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    Abortion is not removing a tooth, you murderous dumbfuck... a baby is not part of the woman's body; it's another body entirely. "Especially a WHITE Male" as if there's been a few black dudes who got pregnant... you are such a fucking fuck fucker fuck... there's simply not enough fuck words to describe you...
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    Lets be honest....JB would let another man bugger his wife as long as he was a Democrat politician and would insult Trump while doing it
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    One more political post on this side of the forum and you won’t be posting in it come football season...
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    I feel like the Saints as an organization failed this kid on every level. They had a chance to keep him close to Bama, keep him level headed and in check. Instead they allowed him to go off to California, fuck his life up and they have the worst LB's in the NFL to show for it. At least they got a serviceable lineman for a few seasons though.
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    “I work as a tenured professor. I make 100K a year doing that. I will never be fired. I will always have people wanting to hear what I have to say,” she wrote on Twitter. Sure sounds like a liberal elitist to me.
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    Bad comparison, Jofferey refused intimacy with females while Trump has been 'grabbing them by the pussy' for decades.
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    Meh. JB is a whipping boy, and he doesn't even know it...everything he posts comes off like an orangutan discussing physics... Grunts, growls and nonsense that eventually ends up with him sitting in the corner throwing shyte everywhere...
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    Ima take a page out of Beefs book. Where are the Falcons better? QB: Wash RB: Saints WR: Wash TE: Saints Oline: Saints. Saints oline allowed the fewest pressures in football last year, as well as led the league in YPC before contact for RBs. A healthy Armstead will widen the gap. DE: Saints DT: Wash. Grady is the best DT of the group but has nothing else with him. Rankins/Onyematta is an underrated duo. LB: Falcons CB: Saints in a landslide Safety: Saints
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    luxury pick would have been dalvin cook, considering he is literally everything ingram is. But you know, building an OL is a luxury. Gotta let Brees run headless like Wilson
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    That shit was awful! Rams playing the Bucs looked like mustard bottles playing against ketchup bottles.
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    Hartley is a rescue we got just after the saints won the superbowl and yes she was named after the kicker. I am sure she was glad when he got cut cause it had to be confusing to hear me yell at 'her' when he missed a kick
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    Once again you prove yourself a fascist that can not begin to consider any other viewpoint but your own.......
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    JB before Ryan announces his retirement: I hate that Nazi white nationalist piece of trash. JB after Ryan announces his retirement: I always thought Ryan had integrity and would abandon Trump. Newsflash buddy. When we wanted him to drain the swamp, this is what we envisioned. Trump just keeps making America great.
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    My sweet Allie, I will always love you.. 11/5/2006-4/11/2018 To those of you who have lost pets, how do you deal with it? I'm heartbroken. She's my first real dog, and I'm an absolute wreck right now. I'll never love another dog as much as I've loved her, and I anxiously await the day when I get to see her again.
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    Pre-Draft: QB: Saints RB: Saints WR: Same TE: Falcons OL: Saints DE: Saints DT: Wash LB: Falcons CB: Saints S: Saints K: Saints P: Saints LS: Saints ST: Saints 2018 NFCS Champs: Saints
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    I pretty much agree with S4L ratings and likely woulda given Brees the nod over Ryan.
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    People can laugh anytime they want about this guy, I just smile and thank the heavens he's still playing for the Saints. What little arm strength he's lost isn't a real factor at this point. His real strength is his football intelligence and quick-trig g e r decisions.
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    Yup, the U.S coordinated a strategic air strike with France and the U.K and summoned an emergency U.N council meeting on Syria just to distract from Stormy Daniels, Access Hollywood, Cohen, and Russia-gate. That and black males are giving birth to babies. Dully noted.
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    This was when they were using laser therapy to fix her back. Yes i made a meme out of it
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    Our little critter NOLA, all 3.5lbs of her. We’ve had 2 others that preceded this one.
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    Politics really have you screwed up in the head.
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    I haven't posted here in nearly 6 months, but i ran across this post and felt I had to respond. Despite all of our differences (our very petty differences), it's things like this that bond all of us. Love for family, love for friends, and love for our pets, who are very much an extension of our Family. Face I'm very very sorry for your loss, I can feel the love and hurt in every post you've made here, and I am confident her memory will carry you through this tough time. I wish I had more words that can ease some of your pain, but just remember you were both lucky to have each other in your lives, and that love you have will carry onto eternity until you're both jogging on Heaven's beach together again.
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    Imagine people trolling on a rivals website. How scandalous!
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    Or jumping on a social media football website and abandoning all of your former buddies by labeling them all homophobic, white nationalist racists who support conservative political candidates. You know, that way....
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    JB at it again, this time its Comey’s nutsack.
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    You literally just told us it's your way or nothing... That's mighty bigoted of a piece of shit like you.
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    And you have NO PROOF that Trump was colluding with the Russians, but speak of it as FACT. You are a hypocritical nitwit. This is why no one listens to anything you say. But how is it, bill meet with the attorney general after there was talk of the FBI intensifying their search into Clinton, then after the meeting, they decided nothing was going to happen further? Explain that. But you won't, you can't. That's how everyone knows you are an idiot. You cannot formulate a legitimate response unless someone tells you what to say. Use your own damn brain just once in your life, and not what the wealthy con men on CNN feed you.
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    If Hernandez was alive that All prison team looks pretty formidable
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    The President has not committed a single impeachable offense and it kills you inside that you know this sham of an investigation won’t go anywhere The people of this country won’t allow a coup. Sorry we don’t live in your fantasy world where Americans will let fascists take over our government without a fight little man.
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    See, you’re wrong as usual. I don’t have any respect for you, but you’re just a shitass piece of white trash. So that alone disqualifies me as a racist.
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    I couldn’t care less.... But I do care about this .....
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