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  1. S4L

    Indictment incoming

    This Russia shit is possibly the dumbest shit I've seen in my lifetime.
  2. S4L

    Larry Fitzgerald

    I believe the chart you're referring to is actually since 2013.
  3. S4L

    Former Saint Been a Bad Boy

    You have 5 fewer arrests in an 18 year span, simpleton.
  4. S4L

    Former Saint Been a Bad Boy

    Yes, troubled. Huge gap between NO arrests and ATL.
  5. S4L

    Former Saint Been a Bad Boy

    Well, he's not a Saints player, so...
  6. S4L

    What in the actual fuck, Drew Brees!

    In before somebody mentions me being in the video.
  7. S4L

    Takk aint that fat...

    I think Takk is gonna be a baller, so I would agree.
  8. S4L

    Takk aint that fat...

    Marcus is gonna have a fine career sacking Matt Ryan.
  9. S4L

    Takk aint that fat...

    Dude looks like he's never dribbled a basketball a day in his life.
  10. For Fucks Sake
  11. FFS stop saying jelly.
  12. Negan rolling through arguments thinking he's winning because Freebird keeps jerking his dick.
  13. S4L

    Ant Man & Wasp

    If you don't stay through the credits of a Marvel movie, do you even Marvel?