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    Took a trip down to NOLA this weekend to attend my uncle's military memorial service in Slidell. Wife and I took a ride to Audubon Park and the River View. Took a short detour to Frankie and Johnnie's. Haven't been there in over 30 yrs. The fried shrimp/fried oyster poboy did not disappoint. Was as good as I remembered it being. Later that night, my wife had red beans and rice at The Blue Crab on Lakeshore Drive. She said that it was one of the best red beans and rice dishes that she's had in years.
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    If they can vote, then they should be able to serve in the military, sign a lease document, borrow money from a bank, own their own credit card and rent-a-car.
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    Didn't know her name was Summer...
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    which proves my point.
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    This! A million times this, dont forget about the casino after that big dinner.
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    Like Trump tweeted, they can now countersue for the DNC server—which the Dems claims were hacked by Russians, but to this day, they have not allowed the FBI to look at the server. Instead they paid (the discredited) CrowdStrike millions of dollars to investigate its server and to share information with the FBI. This is going to backfire against the Dems.
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    That was on private property. On state and federal property the state of Arkansas will not allow us to kill bats or snakes. Both are considered beneficial pests. Snakes keep the rodent and bird populations to a manageable level. Bats keep the mosquito population to a manageable level.
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    No. He was on the exterior of a client's house. We do exclusion work to prevent them from getting into structures, but there were no obvious entry points. Client said that she'd keep her eye on it and let the little fella eat all of her mosquitos.
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    Get drunk and scream at the TV when pick #26 rolls around, that's what I call a tradition. Probably, make some fajitas with rancheros, queso and guac. That way the wifey can make her plate whenever she wants and I can be left the fuck alone.
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    Let it rest... WTF is wrong with y'all???
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    What pizzes me off, I was born in 62 and from my dad I actually had cards like this he gave to me....shit he had as a kid....over the years, I pissed them away....
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    That's all apart of the plan...
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    if you are going to call others out on their grammatical errors, it is important for you not to make any in the same sentence you are insulting them with.
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    I'm laughing because jb tried to act like he has black friends. ..... jb in real life sits in a old folks home and no one visit him. He tries to call family, but no one answers. He probably had a lot of family who disconnected their phones.
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    Then why are these SWJ getting these worthless humanities degrees then? They are a waste of money. The debt also reach it highest under Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and so on. Why do people act like that hasn't been happening. We would had the same debt under Hilary if not more. It has very little to do with who's in office. Plus you could say the same about Obama. He was running a country, not a charity. He could do what he wanted what his own money but not the nation' money. Our nation debt more than doubled under Obama. Did you also thank him?
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    The chick on the left would be hot if she waxed the stache. RIP to the dogg
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    JB can’t get that pounding sensation out his ass tonight.
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    Rosenstein tells Trump he is not a target of Michael Cohen investigation Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein told President Trump last week that the president is not a target in the Michael Cohen investigation, and that the investigation is focused solely on Cohen, the president's personal attorney, a source familiar with the probe told Fox News on Thursday. Trump has been told previously that he is not a target of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation. The source also said the Cohen investigation, together with the abrupt departure of John Dowd from Trump's legal team, slowed, but did not halt talks about Trump sitting down for a potential interview with Mueller. The FBI last week raided the office, home and hotel room of Cohen. Federal agents reportedly obtained documents related to several issues, including Cohen's payments to adult-film star Stormy Daniels in the weeks leading up to the 2016 presidential election. The Justice Department, meantime, denied comment on the Rosenstein report. “As Department officials have said consistently in testimony and elsewhere, we don’t comment on conversations with the President,” the DOJ told Fox News. Separately, President Trump’s in-house counsel Ty Cobb said no firings are currently under consideration, including those of Rosenstein or Mueller. Earlier Thursday, Bloomberg reported that Rosenstein told Trump that he was not being targeted in the wider Mueller probe. Asked on Wednesday if he was considering removing Rosenstein or Mueller, Trump simply noted that they're "still here." “They’ve been saying I’m going to get rid of them for the last three months, four months, five months,” Trump said at a joint press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. “And they’re still here. We want to get the investigation over with, done with, put it behind us. And we have to get back to business.” In an interview on Thursday with CNN, former FBI director James Comey addressed the reports about Rosenstein's reported conversation with Trump. "I don’t know what it means," Comey said. "It’s a fairly standard part of any investigation, trying to decide whether a person you’re encountering is a witness, a subject or a target. A target is someone on whom the investigation, the grand jury has developed … evidence sufficient to charge. Witness is somebody who has nothing to do with any exposure and a subject is everybody in the middle. So, I don’t know the context in which the Deputy Attorney General did that, but that’s the general framework."
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    It's a one time fee, so next season and beyond I'll still be a premium member. It's 2018, not much can be had for 12 bucks anyway, it was worth it.
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    I tear up even looking at these pictures... When I first visited her in November 2006 and she picked me out... Side note: this isn't her actual mother. Her biological mother died giving birth to her so I believe her aunt had to take over feeding duty. This was roughly a month after at Christmas.. And then a couple glamour shots around the house.. Hug your animals a little longer the next time you see them. Everything that is living will soon pass, because everything that we can see is only temporary. We never know when it's their time to go..