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  1. Has the recession started yet? Asking for a friend...
  2. He’s who I wanted in the draft over Beasley. Fuck the jags
  3. Lol. Coleman and Mostert had 26 yards and 58 yards. Each also had a long run of 17. Take that away and Mostert averaged 3.7 ypc and Coleman 2.25 ypc. Get the fuck out of here. The niners had 3 runs go for 66 yards. The other 19 went for 75 yards. Or 3.9 ypc. They were stuffed all night assclown.
  4. Lol bitch. Take Debos 3 long ass runs out of that number... 17.7 ypc from him lol
  5. They were stuffed on the run a majority of the night. Shanahan called a decent game. Jimmy G didn’t execute it at all. Mahomes wins that game as Shanahan’s QB sidenote, this...
  6. Bro. Sanders was wide fucking open for a TD on the post route. He overthrew him by 10 fucking yards with zero pressure...
  7. Can’t blame Shanahan for that. Jimmy G blew that shit
  8. I mean, there has to be a pilot, so right there that’s one less. My guess is people jumping to conclusions. I hope I’m right too...
  9. I haven’t seen anything about that yet. Just some people confusing what ABC said about him leaving his 4 daughters or whatever. Don’t see why it would be him, 3 girls and a new born and no one else.
  10. Man. This one hits hard. I saw him with his family at Disneyland once. Dude was so kind to my son. RIP man.
  11. Chiefs force Jimmy G to throw. He can’t score with Mahomes. Chiefs win.
  12. He said they’ll wish they drafted me after the game
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