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  1. But But But! It's not all Muslims! I'm guessing this won't be labeled Christaphobia.
  2. I guess the leftist have gone limp after seeing that. But it nice to have a POTUS that's not ruled by globalism and puts the nation first.
  3. Actually, it's the Texans. Not the Jags. All playoff teams. We don't know how good teams will be in 2019 but by last year our first quarter will be a test.
  4. We open the season with the gauntlet. Mon night vs the Jags. Then two West coast's games at the Rams and the Seahawks. Then Sun night at home vs the Cowboys. We should know where we stand early.
  5. We don't control the refs. But a major rule change following one of those loses.
  6. This qualifies them to be Falcons.
  7. Chicken, watermelon, basketball, and African bone. That's deeply racist.
  8. Right along with the penalties they got away with. As any team. But which one's were as blatant?
  9. So then should bribe them. How do you make a ref throw a flag when they are supposed to when they don't?
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