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  1. Which means just two years earlier he was winning a championship at 37.
  2. We did. We drove down the field and put ourselves in position to win. We can't control if players of other teams commit infractions. That's where the refs come in. Unfortunately, they dropped the ball by not dropping the flag.
  3. Bull Shit! Don't want to hear that "enough opportunity" nonsense. That's no excuse for the refs not doing their job on something so obvious. I give the refs the benefit of the doubt but not always.
  4. So now obviously blown no calls equals a team digging their own graves now?
  5. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-45181321 Not to mention Muslim grooming gangs and no go zones.
  6. They're only doing it to Europeans and it won't happen to me. Right?
  7. Until they come to your town and demand sharia law. Just ask Europeans.
  8. I know personal responsibility is a disease to the left, but that's where flood insurance comes in handy.
  9. Don't expect anything less from the left. And of coarse there will be no out cry. But if a white person does something to a minority it's white supremacy no matter who the white person is.
  10. We know why Atlanta is on him mind.
  11. The Panthers should be ranked higher in my oppinon.
  12. We need to re-name Rival Central to Saint Central.
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