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    Saints fans who trolled about Kikaha bout to take it in the ass for a while lol.
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    For the second straight season, the Atlanta Falcons have loss all of their preseason games. This pretty much eliminates them from being the Super Bowl champions this season. There's always NEXT YEAR!
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    It feels like you're holding back. Can you tell us how you really feel? But this time...REALLY let it go.
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    Fuckin pussy bitchmade fairy asshat.
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    We ARE talking about Fiddy, 2nd of his name, King of Trolls, Avoider of Logic, Disrupter of Good Debates, Wearer of Falcon Colored Glasses, Haver of No Sense. It is known.
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    They got SOOOOO butthurt after I told them this: Ray's the real deal...and this thread proves why the Boys From RC can always waltz into town, drink yer whiskey and take yer womenfolk... He went and locked my thread down right after that...
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    This isn't a real trophy recognized by the NFL.
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    This motherfucker is really arguing with Captain Obvious. You're losing it bruh.
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    New England isn't a city, nor is it a state; for that matter.
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    it use to bother me when people would make fun of my bellybutton ring, but ive moved past all that now.
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    Not yet. If Falcon Man shows his weasley self back in here again, its on. I’m gonna make him think Freebird is his best friend. I’m better now.....
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    You're no damn fun at all, where the hell is Ray at??
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    Lovers help each other undress before sex. However, after sex, they always dress on their own. Moral of the Story - In life, no one helps you once you're screwed.
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    He leaves as much as me and my girlfriend break up . .....it's like a cycle .
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    You little pencil dick shithead, go run a slow finger up your dirt road.
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    That is a considerable amount of money.
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    By deleting emails and physically destroying cell phones? You can't even spell her name right, much less tell an actual truth.
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    I got it in December, 2000. Its rough...I was pretty much paralyzed before they diagnosed it and had to be on a ventilator I had the best recovery any doctor at Tulane had ever seen
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    At JB's last prostate exam, which was one of the most thorough examinations he'd ever had, the Doctor left and the Nurse came in. As she shut the door, she asked JB the question he didn't want to hear ... She said ... Who was that guy? Moral of the Story .. know who WFW is.
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    When a lady is pregnant, all her friends touch her stomach and say "Congrats." But, none of them comes up to the man, touch his dick and say "Good Job." Moral of the story -- Hard work is rarely appreciated.
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    Afraid that if i do one day some men in dark suits will show up at my home saying "Do you post as Dago on a website called Rivals.net?" to which i would have to sack up, look that man in the eye, and say "no sir but my wife does"