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  1. Could end up like the Falcons. having a shitty OLine in the preseason. It would be hysterical if he was paying his players to take out key members of the saints. that shit would be hysterical!
  2. meh, I don't think anyone gets fired. Disney controls a lot of the market currently, Sony can still produce good super hero movies. Contrary to what most believe, I thought the Amazing Spiderman movies were pretty good. The things I didn't like was the villain designs for Green Goblin and the Rhino. Other than that, the movie was done really well in my opinion. Disney wanted 50% of ticket sales and they control more than that (if I am not mistaken) on merchandising sales. So essentially Disney would end up making more money on Spiderman than would Sony who owns the rights to the character. If Sony doesn't like the deal that Disney proposed they do not have to agree with it just to appease fans.
  3. Andrew Luck is way too high on this last, as is Russell Wilson
  4. To me tak still hasn't produced enough. Ridley has been contributing in a major way. For me is a toss up between tru and bosher. Tru sees the field more and does make some good plays, bosher is money and will level a mother fucker in a heart beat.
  5. There was a "Zeke who" comment?
  6. I'm not sure what is taking so long to be honest.
  7. 1.) Julio (O) 2.) Ryan (O) 3.) Jarrett (D) 4.) Debo (D) 5.) Freeman (O) 6.) Mack (O) 7.) Neal (D) 8.) Rico (D) 9.) Ridley (O) 10.) Trufant (D) or Bosher (O)
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