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  1. Aw dude I love Breaking Bad. Just watched the new Better Call Saul’s last night
  2. I believe rescinding the DACA executive order is the right thing to do. It’s unconstitutional. The President and the Republicans have offered to codify DACA in legislation passed by Congress and signed into law by the White House, in exchange for border security, but the Democrats were too busy pandering to illegals and trying to keep the status quo to bother working together to provide them real constitutional protections.
  3. The regular flu has killed way more Americans in the past year than the coronavirus has. I think this will blow over. If it is a million times worse than what the media and the Chinese want us to think, then I suppose we will find out soon.
  4. Battle of the Billionaires. I think that one will get higher TV ratings
  5. Free healthcare, tuition, and a $15/hr minimum wage will be a huge shock to the system, that’s for sure. As someone in the lower middle class, even if I am helped out moderately by some of Sanders’ policies, the cost of living will rise and the economy around me will tank... Healthcare professionals will make less and there will be less incentive to move higher up because the increased tax burden will just bring you back down to where you were... meanwhile we’re gonna export all our manufacturing jobs overseas while other professions like construction won’t be worthwhile because of open borders policies that keep wages stagnant... It doesn’t help that the tech industry wants to import hundreds of thousands of foreign workers instead of hiring American graduates, which the Democrats and RINO Republicans are all for. And it’s not like you can try socialism out for a little while and then go back to capitalism if you don’t like it... The social programs will be permanent, the middle class will shrink, and the welfare state will expand dramatically. For all the liberals screaming at the sky and acting like Trump is the end of our democracy... how? All the POTUS has done is cut your taxes, make the economy better, and reduce illegal immigration. What has he done to make you less free, less prosperous, and less safe?
  6. Lol. Wouldn’t it be dope if he comes back and is like the best quarterback ever now? Maybe dude just couldn’t see shit before and was winging it the whole time. Or maybe he won’t be able to get used to the improved vision and starts over/under throwing all his receivers 😂
  7. Yeah some people can actually see better than 20/20. Laser eye surgery makes your vision better than 20/20. Someone who’s, say, 25/20 can read a sign from 25 (meters?) away that someone with 20/20 would have to be 20 whatever away from to be able to read.
  8. Misdemeanors? He should be charged with felonies for the amount of money time and resources he wasted. And after they dropped charges against the punk, he kept rubbing it in, blabbing on and on about how innocent he was when everyone in the world knew what he did. He should have kept his mouth shut and silently accepted his good fortune that he had gotten away with it. Juicy deserves every bit of karma that’s coming his way. I hope the judge he faces hammers his ass for this. no gay pun intended ....
  9. I like Hooper but I’m not stressing over him. Matt Ryan likes his tight ends. He makes them better. We’ll find a suitable replacement if we need to, and we won’t have to break the bank.
  10. “The Vipers have literally always sucked” 😂
  11. The Battlehawks have such a cool name. I can’t wait to see their home uniforms. The Roughnecks look like they could run away with it. Perhaps they got a disproportionate amount of talented players and the rest of the teams suck? Lol Who knows. Will be fun to follow this for the next few weeks.
  12. Ha, your team has never won a game. It knows nothing but defeat....
  13. Mom’s spaghetti on his jersey already
  14. I’m not sure who I wanna root for... maybe I’ll go with Tampa cuz they’re closest. BattleHawks sound cool tho...
  15. The Saints have found out how to use dark voodoo magic to create extra cap room. I’m not sure Dimitroff knows how to do this 😒 Will be nice if we can focus on defense in draft and FA and those two first round O-line picks start to work out.......
  16. If an employer rips off an illegal immigrant, let them sue. Whatever they win in the suit can pay for their ride back home...
  17. So, it’s news that someone who murdered people on camera at a public place got indicted?
  18. It was really telling that the women in white sat and looked disgusted while the President announced that 72% of new jobs added in the country were filled by females. It doesn’t matter what side of the isle you’re on, that is terrific news and you’d think the self proclaimed feminists in attendance would applaud such a feat.
  19. His followers aren’t really concerned with the price tag. They’re convinced that we have a moral imperative to implement his policies no matter the cost. But they are also convinced that all of Sanders’ proposals will be paid for by the rich, that the middle class will only see a modest tax hike if any at all, and that the benefits afforded them will far outweigh what (they’ve convinced themselves) is a very tiny tax increase. These guys will tell you that free college, debt forgiveness, and free healthcare being expensive is just right wing propaganda. When you bring up the numbers they just plug their ears and yell “LA LA LA NOT LISTENING, LA LA LA”.
  20. Don’t be disingenuous. In response to America taking out Iran’s top military general, Kaepernick called the U.S evil for terrorizing brown people. LOL. Let’s not even get started on all the other obnoxious things he’s done. Even before he tried to salvage his dying career with political statements, I always thought this punk was obnoxious. From his photo shoots wearing other NFL team’s paraphernalia while he represented San Francisco as their starting quarterback, to the things he said and the way he carried himself on and off the field... I don’t think Kaepernick is obnoxious for protesting police brutality. Even prominent leftists on ESPN like Stephen Smith who have vociferously defended Kaepernick time and again have turned against him after his totally —obnoxious— “private workout” PR stunt. You don’t have to be a Trump supporting, bible thumping, right wing conservative politico to think Colin Kaepernick is obnoxious. I keep using the word ‘obnoxious’ to describe Kaepernick because the word is so very fitting, and it is a more or less inoffensive and simply bipartisan, universally agreeable way to describe the guy—whether you’re into politics or not. Hell, before the political crap, the only people who DIDN’T think he was obnoxious were 49ers fans, and even some of them thought he was OBNOXIOUS before the political crap. I didn’t mean to make this a political conversation. Saying that it’s easier to root for the 49ers without Kaepernick is not an extraordinary statement to make.
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