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  1. The milkshake was poured over his head and you can see the course it will take as it goes down.
  2. You guys do realize this is staged right?
  3. How many times have you seen Ryan get the snap, and sling it within 2 seconds? If you think he wasn't doing what he had to then I don't know what to tell you. He cannot see Hightower coming at him so all he sees is the left defending being pushed out around him, and when hightower hits him, he gets hit right into the left edge (this is wrong, he was moving in that direction to throw, Ryan is a very smart guy, he knew he had the completion and was going to take the hit). Matthews was getting pushed around by that dude I will say that, but he was also moving him along his progression which he should have done. Hightower was the anomaly that wasn't accounted for. See this image? Ryan has no idea hightower is there. If he was worried about the edge, he could have moved up to make the throw. Ray you are wrong. He had it, he knew he would take a hit. But not from hightower.
  4. Ryan would have had the ball out of his hands before the left side made contact. You are downplaying Ryans ability like usual, as well as our team. The receiver had his man beat, how many times has a QB thrown the ball before the receiver turns around? Matthews and Freeman were the only ones who failed to keep their man in check, To say the offensive line broke down is disingenuous. If freeman made the block, Ryan would have completed the pass. How are you getting Ryan was forced to throw early? He saw Aldrick breaking from his man, and knew he had him if not for a TD, then a completion down the field in field goal range. The pass rush on the left side was there, Hightower was left unblocked, had freeman chipped him just a little, Ryan gets the throw off, and still takes a hit.
  5. julio was a slant, Aldrick had beat his man and was streaking. Ryan was going to Aldrick, his stance signifies a deep throw.
  6. If our pilots don't like it, then it shouldn't be in production.
  7. Honestly I read the title that you posted and just went with that. Because our Air Force is superior to all and no one can bring it down.
  8. as much of a douche I think he is, he does great things for kids so I can respect him on that.
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