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    I think it's obvious what she's doing with that 100k
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    Ray always with a handful of salt, looking for a wound to rub.
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    i've been watching the dub, it is at least gotten me into the spirit of things and the voice lines are fairly good. Hopefully the universal survival tournament will be great.
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    yea we all did DEAL WITH IT for 8 fucking yrs, Transgender, Race Baiting, PC Policies , selling out American Companies and workers , Weaponizing of IRS, DOJ and FBI, Spying on American Citizens, Horrid fucking Trade Deals to Iran and Paris Accords and guess what we didnt scream at the sky or riot..... I just cant believe that you Fucktards cant see , Just how Un American and Pathetic you truly are....
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    The NFCS makes the list twice, at #20 and again at #1. Painful, but real. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/opinion-20-most-devastating-losses-in-nfl-history/ss-AAviBgY?ocid=spartandhp&parent-title=8-loaded-teams-that-can-gamble-at-the-nfl-draft&parent-ns=ar&parent-content-id=AAw5tHP&fullscreen=true#image=1