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  1. Basically another I know you are but what am I come back.
  2. See that's a joke. You should translate this to your other put downs.
  3. Lol gay jokes. I guess that's all you have in your arsenal. Must be a complex.
  4. Very lame. How much alcohol did you have to consume with your medication to formulate that response?
  5. I think you are delusional, that shit is hilarious. You have no jabs yourself, but feel the need to criticize others. Funny shit
  6. Yeah, well if doctors here couldn't tell me what was going on I doubt someone over the internet can considering he can't see my images or reports. No offense Nola.
  7. Yeah that's not what it was. Considering it's been happening since I was at least 10?
  8. What if you have random pains in the left side of your chest that feels like daggers stabbing you. Stress tests reveal nothing, echocardiogram also reveals nothing. Thoughts? Been happening since I was young btw.
  9. I'm happy with this move by far. Hopefully he shines like he did late 2016.
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