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  1. Kind of hard to describe. You know the feeling you get when you swallow something too big and it goes down wrong. Like that but in the center of my chest. Every once in a while it would hurt a little more intensely. Yesterday it was just constant pain. Today it’s a lot better. Basically it was like something was rubbing or putting pressure on my heart. Definitely hurts a lot more when lying down.
  2. Update: blood work came back normal. They sent me home with a heavy Motrin regiment. Said it should take around 7-10 days to clear up and to come back if the chest pain gets worse. Seems a bit better so far today. Out of commission for that period of time though.
  3. Lactate levels were high before fluids. They are going to check again soon. If they are good sending me home with Motrin. If not I’m here overnight.
  4. Started having chest pains. Turns out I have excess fluid around my heart due to a viral infection. Getting treatment right now. Pray for me y’all...
  5. Bro, that’s the only way Wilson likes it. “Strap Big Bertha on baby girl!. We going deep!”
  6. Eh. He’s too old to play 16 games. That’s why his 17th and 18th games are so bad.
  7. LOL. Brees is fucking trash.
  8. I really don’t. Why is it funny?
  9. I don't get it....
  10. treefiddy


    That’s my man!
  11. @SyCOLA buddy, let me know when that recession might come...
  12. Kamara won't even be top 10 in the league in rushing yards this season...
  13. Get a weighted blanket. I hear they work wonders... As far as anxiety, it's pretty common out here in flaming fairy territory (not an insult to you) Always hear Cannabis Oil.
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