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  1. Pats let him walk too. He didn’t put it together until he was in Chicago. Sometimes it just works out like that.
  2. Idk man. I’ve seen 7-9 seasons. This ain’t it. This team is bad.
  3. S4L

    Sir Cameron Jordan

    And both of those Wentz literally threw it right to Trufant lol.
  4. It’s the same shit though. I would venture to say Vics was actually better cause he did beat some tackles, even though they were terrible. I just want to see Burns get a sack by beating a tackle with a move. Then I’ll give him some credit. All but one has been coverage/late in the play sacks. He’s had one sack where he ran around a tackle lol.
  5. S4L

    Sir Cameron Jordan

    No need to fact check, sir. I come correct lol.
  6. Has as many sacks as the entire Falcons team through 6 games. Video for content. Plus, I just enjoy watching Jordan make other grown men look like children. You hate to see it.
  7. As fine as the line between Super Bowl and 1-5.
  8. He’s on pace to have all of 43 more touches than last year. And has 10 more touches than this point last year.
  9. And I’ve still yet to see him beat a tackle lol. Dude was being blocked yesterday when Jameis ran into him for the sack lol.
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