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    We fucked once with 10 seconds. We got hosed on the no call.
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    LOL. DD gets it. Man, I can't wait for the RC regulars to have a meet and greet and drink some beer, making fun of each other, good natured-ribbing, then the inevitable ensuing hate crimes (just kidding).
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    Due to having split forums, I was unsure where to post funny shit that is political. Therefore I ask if we can get this topic pinned.
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    Even in this, which is pretty cool overall, Washington is STILL disrespected. lol https://247sports.com/ContentGallery/Star-Wars-Helmets-For-Every-NFL-Team-119881748/#119881748_7
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    I was going to watch the NFCCG but I went to a Mardi Gras parade Instead and the Ball arrived late
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    JJ is a big, strong guy. Even if his speed declines, if he learns to master the art of bodying up the DBs which are pretty much always smaller than he is, he could at the very least be an incredible possession receiver. JJ is so talented that I don't know why he isn't targeted like 80% of passes, even with double teams, dude is just so freaking big, you gotta like your chances. His red zone woes befuddle me as well. But I am not a coach and there must be something I am missing.
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    Yes, but then you guys got 24-23. I think objectively Ray is correct. But I would also like a Cam avoiding the football emoji. lol
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    I might watch for 10 seconds or so, channel 57 has an intriguing documentary about the psychological effects of being burglarized. Probably watch that instead.
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    I think as of late if ain’t a Falcon poster, there is no new emoji for you. We got a yellow flag, but the empty trophy case didn’t happen.
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    I start a FALCON thread and 2 out of 3 Falcon fans discuss the Saints. Rent Free.
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    I just want to hear what a christian Democrat has to sayon how they can stay a democrat. Wontbe long until Democrats start voting for sharia law.