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    @Vanilla2 sent me this...
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    If I were the Panthers, I'd begin my search for Cam here >>>
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    I hope you fall overboard and are greeted by several hungry bull sharks.😁
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    @Vanilla2 is your refried bean eating ass just going to sit there and take this?!
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    1 week and several practices later Teddy looks completely competent and even showcased some nice wheels. And hoo boy did our defense have his muthafuckin back. We were gonna win this division no matter what, gang. Nothing personal, it's just the rest of the NFCS is kinda bleh
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    Mash you are one odd motherfucker lol
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    Seahawks ran that clock for us
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    How long you been waiting to drop that dud?
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    Quinn can’t scapegoat DCs anymore. This shit is all on him. His ass better be on the hot seat
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    He has a stash of torture porn right next to his self made Bucco Bruce magazines starring Josh Freeman, Radio Raheem, and Jameis Winston. Along with a porn tape labeled "Gruden's Grinder"
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    In other words, he has no spine? His opinion was no different than that of the sensitive feels majority.
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    Yeaahh Shaq Barrett boi..I predicted he'll get 10 sacks this year but its going to look like 15.
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    There is always hope. He could start throwing left handed?
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    One of the announcers on the NFL xm radio Network suggested today that the Saints were a prime candidate for Eli can you say clueless? With QBs dropping like flies the best thing the giants can do is hold on to him an option they didn’t even consider Eli has been benched before shouldn’t be an issue
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    The only thing Ray has ever won is free steak for polishing off the Ole 76er.....
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    We haven't seen what they call a "pass rush" from our defense in decades. We're all addled.
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    Ya'll lucky as hell that nigga Nelson Agholor dropped that deep route because he was taking it to the house.
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    Please Fiddy never rep the Falcons again, your sacrifice might mean joy for us long suffering fans. Thanks again and keep up God's work.
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    Glad to have you back brother.
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    I am thoroughly gonna enjoy this week watching highlights if we win this game. I honestly didn't expect much but the rest of the team has stepped up.
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    Score is 27-7 Ron.
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    Ron, get your ass back in here ya little bitch.....
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    What the fuck are you babbling about now? Look i know you generally just puke out whatever bullshit comes into your mind but here is some free advice. Dont
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    Absolute truth. Hopefully fans start to recognize that no, the offense can’t take care of itself, and the continual turnover in coordinators takes its toll. We’re wasting the prime years of our superstars. Just imagine if we had a Payton or Shanahan coaching this team for 5+ years. Honestly it hurts to think of what we could accomplish.
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    tremendous comeback and ending by Tulane...great game
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    That's what Chuck Smith feasted on every time we played the Falcons back then. Roaf was the greatest left tackle that I've ever witnessed...but Chuck Smith was his kryptonite.
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    Nothing too bad old friend lol.
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    Teddy for a couple of reasons. 1. Taysom is best used in the role he has been in. I believe he becomes figured out very quickly as an every down QB. 2. The saints need to know what they have in Teddy long term. You have to play in him in games other than spot duty at the end of games. If we are going to cut or re-sign him id rather we find out what he is. Taysom may be the better option. Although he may not
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    You fucking Neanderthal, I can only imagine how you verbally communicate intimacy with Mrs. Ray. 'Him Ray have itch, her lie down.'
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    To settle the argument between freebird and the pussy, 1. It was a designed play 2. It was not the called play. 3. It was the check to play if Matt saw the coverage was man to man. In conclusion you are both right.
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    But when you drop a potential game winner that landed directly in your hands on a go route, and you have 4-5 yards on the DB, you get remembered for all the wrong reasons.
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    Falcons mother fuckers!!!!
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    Imagine how many he would have if his poor widdle thumb didnt end his career.
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    When he starts tooting the Fuck you, Toto is like fuck a buncha this and makes his way off set.
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    He looked skittish. Just a nervous wreck. It's a long season but as of now, he looks turrbl.
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