but I don't know why anyone should take any of your opinion pieces seriously. You have proven to everyone here that you are a morally self-righteous hypocrite. Keep trying though.
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    I don't need to post more, the rest of the CNN exposé is available online. The whole world knows they're fake news now. They're one of the least watched cable news networks. Your media jokes behind closed doors that the whole investigation is a nothing burger and you still believe every word that comes out their mouth because it makes you feel comfortable. You're the definition of a sheep.
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    ^Here is the video that JB just insinuated doesn't exist.
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    It was disproven when the people you watch on the news said behind closed doors that it was a nothing burger and it was disproven when it came out that the whole investigation was opened up by Hillary funded campaign dirt that was totally debunked. You are so stupid, that literally every person who voted Trump knew that his enemies would try to impeach him long before any accusations of collusion or anything having to do with Russia came forward, long before the PRIMARIES were even finished, and you still can't fathom why they don't believe a word that your corrupt, corporate media say--especially when they are debunked and proven to be liars on the regular. You are the most ignorant type of American there is, and frankly one of the worst type of people. (A morally self-righteous hypocrite who seethes with hatred)
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    What have I sold out to? I love my country and the people in it. You hate your country and the people in it. I hate you, but not because of your politics, but because you're literally a despicable human being. You hate me because I voted for Donald J Trump, and never gave me a chance once you knew that. Go to hell ugly balding mother fucker.
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    I wasn't forwarding Russian bullshit. I don't share fake news, and you have never successful disproven or even attempted to argue against anything I've shared or stated on these forums. You're a dishonest, self-righteous, and hateful imbecile.
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    Beef backs everything up with supporting documentation and you don’t believe anything he posts.......color me surprised.
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    Jb trying SO hard and failing SO badly in this thread. As usual.
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    I wonder if that 37% are scared of those bonuses because of the tax cuts.
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    And Beef you ignorant fuck, if you don't like the "nu uh" card stop being wrong as fuck
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    Poor delusional JB. So much hope, so little brains.
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    He’s incapable. He’s literally a fucking moron. That’s not hyperbole. The dude is barely pushing 90 IQ and seriously doesn’t have the brain capacity to make coherent arguments supported by facts.
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    you are so far down on the IQ food chain, i wont waste my time ....lol
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    They stopped airing Queer Eye on LOGO
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    Also that sucks. That was bulmas last words.
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