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  1. I think he'll be a decent slot receiver. Just don't see a #1 wide receiver.
  2. I like Sutton, but have never been high on Ridley. People always talked like he was next in line after Julio and Cooper. I never saw it.
  3. NFCS Receivers

    Agree there as well Musk.
  4. NFCS Receivers

    Does the South have the best collective group of #1 receivers in football? Julio, Thomas, Evans, and Funchess? Funchess, obviously, hasn't made the impact the other 3 have, as of yet, but I think the only division that could possibly challenge would be the AFC North with Brown, Green, and Gordon/Landry. What say yall?
  5. Willie Snead signs offer sheet with..

    Damn. Gonna miss Willie. Good for him though, after a down year.
  6. Cavs

  7. Saints 2018 schedule

    The begininng is much easier than the close, excluding the Falcons. Schedule is killer after the Baltimore game.
  8. Cavs

    You underestimated the Pelicans.
  9. Cavs

  10. Cavs

    Pels winning the Ship. Fuck that.
  11. 2018 NFL strength of schedule

    That .27 really gonna help the Falcons out
  12. Thanksgiving 2018

    Nice to finally have a home game on Thursday.
  13. I'm back.....

    My man!
  14. Cavs

    Cousins>Jrue. Jrue can be the third option.
  15. Cavs

    Basically it. Lineups will take some tinkering, but you don't get worse with talent. You figure out how to fit it together.