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  1. Thomas is always in that kind of zone.
  2. Hate week.....Tampa.....Tampa.....Hate week vs. Tampa..... I got nothin'
  3. "Check my post history. I never once posted about Roddy White pushing off." - Crook pretending to be a sackless fag
  4. Definitely bragging about 'likes'.
  5. Always said Ol' Handsome James had bowling ball sized cojones.
  6. Once that big ass ego gets bruised, there's no turning back. Cam's going to bitch it up big time until he gets traded, then he's going to talk shit about the Panthers every chance that he gets.
  7. Well, you did start this "Roddy is intelligent" shit by saying "Saints fans", but when I said "Falcon fans" you copped out and said, "I never said that". Grow a dick, you prepubescent fruit.
  8. Then, by that dumbass fucking standard, according to Falcon fans, Marshon Holdimore is a mothafucking genius. You ready to admit that, you hemorrhoid licking fairy?
  9. Then they'd most likely miss the playoffs, and the Falcons would deserve all of the credit for breaking them.
  10. Broken arm. Had surgery today. How does someone with so much fat wrapped around his bones continue to break them? See ProFootballTalk's other Tweets
  11. This is some of the dumbest shit ever said around here.
  12. Keep saying it and you might actually convince yourself.
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