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    Allow me to translate..... JB is retired, so he pays little in taxes. He’ll tell you I’m wrong, I’m not. His causes are marching against Trump, or rallying for legalization of weed. That’s it. He’ll tell you I’m wrong, I’m right. He spends his discretionary income on Bucs tickets, helping to line the pockets of billionaires who he despises. Again, I’m right. He had a chance to help family in Puerto Rico and said he couldn’t because his pockets were light. But he blamed Trump for the Hurricane. I made a donation to Hurricane Harvey victims and he later made that into a political sideswipe, yet he did nothing. The fact he won’t answer Ron’s question is telling. So in summary, he contributes little and takes what he can. Finally, he’ll reply with EAT SHIT commentary in all caps. He’s an epic loser.
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    The self righteous , blowhard, racial justice warrior shitbag that is JB never heard of fentanyl and how nearly all of it comes across the border from Mexico....I have a family member that died from this shit, it is personal to me....maybe little JB , the shot out protector of the world would like to try a little spoonful.....then he would not even be around to tell us about all the bueno shit that filters across the border and how all of us that are against it are " racist Nazi white nationalist pieces of shit " ......FUCK YOU BITCH....
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    The clear backpacks should be enough.
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    Puerto Rico...... Wanna explain why you didn't go help out after complaining so loudly? I offered to buy your airfare round trip, remember?
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    You're starting to sound like Shredd, lol.
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    This is hilarious Look at the bottom left of your screen Every time jb posts something utterly ridiculous, we can share it on social media LOL
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    white ppl in Ohio need their semi automatic riffles to Kill , out of Control Coons ....lol
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    I Voted for him here in Florida, and for the first time in my lifetime, we can actually see this Fucker is trying to do everything he said he would to the ppl that Voted for him, and the Left has had a 14 month meltdown as a Result... hes made some bad choices on his Admin picks, and still making them IMO, and 80% of the time he is his own worst Enemy , but i dont give a shit who you are, love or Hate the man, this has been some Entertaining Shit, seeing 1/2 The Country completely lose their fucking mind, seeing Trump just Bull Doze his way Through the Globalist Norm of World Leaders and How things are done in Washington for the last 20+ yrs , it is literally like a Bull in a China Shop, and it was Fucking Needed , and all the shit that is being Exposed Every Damn Day, The Biggest Story of Corruption and Really Treason in US History happening and CNN and MSNBC are fucking ignoring all of it LMFAO and after the pathetic shit we have seen from the Left these last 14 or so months... i will be checking who ever is NOT a Democrat all the way down in Aug mid terms , and for damn sure in 2020, at this point there is no way in hell The Dem Party or their lap dog Media could regain my trust in 6 yrs .... it will take at least a Decade after these Fuckers are in Jail where they belong before i would consider voting Dem again.... and that is Not Fake News
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    definitely, he's been a God-send when it has come to personnel decisions. His first full draft: Rankins, Thomas, Bell, Onyemata, and Lasco; Crawley - UDFA - Borderline Elite WR, 2 Above average DTs, 1 above average CB, 1 average SS, and an ace special teamer His second full draft: Lattimore, Ramczyk, Williams, Kamara, Anzalone, Hendrickson, Muhammad - Elite CB, Above average T, Above average S, Elite Joker/RB; 3 guys - jury is still out
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    i hope yal end up drafting a WR, that D gets any faster and it becomes a bloodbath in any game.
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    Obessed beyond belief. You are one sad muthafucka.
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    I would let Payton give Ireland a list of players that he would like, then let Ireland work his draft magic around that.
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    Nobody does it better... Overpay for costume jewelry...
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    Are you gonna pay me my 4 grand or not?
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    $200M+ in career earnings.... That's lawyer talk about suffering cash flow problems. I'd be pissed if I bought something and it wouldn't appraise. But I must say, I wouldn't invest in jewels, that's fools gold.
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    Ashamed of yourself? You pathetic Creep! You don't give two shits how many children are gunned down as long as you have the right to buy an automatic rifle to do it yourself, if you ever decide to. Just in case....Right? You calling ANYONE else sad is beyond weak.