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  1. S4L

    All NFCS Team 2018

    Just for the record. Teams don't care that he's their offense. These are screenshots, just from one game lol. Kamara would kill for this space. Every catch he had, except one.
  2. S4L

    All NFCS Team 2018

    I'd get the argument if it wasn't over 200 yards. If AK was at 1600, yeah. But it's almost 250 yards. I wouldn't necessarily call that similar. For QBs, yeah. RBs, meh.
  3. S4L

    All NFCS Team 2018

    I just think it's a strange argument to have overall lol. It's not like CMC is having some bum season and he put him up there because of reputation. For the record, I'm taking AK over CMC going forward. Just think CMC is having a good year.
  4. S4L

    Chargers @ Chiefs Thursday Night Football

    Mahomes makes a couple throws a game that just make your jaw drop.
  5. S4L

    All NFCS Team 2018

    Yards. YPT. He's been morr efficient, even if you can attest that to the attention AK brings.
  6. S4L

    All NFCS Team 2018

    Oh, for sure AK. But that doesn't change that CMC is having a better statistical year.
  7. S4L

    All NFCS Team 2018

    It's definitely CMC. Having a great year. By saying he's the only real threat, you'd expect that he gets a lot of attention, and he just doesn't. Teams pay no attention to CMC, and I think it's because they dedicate a player to Cam almost every play. Watching film, CMC is uncovered on dumpoffs most of the time and also runs into more favorable boxes. The attention he and Kamara are receiving is not the same.
  8. S4L

    Saints have 10th ranked overall defense

    Look at this man child.
  9. S4L

    Saints have 10th ranked overall defense

    I'm not gonna keep running circles with him. Says he wasn't talking about the team, just the defense. Then I say the defense gave up 27 the last 2 weeks and he's talking about the offense. Hasn't given the Saints credit for a single thing.
  10. S4L

    Saints have 10th ranked overall defense

    They've given up 13.5 PPG the last 2 weeks. Sloppy? Shut up lol.
  11. S4L

    Saints have 10th ranked overall defense

    It's not just the last 5 weeks, by the way, it's since the Atlanta game.
  12. S4L

    Saints have 10th ranked overall defense

  13. S4L

    Mash has it figured out.

    Then it becomes "eye test".
  14. S4L

    NOs Front Four

    Another WR was exactly what that offense was missing lol.