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    That's what a passionate qb looks like. You're used to seeing qbs wrap a towel over their head and stick their bottom lip out
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    Saints Punter still in his uniform
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    @Falconcheff My beer of choice for dinner....
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    This is the year. Drew Brees will be named MVP and will the SB MVP.
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    I'm out bitches, taking the wifey out for crab legs and Blackjack. KMA Ron.
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    and there you have it why Liberals are not even Americans Anymore, the only Voices that exist to them are their Own... everything else is simply Ignored .... and when they dont get their way, they Riot, Protest , Attack ppl in public places , beat ppl with bike locks , and scream at the sky... we have seen them embrace Violence , we have seen them paying ppl to dress up like Bernie Supporters to Create Violence and Chaos at Trump Rallies, Push non stop Hatred on their Propaganda Networks and Hollywood Goon Scene , we have seen them Pay for Fake Filth From Russia then use that Filth to spy on Americans, we have seen them drag a good mans name through the Mud with Ridiculous Lies about Drugging and gang Raping , all in attempt to hold on to power... Very American but no, no , they are way beyond trying to mess with an election , even tho this same person and county has already been caught in voter fraud on numerous occasions .... Your Fucking Party has became an Enemy to the Constitution of the United States and The American ppl .... and that Aint Fake News .....
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    What's worse than a kiss of death? One with cold sores (I see your carmex, Ron)
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    And announcers are always gonna jinx things up... "Browns are the only team that haven't scored a first quarter TD all season..." Falcons: Hold my beer... Fucking already puke sick of Kenny Albert and Rhonde Barber announcing crew...
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    Yes I have a question. Why can't you take your win with dignity? Congratulations.
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    Minnesota game was close? Didn't they get a garbage TD with like 5mins to go in the game? It was like 30 to 13 at that point.
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    Ryan: 251 completions, 353 attempts (71.1 completion%), 3015 yards, 8.54 YPA, 21 TDs, 3 INTs, 113.2 Rating, 2 Rushing TDs Brees: 235 completions, 304 attempts (77.3 completion%), 2601 yards, 8.56 YPA, 21 TDs, 1 INT, 123.8 Rating, 3 Rushing TDs Completion% - Brees Yards - Ryan YPA - Even TDs - Even INTs - Brees Rating - Brees
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    Ryan can not be in a mvp conversation.
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    Man, the Saints are just demoralizing teams. The offense just puts so much pressure on the opposing offense to be perfect. It's hard to win a shootout with this team. If you fall behind 2 scores, it's almost over. I think the Rams coming back from 21 down to tie the game, woke Payton up to not falling into the conservative plays. Putting your foot on the gas is the only way to go.
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    Man this feels so much better than getting skullfucked by the Browns
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    I have never seen the Falcons win a game in the regular season when I attend the game. If we lose this game, I will never go to another game. Go Falcons!!!!!
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    Looks like a dodge caliber to me, good for you burgundy. Been a donkeys age since my last road game. I better see a 'Dem Cheeks' sign in the stands