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    You'd think that ANTIFA would stop recruiting soy boys and start getting real men.
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    In before somebody mentions me being in the video.
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    he was too busy walking away from fumbles to throw too many over peoples heads
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    How can ANYONE disagree? I'd love to heard the comments to this video by Syco, Willy, Jb and Wake.
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    For the record, dude that did this is indeed a snowflake. /End of troll thread.
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    http://www.fakehatecrimes.org/ The overwhelming majority of fake hate crimes are perpetrated by the Left. What's worse, is that left-leaning mainstream news media has reported hundreds of them and never bothered to correct the record. Nuh Uh is living in his own fantasy land where this isn't the case.
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    ADG Translation: "This is really fucking up my feelings and making me more insecure. Damn you! I come here to make myself feel better, not worse! My real life sucks balls already. Fuck you for making it suck here too."
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    Now I know why those Antifa faggots bring weapons, they can't fight worth a shit.
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    Would've loved Barrett for the mere fact that it was "her turn." Will have to research more into Kavanaugh, but don't really care for much of what I've read of her so far:
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    The clown talks wrong shit with his empty, boy cry wolf insults/keywords like " Nazi " and " fascist " . No substance to his posts whatsoever. Then he hauls ass to puff on ole Blue....
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    I believe this is most appropriate at this point....
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    You realize you’re a sad little man and I’m not actually talking to you right? Just laughing at you. No need to reply to me, you’re not actually worth my time and I’m not even reading what you say. Just hitting the quote button and typing whatever comes to mind. Go touch your tiny little dick or do whatever the fuck sad little men do
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    That one guy just straight up said: "someone black, a black woman". Race must play a huge role for this kid in his every day life.
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    Just look how unoriginal this retard is. "Snowflake", "insecure", "Conservatism is a disease", "whataboutism". He literally has no concepts of his own. Lefties clearly can't meme for shit, and they can't come up with original terms to describe the Right. I think their brains are so consumed with deranged anger and hate that there's just no capacity for unique thought. It's why they are so easily duped by confirmation bias from their MSM brainwashing overlords, and all they do every day is run around like lemmings parroting false narratives and propaganda fed to them.
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    If this isn't a mindless leftist bot, I don't know what is...
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    "Cleanup on aisle 13! Some kids shit in the display toilet again!"