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  1. How'd the Falcons punt returner do today, the one time that your defense made the Colts punt?
  2. Who would pay me to think about men sucking cock? Is this just a fantasy job that you've made up in your mind?
  3. Think about men sucking cock? How would I make a living doing that?
  4. Maybe someone should stay within...I don't know....10 yards of Lockett
  5. Ron thinking about men sucking cock. What a shock.
  6. They are the CLASS of this division.
  7. I foresee a thread made in your honor.
  8. Oh shit, a PI challenge....
  9. Time for a Jared Cook TD. Dude has some things to make up for.
  10. Just cannot sack Wilson.....
  11. Are you sure? I can never tell the difference between him being mad and not giving a fuck.
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