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    You must be a contortionist, you pinky dicked motherfucker.
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    Interesting I don't remember Bill Parcells crying about refs and starting city wide bitch fests.
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    Wait. You're suggesting that he’s not only claiming, but also using his victim status to profit off of those who ignorantly support him and the only way to propagate his agenda is to further entrench himself as a victim which means his motives have some subversive tinge to them? No way. No fucking way. Listen here Ogad, (see what I did there?) you can take your cracka ass and your systemically privileged views and post them elsewhere ‘cause they obviously ain’t welcome here.
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    So my Director of Finance asked me last weekend via text message. I told her its “fucks sake” and don’t send me any email for 12 hours. True story.
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    That’s badass. I talked a few years ago with Nelson about building an engine for me, but the $$$$$$$ were ridiculously high. Built it at a place in Houston instead. They do build the best however. Go to the Nelson Race Engines site and there are a bunch of great videos.
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    No political BS in the football forum please.
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    Hopefully both he and Crab Boy both get mega deals...
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    Nothing could be less than playing in Tampa.
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    Yeah, all this hype around him being some type of hot commodity as a starting QB is ridiculous. No way should a team give up a 1st for him. Even a 2nd is too high in my opinion. Hill made his name a a gadget player and not as a QB. He was still pretty much a gadget player even when Brees was out.
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    If he's publicly saying that he considers himself a franchise QB, and a team wants to sign him as a free agent to be their QB, what other kind of money would they offer him?
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    Problem is, he isn't going to get QB $$. He has thrown 15 passes in his career. 15. Jack of all trades, master of...what?
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    Why wouldn't he do that?! Starting opportunity with starter money. God bless him.
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    “The Vipers have literally always sucked” 😂
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    I usually disappear over the offseason because quite frankly its kind of boring. Ill be posting alot of xfl lol
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    I'm telling you that this was a manufactured virus that was intended as a biological weapon.
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    I wonder what its like to be a fan of the losing teams. Because we Roughnecks have only known winning
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    First of all Lol @ xfl power rankings Secondly, yea that's right baby. Bow down you smooth necked motherfuckers. Roughnecks own this piece
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    Reading @MASH ‘s replies to this thread IMG_7910.MP4
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    I'm not going to like your comment, because I don't want Ron shunning the idea away due to me liking it. I will say there's a couple on here that should go talk to a therapist. And there's nothing wrong with talking to someone.
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    Is this life word you use, code for dick pounding a pussy scented candle? That seems to be your only reply since your return. And I do know someone who needs that life you speak of. @SyCOLA
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    There's more fans there in their seats than at the Falcons games.
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    XFL needs to revive the New Orleans Voodoo.
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