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  1. treefiddy

    Bring JB Back!

    He’s not banned from anywhere as of now. It seems like he may have learned his lesson though...
  2. treefiddy

    Michael Thomas - balling - PFF NFL player Rank 6

    Julio had 8 TDs in 2018
  3. treefiddy

    Salary Cap

    Does Brees make the WR or does Thomas look the same with Eli Manning “throwing” him the ball?
  4. treefiddy

    Bring JB Back!

    Dude fuck out of here with this weak shit. Gestapo tactics? Motherfucker, how much effort did you put into running this forum. You’re welcome to take your happy ass back over to AFMB and talk politics with JB on their football forum. I’ll even let you report back here to this football forum on how it went. I promise you learn your fucking lesson...
  5. treefiddy

    Bring JB Back!

    That’s not how the real world works homie. Management ain’t letting the sewer rats live in your apartment complex because you like them and everyone else can just ignore them...
  6. treefiddy

    Salary Cap

    I think he’s worth what someone like Stefon Diggs is worth. $15 mil / year.
  7. treefiddy

    Bring JB Back!

    When the board voted on sub forums, it was clear the board wanted politics left to its own category. So my question to you is, how do we enforce that when someone chooses to ignore it?
  8. treefiddy

    Salary Cap

    I think enough teams think he is...
  9. treefiddy

    Salary Cap

    He’s gonna get $20 mil at minimum... Will the Saints pay it though?
  10. treefiddy

    Bring JB Back!

    He’s basically begging for me to ban him because he’s so fucked up in the head he can’t help but come here and complain. RC is his drug. Maybe we can get WFW over here to complete his shoot up sessions.
  11. treefiddy

    The annual fanspeak draft simulator thread

    My draft for the Saints: End Draft
  12. treefiddy


    The dude told the fucking AAF he wouldn't play for less than $20 million. They told him to fuck off as well... Obviously he aint good enough or they'd pay him to play...
  13. treefiddy


    Proves that Kaepernick didn't give a fuck about playing. Just wanted money...