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    @S4L It's coming...
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    After 2 games Drew Brees is 65 for 80, has a 81.25% completion rate, 682 yards, 5 TDs, and ZERO INTs. Let that sink in. And yes, he missed 2 passes Sunday that should have been TDs but he's also had one drop in last week's game.
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    I R confident we win Sunday. Bitches.
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    IR confident takk plays and he lands on IR. Don't fuck with groin injuries.
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    Signs 6 year deal with Falcons. Said only showing up for the first half is appealing.
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    Damn, at first I thought you said he choked a little ...lol
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    all good, you now i'm fucking with ya. sounds like a fun time, need a token asian? you know. for the math.
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    You giggled a little.
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    26 members lol. I was the only white guy until a friend joined a couple weeks ago. We have a ridiculous amount of fun for Mardi Gras and we're the biggest riding club in NO. Even got to be in a NBA Youngboy video because the club is so well known lol.
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    How in the fucking fuck does anyone have any inkling for pity on another team , let alone root for one???? Yes, while watching a game I will determine how the game will affect the Falcons playoff chances, but that is it! I hate every other team and hope they all die. They are all standing in the way of my team winning. FUCK THEM! lol
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    This motha fucker!! Yo @S4L it's 3 punts to the nuts now!!
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    ...on Peat's meat.
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    Classic JP!!! Halford's voice is still amazing!!!
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    My wife grew up in a Democratic family, me in a Republican family. It didn't take long for her as an adult to understand she was no Democrat, and I never put pressure on her either. Having children and a social responsibility changed her. She's no woman lib supporter, absolutely hated Hillary Clinton and everything she said/did. She believes a man and woman have a place in society and family. She likes a man to be the man of the house. But don't think about stepping all over her either. She'll set shit straight if that happens. She doesn't like everything Trump tweets, nor do I, but we both LOVE his passion to restore America as the global leader while ripping down horrid economic deals that have hurt this country. A strong military for worldwide protection and safer boarders for the citizens of the USA are important to both of us. Open border policy is simply lunacy without proper vetting. I know this, she'd throw JB and friends out of the front door quickly if they came in with the garbage he spews.
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    its the husband of one of my employees. he is in charge of painting and lacquering bats for Marucci he personally does the bats for MLB all star games
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    Illinois Democrat Party Leader Tells Voters: “Vote Early, Vote Often. Whatever You Can Get Away With” The St. Clair County Democrats held a rally recently in Caseyville to promote Democrat politicians. "...We need the early vote. Like I say, we can play East St. Louis, vote early, vote often. Whatever you can get away with. I shouldn’t say that, but I really don’t care." - Illinois Democrat Party Leader
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    Found a pic of Antifa cruising the voter stations this November......
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    Typical antifa pussy. And these are the ones who want to go to war with true conservatives?! Lol