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  1. That was PI. This game is rigged. Didn’t know Saints needed to cheat, thought they were super good this year?
  2. Emphasis on the first sentence. You butt hurt little bitches are gonna be deflecting like crazy when y’all lose.
  3. “Pfft whatever, that was y’alls Super Bowl. Y’all gonna be sitting at home in January”
  4. No, you didn’t. Liar. dA bIrD, GAWD DaMn It i WaSnT TALKING tO yOu!!!!11]
  5. I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving because it symbolizes Native American genocide 😱
  6. lol. God damn you’re a butt hurt little bitch.
  7. Look at you getting butt hurt over people responding to your stupid ass posts again. lol dA bIrD! i WaSnT tAlKiNg To YoU! gOd DaMn It!!!!!1
  8. It’ll make the defenders not wanna tackle him cuz he’s stanky
  9. Nah he’s just taking a shit on your field is all
  10. @GOAT POTUS today is Opposite Day so YOU’RE the pink pussy hat wearing bitch, ya bitch
  11. How is that irrelevant 😂 you’re trolling me
  12. I’m sure Saint Gay is disappointed that you got his hopes up...
  13. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/federal-judge-rules-law-banning-female-genital-mutilation-is-unconstitutional-dismisses-charges-again-michigan-doctors So an archaic practice whereby you mutilate a young girl’s clitoris to stop her from experiencing sexual pleasure has been cleared by our courts...the idea is to stop them from having sexual desires and temptations, so that they can more easily be controlled by men. If this were a Christian practice, I wonder if it would be defended by liberals. This is disgusting. Furthermore, the Michigan doctors who were previously indicted of this heinous practice have since been cleared. We’re turning into a 3rd world hell hole. Any of you who defend this practice are anti-American, misogynist pieces of shit. This is what you get when you preach that American values and culture are evil, or nonexistent, and/or don’t deserve to exist, while chanting idiotic things like “diversity is our strength”. Congratulations.
  14. With Democrats obstructing Trump’s MAGA agenda, and alarmist fake news manipulating the stock market, we probably will see some ups and downs along the way. But hey, we all know you’re hoping for a depression so that Democrats can save the economy and usher us in the age of socialism. 👌
  15. That triggers you doesn’t it snowflake?
  16. I don’t know why y’all were bitching so much about the rule changes on defense. It’s given a whole new life to old man Brees who was on his way out of the league. Y’all can thank Mr Goodell for that. Brees would never break these records otherwise.
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