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    And we still went just as far in the playoffs. Imagine how much higher Ryan would have been rated than Brees has his receivers actually caught the ball.
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    Guess we see which qb in the league needs perfection from his receivers to put up good stats, and still wasn't as good as matt ryan.
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    Proof of this or fuck off. (It will be easier and quicker to just fuck off)
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    The left intends this to be an "disruptive investigation" throughout Trump's entire Presidency. You know, for the good of the country.
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    It’s 28-12 right now. Maybe this time Ryan doesn’t swalllow another ball in the clutch
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    No pics available but rumor is he's as light as he's ever been.
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    Bitch that’s exactly how it went. I said the weather favors us because we have a significantly better run AND passing game. You can take your hurt ass feelings to the rivalscentral special olympics now Captain Hook...
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    I don't need to answer the question if Julio is elite or not. But one bad season should not dictate that. Hell didn't ray post up jpegs of pff calling kamara and thomas elite after one good season? If they can duplicate those results for several years then I would have no problem calling them elite. But in reality they won't put up such gaudy numbers. Look at the drop off from Zeke elliott (granted he missed a few games). But ultimately dropped passes, as well as tipped passes hurt us greatly this year. So hopefully that can be corrected this off season.
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    I can think of a couple that hurt big time. Elite?
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    Dropped passes hurt us big time last season. Hopefully that is corrected this season.
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    Muscle relaxer + Whiskey on the Rocks + Sex = A damn fine night ahead.
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    Unlike Tom Benson, this thread shall continue on
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    It is not my fault Atlanta chose a guy who couldn't jump out of a paper bag.
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    The guy the Saints took in the 3rd that looks just as good as the guy Atlanta took in the 1st.
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    I like our receiver situation much more this year than I did last year. Article also doesn't mention Smith.
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    Invading a sovereign nation to inflict harm upon others will be met with deadly force. Perhaps you should ask yourself why Israel always seems to be on the receiving end of these acts. Could it be the same people who proclaimed "Death to Israel" long before the embassy move don't really want peace? Could it be?
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    FAR short. Your cute gif supports absolutely nothing you posted. You sound more and more like JB.
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    No need to explain yourself to our resident spelling school teacher. It makes him feel superior to you when he catches an error.
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    I already knew you cared. You got butthurt off the bat and you're still upset.
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    It's not like I said anyone should fuck him or anything. That'd be crossing the line. I'm against digging up dead people and fucking them. Let's just set the record straight. Fucking dead people: No