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  1. S4L

    LMAOO Takk

    That was very clear on the stage at the draft but for some reason Falcon fans seemed to love it. Not you or anyone in particular. But the dudes nuts.
  2. Whole damn list sucked. 2016 Falcons would steamroll the 2015 Panthers.
  3. Infinity War Ragnarok Black Panther Civil War Endgame
  4. Way too tall lol.
  5. Fuck them Ray we can party together. I’ll bring the tarps and Vaseline.
  6. We live like 10 minutes apart so obviously I’m in if it gets put together lol.
  7. Yeah. No matter how you feel about Jordan stacking up against the best edge guys in football, everyone should at least agree he’s everything to that defense. He’s been the only consistent bright spot for the last 7-8 years. The defense would be fucked without him.
  8. Fuck Vernon Davis and Alex Smith forever.
  9. Don’t necessarily think he was wrong but he wasn’t right either lol. I’m taking 2017 Ginn over the rest of them. He had more TDs in 2015 but his catch percentage went through the roof with Brees.
  10. I couldn’t have we would have had to put out a BOLO for him to place the bet. 🤣
  11. I’d bet it gets done for $20 or less.
  12. Just for the record. He deleted the reply, but...
  13. Ron messaged me and took care of the bet. Thanks Ron.
  14. Pels Twitter wasn’t butthurt. They’re literally one of the best pro sports follows on twitter lol.
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