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  1. Fuckboys: Drew Brees is dragging the Saints down. He's old, washed up, and can't get the ball downfield. News: Drew Brees will retire after the season. Fuckboys: The Saints are gonna suck without Brees.
  2. Nah, you guys might fall into a 9-7 record this year. Crazy shit happens in the NFL.
  3. You're the fucking Atlanta Falcons bro.
  4. That's nothing. Sometimes they sign undrafted college players. Hahaha...Fucking idiots.
  5. Y'all fell for the banana in the tailpipe....talking about Tre'Quan Smith in a Treadwell thread. Fiddy is a master at that shit.
  6. Jackson was 5 years older but didn't have an arthritic knee.
  7. That Bucky Brooks knows his shit. I remember that time he said that Patrick Mahomes at best would be Matthew Stafford.
  8. At least clarify if he's saying you suck little wieners or you're little and suck wieners.
  9. "then", motherfucker...."then"
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