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  1. It was a good game for real though
  2. I don't even think the we could beat the dolphins. this team is absolutely horrid. Are we first in the league in penalties? we commit a lot. The DQ era needs to come to an end.
  3. lol when was the last time you provided any kind of football conversation? you jerk off twitter feeds to supply your own narrative because you can't add any on your own. funny shit. And yes you do need me. It is painfully obvious. So go ahead and quote me again about how I contribute nothing, or how I only appear at certain times. I'll let you have your internet victory that you so desperately need.
  4. Didn't your little break last what? 2 days? you've had multiple so it is hard to keep track. But I am glad to know you need me in your life so much that you need to worry about who "jbs" you some funny shit.
  5. I do believe it is proven that you leave when saints are losing, and reappear when they are winning. all those "I am leaving" posts. Channeling your inner ron. leave for a day or 3 and return when the saints win.
  6. Probably not, this place isn't that important. But I'll make you a bet, $10,000 says you're wrong.
  7. He read part of the transcript as a parody a few days ago. Now Biggs is motioning to censure Schiff because he read his "parody" to be recorded. But... nothing will ever happen, those who continue to break the law, will do so unimpeded because the Republicans do not want to retaliate for some damn reason.
  8. I may be of the minority here, but I am not that impressed with the disney spiderman movies as of late.
  9. hey ron, I thought you left... my bad
  10. how so? I lost hope on everything.
  11. You should never hope. It never works out for you.
  12. you have left about as much as ron has.
  13. didn't you say you were leaving? I guess that girl/guy/horse you were trying to seduce said no dice.
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