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  1. Nah. I was laaaaaate. Waiting on two women to finally get ready. They shot some during the parade once we got there but it was raining pretty hard. None of it made it to the video. Shitty because we had more than double the people that was there for the parts that made it.
  2. Not everybodies cup of tea music wide, but Youngboys a pretty big deal lol.
  3. Anytime my man. Anytime.
  4. S4L

    Vontae Davis

    You giggled a little.
  5. 26 members lol. I was the only white guy until a friend joined a couple weeks ago. We have a ridiculous amount of fun for Mardi Gras and we're the biggest riding club in NO. Even got to be in a NBA Youngboy video because the club is so well known lol.
  6. S4L

    Vontae Davis

    I ain't scade!
  7. That's my horse riding club.
  8. Das my people man.
  9. It really pissed me off that I fucked it up lol.
  10. S4L

    Vontae Davis

    Signs 6 year deal with Falcons. Said only showing up for the first half is appealing.
  11. On a side note, why tf can you not edit on Twitter lol.
  12. I meant to put isn't just the best DE in the division, but had a lot going on. Still got a shout out doe.
  13. S4L

    Streaming question for RC

    I'm more than happy to share my Sunday Ticket Mobile info with a Saints fan, especially one serving our country (even if it is in Hawaii, lucky bastard lol). If interested let me know.
  14. Cams a cool dude.
  15. S4L


    I think he's got a crush.