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  1. Long story short, I paid $25 to find out that nobody tailgates at preseason games. 😏 peace fuckers ✌️
  2. Not even 10 minutes after my first post in TATF in over a year, and youre the first one replying to my thread and already have a whole topic about me in another Internet forum. Lol. I’m flattered that you think about me so much. 😏 I’ve been working 60-80 hours a week since February, and what little free time I’ve had, I’ve been spending with real people. lol Give me your PayPal bitch and I’ll give you your money right now so you can stop Internet stalking me. Inbetween talking shit, I would also appreciate if one of y’all can answer my question about the preseason tailgate scene, because my post is already buried underneath a dozen “THIS IS OUR YEAR” threads at TATF 😒
  3. That was PI. This game is rigged. Didn’t know Saints needed to cheat, thought they were super good this year?
  4. Emphasis on the first sentence. You butt hurt little bitches are gonna be deflecting like crazy when y’all lose.
  5. “Pfft whatever, that was y’alls Super Bowl. Y’all gonna be sitting at home in January”
  6. No, you didn’t. Liar. dA bIrD, GAWD DaMn It i WaSnT TALKING tO yOu!!!!11]
  7. I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving because it symbolizes Native American genocide 😱
  8. lol. God damn you’re a butt hurt little bitch.
  9. Look at you getting butt hurt over people responding to your stupid ass posts again. lol dA bIrD! i WaSnT tAlKiNg To YoU! gOd DaMn It!!!!!1
  10. It’ll make the defenders not wanna tackle him cuz he’s stanky
  11. Nah he’s just taking a shit on your field is all
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