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  1. Yepp tried to tell 'em about the 30 year old RB cliff but they said something about Sjax looking hot working out or some fan girl bs.
  2. osiruz


    https://gotitans.com/threads/titans-will-sign-vic-beasley.102526/ LOL poor titans fans expect him to have 9 sacks and have no idea that the falcons literally tried everything and then some to help this tunnel occupying, minimal effort giving, alligator armed faggot. We had him rushing with one hand in the dirt, two hands in the dirt, standing up, dropping back in coverage, doing the slip and slide, hell DQ nearly had him lowered with suspension ropes just to get to the QB. Good luck!
  3. Lol K, if that's what you want to believe.
  4. Not me but the majority of TATF little girls were. I think signing a 30 year old RB to big money is one of the supremely retarded decisions that could be made in sports. I was vehemently against it then, but TD is a Goddamm professional moron for doing that shit. I think this situation will be slightly different as I think TG3 has 2 more seasons left in his legs. I think he will be decently good, and he wont play all the snaps. We got Ito and Q to take some of the load off.
  5. Bucky Brooks trying to media curse TGIII. He needs to take a deeper look and realize that TGIII will probably run the ball 3 times a game because his OC is Dirk the run game Koetter.
  6. It's not much of an argument, but Fowler is an ascending player. If he plays the run better he will be a stud.
  7. Are you saying this man has a good looking nose?
  8. That's what you want to believe lol, BMI is legit.
  9. Yessir I also believe that Dante Fowler will be good. I hope he speeds up Brees' retirement process for you.
  10. Hoping it pans out, we've missed on so many DE's its no longer funny at this point. We are pass rush cursed.
  11. Wasnt bad considering he didnt have a matt ryan or a julio. Hows our Dunce Quinn experience?
  12. I am all kueched out about that retirement.
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