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    Well, either we will make the playoffs next season or they're both gone. Can't wait to see what small school secondary player we draft somewhere between rounds 2-4 that aren't on anyone's radar.
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    At least they made a bowl game. We get Top 25 recruiting classes every year too
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    When one of your teams (Any of them) is actually relevant I’ll debate you.
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    Outside of Saints HQs...
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    Oh no, we made the NFL mad. Guess we cant count on getting those super sweet calls we have been getting lol
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    Pointing out that the team that beat you played nothing but cupcakes (including Miami) while two other bowl teams played a far harder schedule is dumb shit? Look I know you feeling depressed. Miami sucks, falcons suck, Quinn and Co are staying... Doesnt change the fact that LaTech is the third or fourth best team in Louisiana
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    What about the tortoise start in 2018 you dumb old fart?
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    That’s exactly what I said a few minutes ago bitch!!!
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    I want to go work for that idiot and sleep half the day, and go do easy work (but not over do it. Just do a good enough job).
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    AB is a good player who loves drama. Who knows, he might have grown up and realized teams don't deal with drama. And I don't see NO bringing him in unless they're pretty confident he'll stop.
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    Bitch you dont know shit about these teams. I have ESPN+ and have watched most of their games. Tulane and ULL played a far harder schedule. Who the fuck did LaTech play all year? ULL had 2 of their 3 losses to ranked App St who also won their bowl. ULL would skullfuck LaTech Tulane lost to teams like Navy, Memphis, SMU, Auburn, and UCF....all teams that are ranked right now or were most of the season Either one would have beaten both LaTech and that POS Miami team
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    Imagine how badly any of them would have beaten Miami, who laid a goose egg on national TV.
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    Did you miss the part where it was the third or fourth best team in Louisiana?
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    Damn getting shut out by the third or fourth best team in Louisiana to end up with a losing record Thats just pathetic
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    Imagine what one could do with three extra hours on Sunday. A cure for cancer isn’t out of reach.
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    Its hilarious that he is trying to tear better programs apart to try to prove his team isnt quite as shitty as it really is. They lost their bowl game. To LaTech. And didnt score a point. The only way things could be worse is if you had recently had a successful coach walk away from your program without even trying to do anything
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    I am on of THE coaches in the NFL. (I know, that's one of their other commercials but it's funny.) lol
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    See how you ignore facts and change the subject? You cant help yourself, can you I already acknowledged both my sources rank Tulane lower but I did say Tech was third or fourth. Both LSU and ULL are ranked higher, have tougher schedules, have the same or better record, and two of ULLs losses are to their conference champ who is ranked in the top 25 and won their bowl game You got nothing that trumps that. Miami wouldnt even win the mountain west
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    Which does nothing to compare the two teams...you keep changing the subject cause you got nothing Maybe ULL loses, but I bet they at least score. Want to bet on that as well?
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    So present better facts to back up your opinion bitch You cant which is why you have changed your statement to both are trash when before you were saying tech was far better Fucking man up and admit you are wrong. Stop being a douchebag troll for once in your life Miami got blanked by a shit team in Louisiana. Mark Richt did the right thing when he bailed on that shit program
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    $100 says we are still playing in Divisional round games.
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    Trust me when I tell you there isn’t a Saint fan in the world who gives a shit about anything this year except closing at 13-3 with a shot at the Super Bowl.
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    I seem to recall Miami getting blanked in the Independence Bowl by the 4th best team in Louisiana. I recall them going 12-0.
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    Scary thought having Brees (QB), Murray (RB), Kamara (Slot), Thomas (WR), Brown (WR) and Cook (TE) on the field at the same time. Likely won’t happen, but it would be a serious issue for any defense.
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    This fucking idiot talking about the past to prove his point. Stick to trolling bitch cause you got nothing else on your side Sunbelt and AAC are better than Confernce USA Your team lost to the fourth best team in Louisiana. Deal with it
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    Bruh. I woke up to great news of dq/td and get this as well. My emotions. So mixed.
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    Kissing the NFLs ass has really helped the Falcons.
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    Im assuming you guys are only signing him for the PO? I mean you guys still have to resign Brees next year. Theres no way hell be in the team next year.
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    Yeah gotta hope that the Saints cap salary fucks em over and cant sign a few guys. Even if, the NFC is still going to be insanely competitive, were looking at the PO as well and we all cant go.
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    Please make this happen....
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    I sense carpet burn in your future
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    If the brain trust is sticking around, what better way to maintain Blank's continuity than give their first ever collaborative draft pick a big, new deal?
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    We had like 8 starters sitting out. I don’t really care much anyway. School admin has run that program to the ground.
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