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  1. It’s a “phase 1” trade deal, so that’s a tacit admission that we’re not getting everything we want and that there’s still a long ways to go. I agree with you, until I see otherwise, this doesn’t feel as significant as the Trump admin would like for us to think. Here’s some of what the deal is supposed to accomplish, summarized by John Carney in a Breitbart article. While I certainly won’t put it past Trump to boast this as some huge accomplishment before we see any results, I do think Trump will start hitting China hard with more tariffs if they keep fucking around. The POTUS certainly hasn’t been afraid to make strong foreign policy decisions so far. Only time will tell really.
  2. Looks like he’s high on illegal performance enhancing drugs
  3. Hope I didn’t hurt your feelings
  4. You guys are still in denial about your cheating scandal? You guys were justly punished for it, and anyone outside Louisiana knows your Super Bowl has an asterisk next to it. But I let y’all gloat about it to be a good sport. Y’all would never have won anything otherwise.
  5. Hahahahahahaha the Vikings are your kryptonite. The VIKINGS
  6. I’m looking pretty smart right about now
  7. Someone needs to just go out there and punch the Saints in the mouth. Thankfully that’ll be done in the first postseason game they play.
  8. I can’t wait to see what trash AB talks about the Saints organization after he’s fired. Which will happen maybe 72 hours after y’all sign him. But if he sticks around for training camp and then goes full retard just before the season starts then that would be great too.
  9. Please sign locker room cancer Antonio Brown lol.
  10. It wasn’t useless. It put sand in the vaginas of Saints fans. That’s always worthwhile
  11. Dems would not only need a majority, but a supermajority, to impeach, and that kind of flip isn’t going to happen. And if the Dems actually had the power to impeach, they’d have to actually consider the consequences of doing so—whereas right now, it’s just a political stunt... I’m sure Pelosi will send the articles at some point—Trump isn’t officially impeached until she does so.
  12. You’re still butt hurt about people making fun of a thumb booboo? Jeez
  13. Yep. The House will impeach, but the Senate will acquit him. Just a political stunt.
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