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  1. 1980?!? Fucking really?? This is a sad day for me.
  2. I’m not a millennial you old fuck. What does my jeans being stretchy have to do with being gay lol. I like the Flex Levi’s. I usually get the tapered ones. I don’t like a baggy jean at the bottom. Ima PM you a picture. Why?
  3. All I wear anymore are the stretch jeans. Once you put on denim that’s flexible, you can’t go back. Also, realized when I started going to the gym and wearing joggers why women can’t wait to get home and throw on yoga pants. Fucking phenomenal.
  4. Y’all ever notice VS just runs through threads JBing shit that he has no counter argument to? Lol
  5. He and Payton and Brees are all close. He and Brees train together in the offseason. They’ve talked to the Bucs about trading for him, but couldn’t get compensation worked out. He’s coming to NOLA.
  6. I’m telling y’all McCoy is coming. Think what y’all want lol.
  7. I’d bet on it. He’s coming to NOLA.
  8. Ok Usain Bolt. I mean, the though crosses my mind that he’s not faster, but then I think of NFL training and shit and I think it’s conceivable that these guys are much faster than when they came into the league. Maybe not, but idk. Darryl Green ran a 4.43 at 50.
  9. Ginn ran a 10.2 100 meter before his freshman year in college, while never even fully committing to track and field lol. In fact, he never even participated in college because of football. The kid can run, but with ease is crazy. Ted Ginn has world class speed.
  10. Hey, maybe so. If he plans to go to college, he can’t make that bet though lol. Pretty sure his statement on the radio was that he’s the fastest guy in the NFL and he’d race anybody for $1k, meaning in the NFL. But hey, maybe not.
  11. 5,187 people are talking about this Ginn is one of the fastest men in the NFL, but a race against Boling might prove more challenging than anticipated. At just 18 years old, Boling is still striding toward his prime as a sprinter and is already posting numbers that could likely get him a shot at the Olympics. At 34, Ginn might not have the gas to keep pace with Boling over 100 meters. There's only one way to find out. He can’t bet. NCAA would have a stroke. Besides that, Ginn said the NFL.
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