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  1. Let's see, how do I get to Voided's point from here?
  2. I'm even more lost now.
  3. I don't understand what you mean. Multiple things? I should try what and see if it works?
  4. Even with those "key defensive leaders" out, you still had several top 10-15 players by your list. Did they automatically become below average when the others went down? Did coaching fail you? Did the outstanding offense not do enough? Are you overrating your players just a bit? What happened?
  5. Oh yeah. I just hadn't put into perspective all of the top 10s and 5s on that squad. A couple of injuries derailed that juggernaut's season? How is that explained?
  6. What gave it away, him trying to balance on one foot?
  7. Popping right up is also indicative of going down the second he's touched. Why is that negative? You guys want Matthew to be some sort of warrior but maybe it's smarter to have his self preservation instincts. I mean, so far he's only missed two games.
  8. This is not a knock, but maybe he's only missed two games because he gets down the second he's touched.
  9. I'm not going to lie, this is a big signing for the Falcons. I'm a big fan of Grady. Well done.
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