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    If they can vote, then they should be able to serve in the military, sign a lease document, borrow money from a bank, own their own credit card and rent-a-car.
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    Didn't know her name was Summer...
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    which proves my point.
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    I collect the heck out of stuff. But none is comic books, toys and etc. And some how I managed I leave things unopened and store them away.
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    I have no idea. But I'll convince myself only the guys picked by the Falcons are amazing due to YouTube clips that only show 3% of their amazing work. And I'll ignore the obvious those are only highlights. However I'll reverse that on all the players not drafted by the Falcons.
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    Get ready to see it for 4 more. They're coming for that ass.
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    The only winner in any internet beef is the guy who walks away leaving the other dude flailing at his computer like a loon. As it sits, nobody in the Burgundy/Free/Musky Love Triangle has risen to the top...
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    Let it rest... WTF is wrong with y'all???
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    What pizzes me off, I was born in 62 and from my dad I actually had cards like this he gave to me....shit he had as a kid....over the years, I pissed them away....
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    I hear BATT is this very sexy dude that hits home runs in @SaintRay's mom.
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    That's all apart of the plan...
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    I have no sympathy for you conservative bastards or your racism.
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    You got what you paid for...
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    The chick on the left would be hot if she waxed the stache. RIP to the dogg
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    First off, we know for a fact that degrees ending in "Studies" are the most worthless and the STEM fields are the most value ones. So you're just showing how clueless you are. Continuing with your liberal ignorane, you clearly don't understand business. They are going to go to the most cost effective way to produce. Why is it that Carrier was going to move out of the US to Mexico? Not for the view. Why is it that for every moving truck that goes in California nine leaves? Why is it that the bulk of our manufacturing base moved to China? You think they all took a wrong turn? Which is the main reason I supported Trump to have a POTUS that knows and have experience dealing with this as opposed to another POTUS who is just as clueless as you are.
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    It's a one time fee, so next season and beyond I'll still be a premium member. It's 2018, not much can be had for 12 bucks anyway, it was worth it.
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    Time again for some interesting subjects....
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    Time to derail JB’s orgasm again....
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    I love this one better.