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  1. Great game. Clearly the 2 best teams in the NFC. Would enjoy watching them play for 60 again.
  2. When his receiver fell? Lol. We putting that on Drew?
  3. Most opposing fans I’ve ever seen in here. Not even relatively close. Hey traveled well.
  4. At the Dome. Niners fans are DEEP.
  5. S4L

    Good Morning!

    I think Clemson is damn good, and it looks like we may get the chance to find out head to head. But you have to be a complete moron to argue against LSUs resume right now.
  6. S4L

    Good Morning!

    Full Ditka for Burrow. Fuck it.
  7. S4L

    Good Morning!

    You was talking shit like your team isn’t trash lol.
  8. S4L

    Good Morning!

    Tf does Clemson have to do with Miami?
  9. S4L

    Good Morning!

    Lmao. Easy to bet something that won’t happen. Y’all wouldn’t last till halftime.
  10. S4L

    Good Morning!

    Fuck you!!! Tough being the worst team in Florida huh?
  11. S4L

    Good Morning!

    LSU is going to kick the shit out of Georgia today. Geaux Tigers. STTDB!!!!
  12. I didn’t hear a whole bunch from Bobby in the first podcast to warrant Whitner being an asshole. I’m not a huge Bobby fan though. He was pretty combative the whole interview with Zach. In closing, still fuck Whitner.
  13. Guys. There’s zero percent chance the Saints sign AB. Idk why y’all are even biting lol.
  14. And didn’t say shit on social media.
  15. Would I be ok with filling our biggest glaring weakness with one of the best receivers in football? Yes. AB was quiet as shit as soon as he got to NE. Saints have a locker room built to put anyone in it.
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