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  1. Judge sided with the media and will allow them to attend this hearing.
  2. I thinks it's bad, but I don't agree that it automatically makes the person a "piece of shit". I can agree that it's a shitty thing to do.
  3. I'm trying Ron but you really make it difficult man. Whether or not I think he's a starting QB is irrelevant. Do you think a team, other than the Saints, signs or attempts to sign him as a free agent? If your answer is no, this is done because you believe no team but the Saints are interested in him. If your answer is yes, or even probably, then do you think a team can sign him as a gadget player (after he publicly said that he believes that he's a franchise QB) without promising him an opportunity to start? Let me answer for you so you don't say something else stupid....no. The answer is no. So, if a team makes him an offer, as a free agent, to be their QB, what kind of fucking money do they offer him, if not QB money at this point?
  4. You must be a contortionist, you pinky dicked motherfucker.
  5. Taysom said that he considers himself a franchise QB, right? That's why I said that he should be going after the QB money by positioning himself as a franchise QB and being a free agent. You said that he won't get QB money. I asked you, "If a team signs him as a free agent, to be their QB, what kind of money will they offer, if not QB?" You've been tugging at your pee-pee ever since.
  6. If he's publicly saying that he considers himself a franchise QB, and a team wants to sign him as a free agent to be their QB, what other kind of money would they offer him?
  7. Everyone, including football players, should back good police.
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