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    @SaintRay FUCK YOU @S4L FUCK YOU @MVCrook FUCK YOU @GOAT POTUS FUCK YOU @nola90 FUCK YOU @SaintsFanInLA FUCK YOU @Hank Scorpio FUCK YOU @st. diehard FUCK YOU @Joe Motherfucking Horn FUCK YOU @meezy0236 FUCK YOU @Dago FUCK YOU To everyone else that is a Saints fan and is unlisted, you suck dick and aren't relevant enough for me to list you. I will rise from the ashes like a fucking majestic mother fucking phoenix, and I will destroy your happiness. It's coming soon, don't worry.
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    I haven’t said anything this week, but my Dad died Nov 4. He was 8 weeks shy of 90 years old. He lived a great life and was the Patriarch of our family. We bury him tomorrow. To celebrate his life, we will host a Celebration Reception at our home all afternoon tomorrow following his burial. We expect about 120 people....it is by invitation only because I can’t handle more than this amount. Cocktails, beer, wine and catered food from Zeas and Semolina restaurants. We always celebrate death, and only mourn until the funeral. I’m gonna miss my Poppa, but I know he died peacefully and was lucky to only have been seriously ill for 2 weeks. Love ya Dad.
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    This was the woman he allegedly had misconduct with
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    Heath Evans prob was harassing dudes ..
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    His wife will change it when she gets off work .....
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    I'll only answer questions from fans of teams in the playoffs
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    I doubt y'all care, but I had a paper accepted to a professional conference in Greece. This is a huge deal for me career wise, and so I'm telling everyone I know and like.
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    Let's pool our money together guys and troll the fuck out of wake
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    Welp, I took my self imposed 1 week ban and must admit, it fucking sucked. AFMB is still shitty and the only thing worth reading is the 'Best things on the internets' thread. I was seriously considering logging back on the Huddle for my smack talk fix, then I came to my damn senses. That group just might be a collection of the dumbest mother fuckers on the god damned internet. That bet with Ron was Reece level dumbass, boys that's some serious dumbass. I will never make that bet again, I like this place too much. Well, except for Ray, cause he's a dickhead and all. Anyways, it's great to be back. XXXOOO
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    This place, despite of and actually maybe because of all of the battles, is like loose-knit family. Sometimes my day doesn't even feel right until I check in to see what brand of shenanigans are currently going on in this asylum. But I want to wish you all, even the douchiest amongst you, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season. I've suffered a few deaths in my inner circle this past year and really understand the importance of enjoying your time with loved ones. If you can, let go of any grudges and minor beefs and just focus on eating, drinking, and being merry. I know we don't all get along but may God bless and keep each and every one of you yahoos. Finally, there's a pretty good chance that three NFCS teams make the playoffs this year and man wouldn't that be fun. The trash-talking will be monumental. Anyway, here's to our teams being healthy and playing lights out.
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    Easily the best thread Mash ever created, probably helped that he didn't actually write anything.
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    Traded my week 17 tickets with one of my partners that had week 14 tickets. Took my wife and a couple clients this time. Was another really fun game to watch. I thought there would be more Saints fans there, but they were badly outnumbered like 90/10. Falcons fans came out in force last night. And yes, the place was packed with over 71,000 people again. A lot of people simply do not sit in their seats. They'd rather sit right at one of over a hundred bars and just be fed food and alcohol within arms distance and watch the games from their table top seats with perfect views of the field and tons of TV's around them. MB stadium looks incredible at night too. Was a great atmosphere. Zac Brown Band did the National Anthem. This one below is how every bar and restaurant looks the entire game. Hundreds of people crowded around every freaking bar rather than sitting in their seats.
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    Awuhhhh we had injuweez, and the wefs were bein meannnn awuhh.. shut the fuck up. Streets of nawlins are flooding with the tears of saints fans who can't cope with the fact that Dan Quinn owns pouty lips Payton, and Deion Jones owns Drew Melt. Drew Melt has gifted Jones his second game ending int. Fuck out of here melt, cha bastard, cha old ass bastard And despite julio jones being forced to run for two with Marcus "holding" Lattimore...he still roasted his ass. I would say Marcus couldn't hang, but he was hanging all night. Buddy was sucking on the oxygen tank cause he wasn't ready to move at those speeds. Kamara had a hell of a night, I think I told someone his frail ass was going to get popped eventually. Saints have to be the most overrated ass team in the nfl. Falcons are a shit show right now and you couldn't overcome the? Damn son. Little brotherhood is a joke
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    And there's that one time he intimidated a lady at a fast food joint.
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    I know that every one here doesn't get along but this place, as dysfunctional as it can be, is like a loose-knit family. And as a result, I am wishing everyone here a wonderful holiday season, surrounded by loved ones. Eat, drink, and be merry fellas. Let's finish the football year with NO MORE INJURIES and some great games!!
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    The NFL announced today that for financial reasons they had to eliminate one team from the league. They've decided to combine the Green Bay Packers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and form one team, causing many layoffs but saving millions of dollars in costs. They will be known as the TAMPACKS. Unfortunately, they're only good for one period and have no second string.
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    His grandfather passed and he had a pretty big sports memorabilia collection. He brought over a Falcons 1966 inaugural pin from his grandfather's collection!!! May he rest in peace. And thank you sir!!!
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    Don't fucking fall for it Dan. Little bitch ass Sean is trying to make you think the oline is beat to shit, but he's a cheap little fuck. Their oline is fine, and they're going to try to get the run game going hard early. Don't sit back expecting drew to make panic throws Dan are you fucking listening? Bust them in the mouth early. A few tfl's and punts will fuck them up. Dan I know what I'm talking about don't roll your goddamn eyes. Seriously? Seriously Dan quinn, I'll fuck you up..Ok ok listen Put drew through the turf. It's the only way. Make his old ass sidestep then let vic squash him. Yea we'll get a few rtp cause the nfl babies drew brees but fuck it, it'll pay off in the long run. Dan, I swear to fucking god if you're convincing yourself that soft zone is the key I'll fucking kill your family. We can't give them yards and hope for the best. Punch em in their puckered up little sissy mouths
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    He can prolly pick you up in the mini van and you can watch the game together !
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    Ray is so chump made. Waits till 8 wins and offers a bet that the saints will win 10 lmao. And I guess if no one takes it, they all scared of the saints? Fuck out of here
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    Here. I zoomed in for you...
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