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  1. Love seems like a kid this year that they might try to make a play on. He’s Payton’s type.
  2. I get pussy every day bitch. That shit don’t affect my mood lol.
  3. I get pussy every day bitch. That shit don’t affect my mood lol.
  4. How much do you really think he pushed the brake? Realistically? All you have to do is put a small bit of pressure on the pedal for the lights to light up. Maybe you should go fuck yourself.
  5. S4L

    Julio Jones

    Correct on the game winning TD part.
  6. Y’all ain’t never pushed a truck before? Lol. I mean, big dude. Fantastic prospect for a number of reasons. However, I pushed my 97 F350 dually out of the Taco Bell drive thru by myself when the tranny gave out when I was 19 lol.
  7. S4L

    Julio Jones

    Did...did you watch it?
  8. S4L

    Julio Jones

    I’ve said it for a long time. One of the greatest ever. Most complete WR I’ve seen in my life.
  9. Until proven otherwise, this team can’t finish in the playoffs. It’s just who they are. I would argue the two Minny losses are more of a reflection of that than the NFCC for obvious reasons, as I don’t think they “choked” in that game as much as the other 2. But finishing is a problem. Admitting that does not lessen the amount of Vaseline it’s taken to ease that sting around your asshole from Tom Brady pounding into submission in the SB.
  10. Brady isn’t gonna throw 30 interceptions either.
  11. Neither of those numbers are correct. Neither factor in new deals.
  12. Pretty sure Servos post I quoted was about Smiths class.
  13. He was talking about ‘18 I believe.
  14. Them first round guys are all looking good. Sutton, Moore, and Ridley.
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