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  1. It sure why. He’s a terrible interview.
  2. Had to restore to back ups, so some posts are missing. I’m not sure if it’s resolved or not. Keep me updated.
  3. You are calling a dude who has never played a down of football with a decent QB a bust. I'm gonna laugh my ass off when he bust a nut all over Tre'Quan's numbers...
  4. His QBs have everything to do with the debate...
  5. Oh so you forgot about the Brees makes his WRs better argument you used to make?
  6. So it’s clear Brees is on the same level as Cousins, Bridgewater, Keenum and Bradford huh?
  7. Damn sure whooped the Saints in their house last year. He best believe that.
  8. Does that matter. Remember he was going to be significantly better than Ridley. Lmao
  9. Wouldn’t call him a bust. He’s barely been targeted and has had Kirk Cousins, Teddy Bridgewater and some other scrub QBs
  10. She said she wouldn’t know. She couldn’t get over your Alvin the Chipmunk having voice.
  11. It means all that’s left in your sack is teste butter you nutless fuck.
  12. Bitch, the horse shoe permanently stamped on your balls tells me you need to find a new profession. Your trolling is weak as fuck as well.
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