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    Another beatdown handed to my Panthers.. Atleast these loses are leading to some clarity and helping Tepper decision in getting rid of this regime.. Also a higher draft pick for the new staff.. Sorry I'm late toilets seem to be dirtier this time of the year..lol
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    Arriving Sydney, Australia this morning for 4 days. Private guide tomorrow setup to take us around the area, including the Blue Mountains and we have seats at the Opera House for The Nutcracker on Monday night.
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    Thanks Reece. Hopefully some year soon we will go for a sweep when its meaningful games for both sides.
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    How many has your team won in 60 years.. lol You how dumb and wasteful this is?? Of course you do .. HAHAHAHA
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    This seem like a wild swing to take a shot at a team who is actually winning.. lol
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    https://boards.atlantafalcons.com/topic/4076546-falcons-rug-giveaway/ @Ron Burgundy
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    Ray living the dream and enjoying life , more power to you brother , congrats !
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    The league was different then. The closest player that I can think of is maybe Ray Lewis.
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    I get being upset with being called idiot, head case, etc etc. Because I've gotten pissed and lost my cool. But dag nam getting fired? What's next throwing people in jail.
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    The most ridiculous criteria ever but ok lol.
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    How many super bowls and nfc championships you won over the last 3 years though? Most of my favorite teams have consistently been some of the best teams in the regular season. Not so much when it matters most...
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    Well I guess you have to celebrate something when you're trash..lol Maybe they will make a trophy and ring for that soon.. Falcon fans constantly finding moral victories in factual, perpetual, and systemic defeat..
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    I've was always curious of taking roids just because I'd be in the gym for 8 months and I don't see a noticeable difference, maybe just bad genetics. Same time I don't want my heart to explode.
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    It’s over rated. Saints are 23-6 the last 2 years with a loss in OT in the NFCC. He’s wrong-wrong-wrong-wrong-wrong-wrong-wrong-right!! It worked!!
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    I can't think of anybody to compare him to in today's NFL. It was a different league back then. Watch #53 in this vid...
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    It’s all he’s got left lol.
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    Both starting inside linebackers of the Dome Patrol are now no longer with us.
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    You're a Falcons fan. You probably watch their games in this room.
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    Damn that sucks, how many of the Dome Patrol are on the right side of the grass now? 2?
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    Yeah but then again he cucked you guys and showed the world your team are pretenders so suck my ass.
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    who cares that Luck retired? did he make a commitment? did the team make financial moves based on that commitment? Luck retiring doesn't make it ok for what he did
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    Get burnt by McDaniels i dont care. You guys are used to making terrible mistakes for coaches whats 1 more.
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    I have a feeling that TD and DQ are going to get one more year
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    OC McDaniels is no sham. Head coaching McDaniels is. Im not even sure you can trust the guy. He backed out of a deal with Indy after they hired the assistant coaches he wanted. He may be successful but he is kind of a schmuck. You also at least have to question someones talent evaluation having drafted Tebow in the first round. Yea, long time ago but still.
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    Slightly different I recall a game where NE let a team score who were 1st and goal around the 7 get let the guy practically walk in this gave them them the ball back with time to come back - and they did
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    I have always been an advocate for taking the lead when you can. It's possible to kneel at the 1, followed by a series of mishaps like false starts, holding, and fumbles or INTs, just turnovers of some sort. You don't know what could happen. Having said that, given the Saints' track record of blowing leads that literally happen in the last minute, it would be foolish to not at least CONSIDER that as an option. You HAVE to consider it. If you trust your offense more than your defense, you might consider it. We might have won the 11 playoff game against the 49ers, we might have won the most recent game against the 49ers, and other games. But can you IMAGINE if the Saints stop at the 1, don't get in, and as a result lose the game. FOLKS WOULD BE FURIOUS. "WHY DIDN'T WE JUST SCORE AND AT LEAST TRY OUR DEFENSE?!"
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    Antony , Teo and one girl = 2.5 LBers...and don't forget a cheerleader like Analzone…. 😀 It awite buppy...
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    National Guard clients this weekend...Hawaiian Lunch Plate...
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    Congratulations to you. Mrs. Ray has my sympathies. 40 years and she gets a room overlooking a lumberyard.
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