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  1. ethanga62890

    CB Oliver

    This guy gets it
  2. ethanga62890

    Dead Run Snot

    You're probably the most objective poster here
  3. ethanga62890

    CB Oliver

    He's the best at holding in the league
  4. ethanga62890

    This is how I see the top 10 picks

  5. ethanga62890

    This is how I see the top 10 picks

    Chicago isn't gonna take another qb after they jus spent #2 overall on trubiski
  6. ethanga62890


    Are you going by age or games played? 🙄
  7. ethanga62890


    True 😂
  8. ethanga62890


    Jordan bro. That's objective.
  9. ethanga62890


    Jordan bro. Jordan
  10. ethanga62890


    LeBron's the best ever?
  11. ethanga62890


    I can't stand collinsworth.
  12. ethanga62890

    Saints cut Nick Fairley

    Damn. I feel for the guy. Last thing the NFL needs right now is a Hank gaithers situation though
  13. Patriots are always on the good side of the whistle
  14. ethanga62890

    Remember when folks thought this board wouldn't last?

    Wait what are we doing I want a seat at the cool kids table
  15. ethanga62890

    What a night!

    I'd sue Marcus Williams for stress related injuries.