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    "We dont fuck up the environment...we just make the crap that does and sell it on the open market." You cant make this up 😂
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    Confused is when I post a chart referencing data from 2017 and you decide to copy/paste the first one you found on Google that had its origin 12 years ago. Link is in the OP. Had you read it, maybe you could have saved yourself the trouble from posting numbers from the Bush/Obama administrations.
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    Except exports of fossil fuel sources aren't growing to the US, so you're an idiot. And again, just because you're exporting more GHG emitters doesn't exclude you from being responsible for them. You tried to pass the buck on this topic and failed miserably. You know this. So time to either admit you fucked up (LOL fat chance), or just disappear for a bit like usual.
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    If I ever say I doubt #9 I'm just trolling
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    Wrong. http://behindthenumbers.ca/2017/01/25/canada-cannot-ways-climate-fossil-fuel-expansion/ January 25, 2017LEAVE A COMMENT Marc Lee Canada cannot have it both ways on climate and fossil fuel expansion With great fanfare and a claim that “Canada is back,” Prime Minister Trudeau helped usher in the Paris Agreement on climate change in December 2015. Since then, however, the federal government has pushed to expand fossil fuel production through new bitumen pipelines and LNG terminals. This contradiction points to a loophole in the Paris Agreement, one that perfectly fits Canada: countries have committed to reducing emissions within their borders, but not the carbon that is extracted and burned elsewhere. Paris poses no limits or sanctions on the supply of fossil fuels being brought to market by producing countries. For exporters like Canada only the emissions from getting fossil fuels out of the ground and to the border are counted. As a result, producing countries have a powerful incentive to respond to the Paris Agreement by doubling down on fossil fuels now before their value evaporates. This “green paradox” is bad news for the climate. The amount of fossil fuels burned for energy use in Canada has remained relatively flat since 2000. This is because emission increases in Alberta from the oil sands have largely been offset by reductions in Ontario and the Maritimes from the phase-out of coal-fired electricity generation. But if we look instead at what we dig, not just what we burn within our borders, there has been a relentless rise in carbon emissions. Extracted carbon—the amount of fossil fuel removed from Canadian soil that ends up in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide—has grown dramatically. These emissions totalled 1.2 billion tonnes of CO2 in 2014, up 26 percent since 2000. This increase is almost exclusively because of growing exports of fossil fuels. In 2014, the total amount of emissions embodied in Canada’s total exports of fossil fuels was slightly larger than all of greenhouse gas emissions that occur within Canada. LOL, poor Jimmy.
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    I'll take a Brees who completes 68+%, 4000+ yards, 8+ YPA, 3:1 TD ratio, and 100+ Passer rating for another 2+ years. Hell, give me that for another 6 and I think I'll be perfectly happy
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    Lol jimmy outdid himself this time A country is apparently not responsible for their own polution as long as the product is for another country? Gtfo with that bullshit
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    No worries!!After I take those two Benji's, Imma be back in the black. Then my retirement will be back on track.
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    i have said this all along, what fucking good does it do when China and India just shit on the Planet we have 320 mil ppl they have almost 6 fucking Billion , thats Billion with a B it 1 step forward and 3 steps back, every fucking day and we were expected to give these fuckers Billions in tax payer Dollars thru the Paris Accords ???? LMFAO.... yea my lord, fuckers can protest all they want, this Orange Bastard has been Great for this Country , The Bull in the China Shop is a Great thing to have, when that Bull has a tad of common sense and dont need Lobbyist Money ..... all these fucking ppl in meltdown over what Trump says, or the way he says it .... they can go to hell give me loud mouth results over smooth talking failure, all day, every day
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    LOL, look at Jimmy in spin mode. You retards and your tactics to avoid acknowledging being wrong are so predictable at this point that the entertainment from seeing it is losing its luster. Actually, no it’s not. It’s still funny as shit watching you brainfucked losers in action. LMFAO
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    Is Canada not producing those emissions?!?
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    You know what else makes me laugh about this? The fact that you think you’re suddenly exempt from taking credit for the CO2 emitted as a direct result of your country profiting on the production of GHG emitters simply because they are burned in a different country. “Hey guys, I know we're making billions off these GHG contributors, especially CO2 emitters, as a direct result of our production, but we’re not responsible for the increase in global GHG’s, including global CO2 levels, because we didn’t actually burn it. We just made money off someone else burning it. So we’re good.” LOL, okay. Typical Liberal passing the buck. Meanwhile, the US is becoming the leading supplier of Natural Gas for a reason. It emits a fraction of the CO2. So not only are we drastically reducing CO2 emissions domestically, but we are exporting one of the least CO2 emitting energy sources that exists as our staple energy export. US >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Canada
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    You put 2-3 minutes on the clock in crunchtime and need a score, I’m lining up with Brees. Dude has done it so many times he deserves to be in that conversation still.
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    So the falcons have the best oline, best wr, and third best offensive weapons. Guess Ryan really was the problem last year. Even Flacco could get it done with all that
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    Chart is noticeably absent for 2017, Trump's first year in office. Please provide full link to study. Thanks in advance.
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    This will be the year his arm falls off and osteoarthritis attacks his bad shoulder with a vengeance......😎
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    I'm done with the Brees declining predictions. I'll see it to believe it .
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    Well that leaves negan out of the IT business.
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    You've been passing the buck all along poser. America, like China, is a energy hog.
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    Brah, your defense last year was a smoke and mirror mirage, Kamara headed for soph slump, Bama boy suspended, mole is drinking Geritol . And you know deep in your heart Davenport will be a bust. 2 sacks...
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    Actually poser, it is America that avoids accountability.....as usual. Our country producing your energy saves you emissions.