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  1. Are you eating somewhere in Louisiana?
  2. First string O and D played well. Penalties killed the first drive, Tavecchio missed a 39 yard FG. After the Falcons first teamsters left it was 7-3. Redskins proceeded to play their first team O against the second and third team mixed Falcons D who had a goal line (2 stops from the half yard line) stand. Two muffed punts in the 3rd and 4th are where the Redskins scored their 2 TDs. All in all the Falcons actually looked okay aside from a few bad individual mistakes. Pass rush and Line backers were fire.
  3. Jermaine Grace is a fucking stud. The U baby!
  4. Receivers not named Julio, Sanu or Ridley are garbage
  5. Second and Third team Defense with the goal line stand on the Redskins first team Offense. LOL
  6. Redskins playing their starting O against backups. LOL
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