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  1. Gettleman trading good pieces away but defending Eli. That motherfucker wouldn't know an overpaid, bum ass QB if he had just paid it $100 million and it ran away from a fumble in the Super Bowl.
  2. MVCrook

    Free agency

    Fitzpatrick had some really outstanding games but wasn't the best in the division.
  3. I usually try not to jump to conclusions, but this nigga broke a three year old's arm? Fuck him.
  4. Looks like it's a done deal now.
  5. MVCrook

    Free agency

    Okafor got paid!! Good for him.
  6. MVCrook

    Free agency

    Close second to Matty Ice.
  7. No matter what happens, the Saints will still sweep the Falcons this year.
  8. MVCrook

    Free agency

    Is my math off? That ain't 8 million a year.
  9. You still got Julio, you guys are killing the draft without trading away picks, and you're not in Cap Hell. No wonder the Falcons have had so much success lately. I'm jealous.
  10. MVCrook

    Free agency

    What an asshole....
  11. You've been waiting (and praying) for years. It's almost over for Brees fellas, break out the lotion and get your grips right.
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