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    Look at this motherfucker! 😎
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    I’m really getting sick of the misuse of alleged sexual harassment claims by dems. There needs to be a equal punishment law. If you and ANYONE ELSE are Involved in falsely accusing someone of rape, sexual harassment, etc, you face the consequences a guilty person would have. Including your entire life being ruined...
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    LMFAOOOOO Cam stiffarmed his ass into becoming a Falcons fan
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    No, you hang around because you have no life.
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    What the fuck are you going on about? If it were up to me you'd already be gone.
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    And just think, this channel gets higher ratings and more viewers than CNN. LOL
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    That was SaintRay. The name of the poster is right above who posted it, ostensibly to help eliminate this exact type of confusion.
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    Dems are seriously stooping to unprecedented lows to try and stop the Trump Train. It must kill them seeing unemployment plunging and the economy roaring, factories coming back and free trade becoming fair again, the military might being restored and borders becoming safer. But, but, but that transsexual ...... that illegal undocumented worker ...... that Iranian payout ..... that Paris accord money grab ....
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    @jb™must be feeling especially insecure and pitiful lately. More and more he comes here to escape the pains of reality trying to make himself feel better. Oh to be a fly on the wall in your house and see how shitty your life obviously is. The desperation you clearly bring here to prop up your suffering emotions. It’s pure joy knowing you suck at life and need this place to try and feel better. LOL
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    That's right fuck you @Beef this will be my only good game this year and it's going to be against you! 😁
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    How you think he met his wife?
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    No fucking wonder everything went to shit. We have raves karma tipping the scales back to the 80s falcons.
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    This is from an email conversation I had with @Rave over the weekend...
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    The FEMA budget is $16 BILLION, you fucking moron. You're crying about 0.06%. Let me put that in perspective your stupid ass might understand. If the FEMA budget were $150, you're crying about Trump re-allocating 10 fucking cents. Now please go punch yourself in the face for being the stupidest fuck on this forum.
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    I think he meant "I stop might all store back gas and then drill of all tuesday september block."
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    Your thread title is messed up, that's all he was saying. We don't know WTF this means. Yep I bought be going to too this hurricane
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