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    If he's hitting Auntie Maxine his dick may grow legs and run for it's life.
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    5-4 decision ! Decreed the POTUS has broad authority over who enters the country ! Eat shit JB ! 🤣 https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/us-supreme-court-rules-for-trump-over-travel-ban/ar-AAzbMqd
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    his wife must be a lesbian cause she married a pussy
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    I’m going to post this once. He’s 2 years into a 5 year contract. He’s been given $22 million dollars so far. He can shut the fuck up and sit out, not be paid and be fined for the next 3 fucking years, or he can bring his unhappy ass to camp, play out the next year or two of his contract and put up some fucking TDs. In year 4 or 5 you can EARN more money. You signed a contract, be a man about it. Oh and you might want to drop Terrell Owens as your “agent.” That dude could have been the best receiver of all time but is fucking mentally retarded...
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    Hey look, they designed a new Ole Blue for our resident Libs.
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    Your dick is in danger of falling off due to disease.
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    Brother, im the governor and mayor of crusty brillo pad forest! I live in that shit
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    If Georgia ever need a new bulldog, she would fill in nicely.
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    Are half truths and omissions really "honesty" though? If he had said, "Because I don't want to... because I want to continue to believe fallacies and delusions so I don't disrupt my entire fundamental belief structure that my life, behavior, and every emotional feeling I have depends on... because without this I would become lost and fall into a depression that would destroy me." THEN I'd say it's the one honest thing he's ever said.
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    I think this dude fell out his car and hit his head too.....he's certainly MIA since Mueller went down in flames.
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    Looks like JB gassed up his wagon too. Can't blame him, between Trump winning and Winston grabbing pussies this place would be rubbing salt in his wound(s).
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    The Left is showing they are in pure desperation mode at this point. They are acting like cornered rats. This public protesting and attempting to shame Rightwing public officials and Trump surrogates is the next step in an obvious escalation in Trump Derangement Syndrome. And the Lefty media are literally giddy as little school girls about it. They are reporting it with uncontrollable grins on their face and virtually high-fiving each other on camera. God I hope they keep this shit up. They have proven these past few weeks: 1. That they would rather get nuked by NoKo than give Trump credit for real peace diplomacy 2. They are full blown open borders advocates and beyond dishonest 3. They love seeing Lefties harass and threaten Righties and Trump supporters They are so far gone they don’t realize that Independents are horrified and beyond appalled at the Left’s behavior and the media’s obvious bias. Not to mention more and more blacks are seeing it and going “Holy shit these people are crazy.”, and they’re being red-pilled and coming over to the Right. Democrats are in for a rude awakening come November.
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    You should have included a pic of JB waving the Grand Marshall's baton....a 3' long Ole Blue..
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    Cast Iron seared, butter basted Ribeyes.
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    Y'all know you're arguing with a fool, right? Psalm 14:1 The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.
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    Or maybe you could kiss my ass.