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  1. Well they feared for their lives

    Y’all gotta quit talking shit about Krispy Kreme. I don’t care if we have the same politics or are fans of the same football team, anyone who talks bad about the Kreme is dead to me. 😾
  2. Raid the man’s personal lawyer’s office, home and hotel (flying in the face of attorney-client privilege) and seize every single thing he owns so that you may obtain every bit of public and private information there is to have about the man—and attempt to charge him with every crime there is under the Sun that he may have committed over the course of the last 30-40 years—whether it was some shady business deal from the 1980s or because he drove 40 in a 25 and got away with it. Lol. They didn’t go after Cohen for anything having to do with the Russia investigation. At best, Mueller is trying to intimidate the President, and/or he was trying to manipulate the President into firing him. At worst, this move signifies the intent to use blackmail or threat of prosecution against the President to force his resignation. What’s more, you have people CHEERING and celebrating this behavior by our FBI. In quotations is Stormy Daniels, a money-grubbing whore that the media can’t heap enough praise on, cheering for the FBI to force the Presidents resignation by threatening prosecution for anything and everything he ever did that was not legal over the last number of decades. Being a Democrat and wanting your side to win is one thing, and I can’t fault someone passionate in their politics for hoping that things go their way... but the news media, which is supposed to be objective, doing the same thing is scary. Like DJT said in West Palm Beach, “the news media is no longer engaged in journalism, they are a political entity just like everything else with an agenda, and that agenda is not for you, it is for themselves”. I have faith that the Nov 2016 miracle will continue, and the snakes in the grass will be routed out. You still got to expose this stuff though, especially in the face of fascism, tyranny and hatred. America won’t allow it, sorry Jonny.
  3. What a piece of shit this whore is....

    Is that really her? LOL
  4. Yup. It's a shame conservatives are too busy working so they can pay bills and put food on the table. I can't even take a sick day when I have the flu because that's money I can't afford to miss out on my paycheck. I don't know how all these protesters find the time to stay out for days and weeks at a time "fighting da man!". It's almost like they've made a profession out of it--in some cases, one might even suspect that there are a higher percentage of welfare leaches among those protesters than in your average group of people... Most normal people aren't protesting, or on the verge of breaking out into prolonged protests at the drop of a hat. These guys would have you beleive that there's just millions of working-class Americans out there checking their CNN mobile app every minute of the day to see if Trump fired Mueller--pitchforks, masks, and tear gas already in the trunk of the car, ready for a moment's notice. We're meant to beleive that ALL of these protests are 100% organic, including the ones where schools gave their kids the day off and celebrities bussed kids out in front of cameras. Most of them were just happy to have the day off, and the millions of kids who don't support fascist anti-gun policies don't get any spotlight. Sad sad sad. We are not going to let our country pivot on the values that these god-hating and America-hating imbeciles stand for.
  5. Well they feared for their lives

    How are you gonna use this adorable video to try to actually make a valid poisn’t?
  6. Nope, he’ll say that Trump’s finding of innocence is a tragic miscarriage of justice and lament the downfall of American civilization to Russian oligarchs and white supremacists. Lol. He’s a loon. He acts so certain that the President will be removed from office but won’t even do a ban-bet on it, which any of us would be willing to do. All y’all, no action.
  7. Comey memo's exonerate Trump, LOLOLOL!

    Comey is a buffoon. He’s being made a total fool out of. I really think it’s a sort of miracle that all this is being exposed. You used to would be called a conspiracy nut for believing shit like this is going on with our FBI and our government, but it’s all coming out into the mainstream. Liberals want our Internet to be like Communist China’a now because they can’t control the spread of information, and they’re calling the righteous exposure of the Clinton crime syndicate by WikiLeaks an “attack on (our) country”! LMAO. Too many people are seeing right through it, and this will continue to happen while we have a god fearing anti-corruption President in the White House.
  8. Paid protesters care about their country so much. Makes me feel so patriotic.
  9. What a piece of shit this whore is....

    Jb agrees with every word that woman says and he knows she is unmistakably liberal. After being a fascist, neo-Nazi little fuck on here for ages he now wants to feign some kind of non-partisan decency? Actions speak louder than words, and Jb your actions are those of a hateful hypocrite...have a nice day.
  10. This is just getting silly now You've chosen to ignore content by Beef, Arthur, & Trump Threesomes. Options You've chosen to ignore content by Beef, Arthur, & Trump Threesomes. Options You've chosen to ignore content by jb™. Options You've chosen to ignore content by jb™. Options You've chosen to ignore content by Beef, Arthur, & Trump Threesomes. Options You've chosen to ignore content by jb™. Options
  11. I mean, posting threads and commenting and liking your own posts with your alts? Why should anyone take your punk ass off their ignore list when you do things like that?
  12. How can anyone take this seriously ? You've chosen to ignore content by jb™. Options You've chosen to ignore content by Beef, Arthur, & Trump Threesomes. Options
  13. You've chosen to ignore content by Beef, Arthur, & Trump Threesomes. Options You've chosen to ignore content by jb™. Options
  14. Proof the Birds win NFCS in 2018

    I'd say Ryan is better now. And the Saints will win the division in 2018...only if the other teams finish below 7-9.
  15. Proof the Birds win NFCS in 2018

    Better than Brees, and yes.
  16. If the Dems insist on blowing this (non) story out of proportion, then it’s gonna backfire at them.
  17. Hannity better watch out. Mueller might be breaking down the door for Russia-collusion evidence any day.
  18. Fact

  19. Fact

    We’ve already debated this and I’ve seen your sorry defense time and again for the shady ass shit the Obama admin did. If you want to you can bore me with it yet again, and we can once again dismantle your shallow arguments for why everything they did was A-OK.
  20. Fact

    A— Obama sent terrorists millions of dollars ? Fact ; Y B—Trump air striked terrorists ? Fact ; Y Syco: A & B are false = Not True You are factually incorrect. So far in this thread we have four facts that have been established: 1) Obama sent terorrists millions of dollars CASH 2) Trump air striked terrorists 3) Jb can’t mount an intelligent argument 4) Syco is incorrect in his assessment of the facts
  21. Your globalists Bush and Clinton put us in that war after demolishing the World Trade Center. The anti-war protesters disappeared when Obama was elected, even though Obama would go on to ramp up war in the Middle East, including an illegal war against the sovereign state of Libya without going through Congress. That resulted in Gadaffi being taken out and Libya being taken over by ISIS. Blacks were put in cages and exhibited like zoo animals by the people we replaced Gadaffi with. Someone like Rand Paul criticizing the President for his strikes is understandable. He said that about the strikes last year and he said it every time Obama misused his war powers. That’s a principle Mr Paul actually stands on no matter who is in office. Nancy Pelosi saying Trump acted above the law on the other hand is hilarious and hypocritical because she always supported Obama’s unconstitutional military actions. Democrats have placed themselves in a position to criticize the President no matter what he does and they look ridiculous while doing it.
  22. Just another case of Donnie's corrupt ways.......

    You've chosen to ignore content by Beef, Arthur, & Trump Threesomes. Options You've chosen to ignore content by jb™. Options ^ Definition of Insanity. Oh, and black guys give birth now. Apparently.
  23. Awh, ol' Jb can't venture out to LA to fuck his mutt anymore.
  24. Political Armageddon....

    I like how your butt buddy calls me crazy for pointing out the fact that you imbeciles are liking your own posts with your alt accounts. And way to slam someone for fake news and then quip back with a Comedy Central 'news' show. It would be nice to see you write one real political argument on this forum. Even your nuttier friends on here have done it a couple of times.
  25. lol Jb your party hasn't been anti-war since 2007. Your party of warhawks condemns Trump when he's not starting WW3 with Russia, then when he does exactly as Obama did and attacks them with hundreds of missiles, your party leaders wanna act like they're Rand Paul all of a sudden and say Trump broke the law. You don't have an honest bone in your body. It's so awkward watching you squirm around everyone's posts on these boards all day.