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  1. S4L

    Free agency

    Meh. Never been a Ryan hater.
  2. S4L

    Free agency

    Beasley is more valuable than this guy?! Lololololololololololololol. Beasley is EASILY the most overpaid player in the division right now. Not even remotely close. Trufant is a distant second.
  3. S4L

    Free agency

    Desmond Truffaut is making $13 million a year to get toasted on the regular lol.
  4. S4L

    Free agency

    Let’s put it into perspective. Vic Beasley is making half of Easton’s entire contract, this season. $6 million is in no way huge for a starting olineman.
  5. S4L

    Free agency

    It’s $6 million a year lol.
  6. I think the moves in the next few days will tell you if they knew or not. They met with Easton, But they needed interior oline depth anyway. If they meet with any centers in the next few days, I think you’ll know they didn’t know.
  7. I’d bet solid money he’ll be replaced in house.
  8. S4L

    Free agency

    Agreed. Sad to see him go, and would be excited about a Ziggy signing, but dudes been massively underrated IMO.
  9. 4 starters under 30 makes the oline old? Lol. Literally the only old player is Unger. Everybody else is 27 or younger. Old lol. Kamara led the league in scrimmage yards in his absence last season. Plenty of people felt like taking the ball out of Kamaras hands hurt the team, so. We have a great receiver. WR2 is an issue, I would agree. 1 pick with WHAT HOLES TO FILL? WR2? If they add Cook, the pass catchers will be just fine with MT, Ginn, TQS, Kamara, and Cook. Could even still add a slot guy or a WR in round 2. Saints are sitting pretty. They have one “hole” on the roster, and seeing as how they haven’t as much as been linked to a WR, maybe they feel strongly about TQS and his development.
  10. Never said we’d be better. Check Drew’s stats after thanksgiving. Tell me how he carried the team. MT, Kamara, and the defense carried this team into the playoffs and damn near to the SB. So tell me, is the roster not one of the top rosters in football? Serious question.
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