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    So a drunk driver hit me head-on Saturday and broke my right leg and crushed my ankle pretty good. The airbag saved my life but bruised me up quite a bit and cracked a couple ribs too. I've already had one surgery on my leg and ankle and am going back this morning for another surgery on the ankle. Congrats to you Bucs on your win. Saints too. I guess our Falcons are fake contenders yet again. I should be use to them crushing my hopes but it still sucks. Thought this year would be different. I missed the game but will try to watch it later. My wife is bringing my iPad so if anyone can post a stream link that would be great. I'm going to be here for a week at least I suspect and I'm pounding the narcotics hard for a while. Ill try to check in occasionally. Don't be too big of faggots. Like that's even possible.
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    Dont even give a shit about tonights games, lets get this ball rolling Bitch Slap of the week: Sean Payton Wow, really guy? All the off season criticism could have been completely null and void had you just pulled off a convincing win in week 1..nope. Ok, well lets get our home field advantage back on track and beat this team that NO ONE SHOULD BE LOSING TOO..EVER! Couldn't even do that. For fuck sakes Sean. LOL of the week: Delvin Breaux Nigga what are you looking for!?!? Boss of the week: Jameis Winston This one was a tough one. I didn't want to award a player for making a single good play, otherwise I'd call Beirmann's stupid name. Julio was considered, as was Ryan, and Carolina's Kurt Coleman, but after alot of thought, there really is no one who deserves it more this week. After arguably the most embarrassing debut in the history of the NFL, he goes on the road in a hostile environment and holds it down for a win. Dayummmmmm of the week: Julio Jones Looks like hollywood special effects made this catch happen. This is also why he's injury prone. Rc MVP! Meezy Yea, that's right, I said Meezy...congrats!
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    Alright cocksuckers, ***DO NOT*** share this thread or these videos outside this forum. If too much traffic or word gets out about this place then it's liable to disappear like everything else that tries to do this sort of thing. This is the only place I've even shared it at, since we're a pretty tight nit low key community here. I've been sitting on this goldmine for a couple of weeks now, so I'm trusting you.
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    I wouldn't open it; it could be worth something one day. If you ever get laid, you could pass it down to your children.
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    Cam walked away from the podium last night bc he heard Harris bragging. Why would he do that when that goes against his rhetorical jibes of if you don't like it, stop it from happening? Seems to me that it's a bit hypocritical and childish of him to not hold himself to that same position. He could have shut Harris up by delivering more accurate footballs. But he didn't. So why he mad? I'm sure you guys will pretend to ignore this thread, but hey, it's pretty comfortable up here with just me and all these crickets.
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    Game day. I'll check the scores later. From our apartment balcony in Bad Gastein.
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    I'd punch tree and then listen to him argue that his nose isn't technically "the face" so there for I didn't punch him in the face
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    ...and all through the South....nothing was stirring...not even Roddy's mouth...
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    A young lady who was a very sweet soul, God-fearing, kind, funny, and had a real zest for life, collapsed, never regained consciousness, and passed away this morning. She really was a sweetheart. It's devastating. My mom and I talk almost every day about how life isn't guaranteed but the sting of death never seems to lessen. She was in her 30's no previous health problems. I am stunned and devastated. I know this is a football forum and things get heated but it is just football and hopefully all of these gripes that show up, dissipate and we can all just get back to ribbing each other in good fun. I just want to say to all of you yahoos, just enjoy your day, live your lives, love freely, forgive often and enjoy yourselves. In closing, Tom Servo's mother.
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    was this caused by jumping out of a window after tickling vans butthole
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    Sherman better watch out. Might have some 600 lb hermaphrodite from rc comin for his ass
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    There are a lot of fake ass fans who choose to disappear or discredit wins instead fainting some objectiveness or admitting they were wrong and givein true credit when it's due here... I want to give credit to the guys who talk shit and take shit when It's time to... Real fans who back their team no matter what and don't take this as serious that they get hurt feeling.... When their team fails and they have to take a little ribbing for it... A few of my Brethren Pox (super troll king), Relax (doing the grunt work like a champ ) NYG4 (the queen B of receipts) and Wake who has stepped up his fandom after some early confusion with the enemy.. Great season so far crew lets keep it going ..Stand and Cheer and keep pounding all day!! Most Saints fans Ray, Ssk, Meezy, S4Life, Nawlins, Audio, Nola, Kevo and SLA and some others... Sat here for four losses gave credit for Rival wins and Took shit for their losses.. Good Shit guys Bucman and JB They knew they were probably cheering for a last place team but they have been here the duration taking shit and being standup rivals.. Respect giving to you both.. Van His team has been decimated by injuries and suspension .. To the point that it's comical how much bad luck has hit them.. and he has every reason to run, not post, and make excuses.. But he hasn't. . He sat here still talking shit and given credit. Not to mention he is the only Cowboy fan here most of the time.. So he is dealing with this shit by himself. . Site MVP imo.. Doc Being the only Redskin fan here isn't easy but he is here win or lose .. Giving good insight and making valid opinions.. Respect giving .. Crook Big Eagles fan who season hasn't gone like he and most of us thought .. But he ain't running he still talking his shit and making his presences felt.. Respect big dog.. Tree The Seahaks is the cram of the croop of the NFL, so it of course it is easy to put him on this list, but your is the true #1 fan on this forum. Last but not least (and most of you know this makes me sick to my stomach because i general don't like a lot of these guys).. Falcon fans Shred (very surprise especially after his act in 2013) DB11, Sycola, DD, Face, freebird lives, Schwap and Servo .... Got to give credit (even thoe some of them I wouldn't save by pissing on them if they were on fire...) for being objective (sometimes) posting win or lose and giving due credit to other teams.. You don't have to Kys fast.. You can take your time with it clowns.. If i didn't name you either you haven't been more visible to acknowledge or you're a fucking bitch that doesn't deserve shit but a.... lol... at your non credible opinion. ..Fuck you and go watch tennis bitches...
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    Bitch Slap of the Week: Lovie Smith Smith and Koetter give up a 24 point lead...Gosh that sure looks familiar. Hey look man, get your shit together. Actually, hold off on that till next week please. in the meantime, how the fuck do you let the redskins climb back into a game like that? They aren't exactly known for being an offensive powerhouse, and I thought you were supposed to have some kind of good defense? Oh well, A few more games like that, you'll be another head on a stick outside of one buc place, of all the coaches they've declared mutiny against. LoL of the Week: Chris Johnson This isnt so much a LoL at the play where CJ laid on a defender until realizing the whistle hadn't been blown. It isnt even really about the defenders that stood there and watched him run. It was more to do with the NFL analysts and FF "experts" that probably didnt see the play, but were in awe of his awesome YAC numbers and declaring CJ2K is BACK! Lets just ignore the fact that he nearly cleared the whole field without even being pursued. Lets also ignore the fact that with that huge head start, he was still run down from behind. Jesus Christ guys, have you run out of shit to talk about? He did have another nice run, but that was more due to the Ravins crappy defense not being able to tackle....DID I JUST SAY THAT?! Boss of the Week Kirk "YOU LIKE THAT?!?!" Cousins Yea Kirk, I like that! You told Matt Ryan a few weeks ago you wanted to get to his level...well congratulations pal, you sucked for one half of a game, and managed to dig your way out of it..You're there. Dayummm of the week: Devin Street No helmet catches this week, but this one was pretty sick. He maintained enough balance and concentration to grab the ball, and keep his feet on the grass while falling fully extended like a tree. We've seen plenty of these, but they're always cool. RC MVP KYS aka Reese aka Dave aka Bitch ass Let's be real, he's a punk, cheap, bitchmade to the bone. But it's week 8 of the NFL season, and what are the people of RC talking about right now? Football? Nah fuck that..lets evaluate every inch of his pictures to confirm whether or not our fat jokes have any validity. Just wait till the results come back from lab reese.
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    I saw that there's another new sheriff in oldetown, walkin' the beat, asking the neighbors for feedback, and whatnot. He and several posters kept alluding to "fixing" RC and wondering aloud how best to facilitate that, if it is indeed even possible. The one thing everyone seemed to agree upon: that condition cannot be met until rival posters return and contribute, which hey, seems pretty self-explanatory. I thought about posting a suggestion or two in that thread, but then it occurred to me that since my vote as a rival is already super-valuable (and my RC rookie card goes for like 20 grand mint, natch) why not double the value by making it even more exclusive - by posting it here? By placing an entire extra mouse click between the answers and those looking for them, we can weed out the interlopers and ensure that only those righteously investing in unearthing the TRUTH shall stumble upon it. The healing begins here, brothers and sisters! My suggestion: just post over here. If it's interaction with the OG rivals you crave, you know where to find us - right here! Stop by, catch up on old times, and shoot, while you're here maybe you can ask us for some of these suggestions in a setting where the answer can be delivered in its definitive form, unsullied by filters, and in a way that you can feel comfortable in calling honest. For all the negatives I've seen levied against this "no-holds-barred" format, lies do not rank heavily among the legitimate gripes. Conversely, honesty in oldetown is well... maybe we shouldn't talk about that place as much in its current form, it seems most of us agree it's in need of repair. Of course, that's one rival fan's suggestion. I hope others will also contribute!
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    Rave walks into a bar and sees a black guy....walks out.
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    SSK Fiddy S4L NYG4 KYS before KYS after Servo Pox, RIP, and Wake (douchebags from left to right) Dago Meezy Ray Kevo Willy Van Sycola
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