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    Why is it that our resident leftists only show up to post when there's some bombshell or purported imminent threat to Trump's presidency or agenda? For example, the board was flooded with them during the Mueller investigation, but since? Largely absent. Sure, there was a small peep during the impeachment hearings and every other anonymously sourced story that promised to bring Trump down, but after the fact? Completely missing, the only place their faces could be found were on the back of a milk carton. Where are they during the good times? Shouldn't they actually want our nation to succeed, regardless of who is leading the country? Can we not all celebrate achievements together? And why is it that our resident conservatives are here during ALL of the highs and lows of 45's presidency? When we were guaranteed that Trump was a Russian agent, they were here. When Trump had a fondness for getting pissed on by random hookers? Still here. Guaranteed to be gone within the first 100 days in office? You guessed it, still here. Record highs in the economy, winning on trade wars, getting our allies to pony up their fair share (as Bernie Sanders would say), reduction in crime, reduced illegal border crossings, etc etc etc. As a whole, they've largely ridden the wave, although at times their footing was unsure. They've been faithful and have taken, oftentimes literally, hit after hit from the left yet have not resorted to violence, they're not screaming at the sky, and have largely remained peaceful in the face of adversity. Any answers?
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    The Falcons would be dumb to (x) Therefore, the Falcons will do (x)
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    And Vince has losses covered for 3 years. This thing is gona be given a legit shot
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    Doing shit like THIS after only one week, they are ALREADY fucking it up ....tickets should be no more than 50-60 bucks to see these games... XFL tickets prices spike significantly after successful first week https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/more-sports/xfl-tickets-prices-spike-significantly-after-successful-first-week/ar-BBZTpPw
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    Great point. They could probably rent small college or high end high school stadiums and make it work .
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    How many times has Syco done what he accuses you of ? Hypocrisy at it's finest...
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    Reading @MASH ‘s replies to this thread IMG_7910.MP4
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    Saturday Mexican Night Enchilada Casserole with Anaheim and Banana Peppers and pressure cooked pork butt. Queso Fresco, Cotija and Cheddar Cheese layered inside with a homemade Enchilada Sauce and a couple of scrambled eggs to hold everything together. Mild heat level.
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    @Freebird Lives I never knew even any of that. Only thing I ever knew was where they had their small thing of kicking Jews out.
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    Yep , Mike Person as well . But the TATF geniuses will tell you Sweitzer is the worst G in the history of the NFL . When in actuality he and his minimum rookie contract is much better than what Gel Boy spent 10 million on . And he is still very young and just entering his prime. Good god , what could have been if we had just plugged and played him , cut Beasley , not signed Brown and Carp , and spent that 23 million elsewhere. But no , fuck no , we are the Falcons and we love being cute...
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    Yes it has. It started in January 2017 the moment Trump took office.
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    Wes will be like Garland...go somewhere else and end up as a starter on a SB OL... People shyte all over Garland too...then he's starting in the Super Bowl... Idjits...
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    So some levity on this topic. I'm older than most of you. I watched automation enter the workspace in a large way in the 1980's. People ran with fear that jobs would disappear and sophisticated machines would take over. And in some segments, that indeed occurred. What happened next wasn't that surprising. Workers who lost jobs applied for newer jobs in industries supporting the manufacturing of the automation equipment. Others became sales people, programmers, operators, installation services or repair services for the equipment itself. Buildings were built to manufacture the automation equipment and people gained jobs in the construction industry. In the meanwhile, industry advanced into a more modern industry setting. Investments brokers, bankers, lawyers, small businesses, schools, medical professionals, engineers, chemists, energy services, housing markets, farmers and ranchers and more will continue to thrive with advanced automation. People will always find good paying jobs who want one. When we left the horse and buggy world behind we created the auto industry. Who saw that coming? When we left the candle and kerosene lights behind, who saw the electrical grid coming? And fast food isn't good for anyone, learn to cook at home again, saves you money and you get a better meal.
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    Waits until he’s a fucking free agent too fuck jameis
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    We got that too. No love story for you bro.
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    The Chevelle runs a 402 with a nice cam setup. I owned a 70 Chevelle with a 396 back in the late 70’s/early 80’s. Sold it for $2,500 and used the money to remodel a kitchen. Being married with 2 kids forced my hand.
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    Yoga pants (on the right body) is one of the greatest inventions this world has ever known.
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    Man , I have been married forever and still standing in a strong way for decades within my marriage. That being said , can not say that I have been pure and true every second/day/hour of all the years I spent on the road trying to make a living . Got several folks on this forum that act like they never been tempted by smoking hot women ...I'm calling BS on THAT...
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    Its unbelievable. We keep it in the traditional sugar version, golden as a sub for brown sugar and in confectioners version for baking. Absolutely zero aftertaste and all natural plant based. Its the secret of Asia.
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    Hey Ron, You wanna tell us all how many carbs were in the dessert Mrs. Ray made Saturday night? Don’t short yourself.
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    Hes just bitter cause his xfl team has never won a game
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    I thinks it's bad, but I don't agree that it automatically makes the person a "piece of shit". I can agree that it's a shitty thing to do.
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    See above , I edited before you posted this LOL...be great if he was there in the 4th...
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    Beware a one year wonder . Shit , Vic had more sacks than him ONCE ... https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/02/09/shaquil-barrett-is-willing-to-take-less-to-stay-in-tampa/
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    That’s badass. I talked a few years ago with Nelson about building an engine for me, but the $$$$$$$ were ridiculously high. Built it at a place in Houston instead. They do build the best however. Go to the Nelson Race Engines site and there are a bunch of great videos.
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    No political BS in the football forum please.
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    Hopefully both he and Crab Boy both get mega deals...
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    LOL , you are preaching to the choir bro , I know it is a scam and will totally implode at some point...but seriously , I know for a fact my cousins husband has made some pretty good money working this bitcoin shit. But he is one of these new age geek wizards that know how to do it. Me, I have no clue ...
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    I agree , but again , even if the shoes cost 20k , if you had bought the bitcoins at the opening and spent say 500$ at $0.0008 per coin , 20k is not much. You do see what I'm saying ?
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    Not in my mind, it doesn't. I, as well as most people on here, know what I mean. I don't live my life thinking that all liberals, all women, all men, all Christian, all Jewish, all Muslims,...etc...are all the same. It's an exaggeration of the reader's mind that makes them assume that when I mention Liberals, women, men, Christian, Jewish, Muslim...etc...that I mean all. NOTICE: From here on out, if I mention a name of a particular group of people...don't assume that I mean all of that group unless I actually say "All of (fill in the blank)" There's my disclaimer. SMH.
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    Good grief sycola. Just own up to who you are or shut up already. And if you don't like how people view you, do something about it to change it. I had a lot people didn't like about me. Therefore I've changed a lot. But I didn't change for them, I changed for myself. I didn't like getting called out for my spelling and grammar. I didn't like people reading me as throwing childish rants, due to because I really was. Etc etc etc. Your seriously cannot be happy with yourself. You constantly fight and look for justification on why a liberal is ok for slashing throats. And it honestly can't make you feel good cutting down someone who is adhd. I truly hope your child remains healthy, but if he ever gets sick, I hope you don't have to experience a person like you.
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    I've decided to send these flowers onto sycola instead of ronnie boy.
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    You're talking about the same guy that mocked Beef for having cancer. He's a piece of shit.
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    Congrats Ron you had a great team. Note as well that Riley , the runner up , was dead last. Those draft grade " experts " are full of shit. I had Brees, Amari Cooper , Ridley , Golden Tate , Derrick Henry , Leveon Bell , etc. and they rank me next to last. Fucking clowns...
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    XFL needs to revive the New Orleans Voodoo.
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