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    Well thats about as useful as a poopy flavored lollipop in this discussion, pussy brain.
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    Still better off than your team is. Mid. First. Round. Pick.
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    Yeah I don’t get how Saints always act like that didn’t happen and that they got ball first in OT
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    LMAOOOOO the Falcons beat that ASS. I know Ron lovin this shit
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    Wow....Love it! However I almost wish that wasn’t out there.
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    If you get drunk enough to think JohnnyBuc is an actual woman when he strolls the streets in drag... ....then you my friend would be an alcoholic.
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    He will probably be done for the season and for good reason. Imagine if the helmet crushed they player's skull and either severely injured or killed him? ON NATIONAL TV? You cannot allow players to do foul stuff like this. You simply cannot. I was highly offended watching this mess. Even he never plays another down in the NFL, I wouldn't have a problem with it.
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    Maybe. But not quite as big of a homer as saying Roddy White, at any point, was a better receiver than CGM.
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    Your nutsack appears to contain one (handsomely-sized) testicle. Tragic backstory?
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    Well, you did start this "Roddy is intelligent" shit by saying "Saints fans", but when I said "Falcon fans" you copped out and said, "I never said that". Grow a dick, you prepubescent fruit.
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    Only YOU can make that determination. Does it negatively effect your life in anyway? If not, I wouldn’t worry, if so you may wanna make some changes......if you can. I haven’t had an alcoholic beverage of any kind for over 35 years, and couldn’t be happier. If you’re not acting like a complete douchebag when you do drink, you’re probably okay. I look at it like I have an allergy, I’m allergic to alcohol, I drink it and I break out in handcuffs. Wanna know more? Message me.
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    Its 12:30 in the afternoon....some people need to sleep!
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    Well it wasn't in week 10 or a division rival, but in the 1994 season week 5, the 49ers got destroyed at home 40-8 and went on to win the SB.
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    No Superbowl for you either pretendin ass cucks
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    Don't down play this you fat fuck. This was a HUGE loss for the Saints. A home playoff game is on the line you fat ass. We FUCT YOUR ASSES UP TODAY!
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    Out of character....you're usually dick grabbers.
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    Bootsy's sister is a lifelong friend of my mother's. She's a seamstress and makes all of Bootsy's stage costumes by hand. Ever since mom's Alzheimers took a hold they lost touch with each other.
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    I don't know what's worse, Ron bragging about his 'likes' or you bitching about getting PP'd….
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    But yet the Falcons somehow kicked the Saints dicks in... 🤔
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    Paige is hot despite having the complexion of a dead person. ...too bad she's a nasty whore.
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    Taysom Hill will now be inserted at offensive guard
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    Saints fans: Roddy is dumb Also Saints fans: Roddy got away with push offs his entire career. The latter of which requires intelligence. So which is it?
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    Its the start of the end.
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    Well based on the Falcons 2-7 record, saying that they're one of the worst teams in the NFL is a really good assessment. Y'all seemed fine with that before Sunday's game. Why change now? The Falcons suck, but they did at least get one on the Saints, even if they lose Thanksgiving Day.
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    Dafuq? You would have lost either way. We busted your asses. Exposed, you are. You're fucked. Saints are going to ONCE AGAIN lose IF they make the playoffs. I'll be here for all of you. But that doesn't need to be stated lol
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    May have not been the main reason the Saints lost but it was the main reason that they didn't win. If the flag was thrown, the Saints win. Period.
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    And guess what? It still goes to OT without the biggest gut punch to ever happen on a football field. The point is, no matter what happened after, if they make the call, the Saints kick a FG as time expires, with a guy that holds the record for makes in a row inside 40. The talk of having chances to win afterwards is irrelevant because they were robbed of their best chance to win in regulation.
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    Saints are gonna kick their ass on Thanksgiving and continue their march to the playoffs. And all they’ll have is hope for a game changer in the draft and talk of the win in Week 10 that will seem so utterly small in hind sight.
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    That's what I saw too. They came right out looking for chunk yardage, unlike every other Drew Brees vs the Falcons defense matchup.
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    Nah , I've never been a tanker....this year , we were so atrocious until Sunday that I considered it. Thing is , I don't think actual tanking on the field exists. I mean , look at MIA , even though the front office is trying to tank , Flores and the players want to WIN . And they are trying to win .
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    I don't know. Brees may need to be benched. Bridgewater is undefeated so far as a starter this season....
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    Which is sad that we're crushing the shit out of y'all. We just showed the league how to beat y'all.
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    Saints gonna turn it up now and crush Falcon dreams. Lol
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    As long as they stick around.
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    Mash, Maybe you wanna think about moving to NOLA. We don't do mass murders here, just random ones on the daily. But you'll need to sport Saints gear.
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