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  1. It doesn't matter since I'm a dontgiveadammist. I just don't give a damm.
  2. I hear the same about your ilk. With hypocrisy and Endophobia added.
  3. How do you start a post with "Bullshit" then procede with BULLSHIT?
  4. What White Nationalist propaganda?
  5. While we'll be continuing to make America great again in 2020, you will still be hating those that think diffent from you.
  6. The left are always lying and manipulating something. They wouldn't have any evidence other wise.
  7. Also known as anti political correctness and not giving a shit.
  8. I fly drones so this aint cool with me.
  9. The most important thing positive for me is the play of Bridgewater. Would like to see more out from our pass rush. Beyond that, history says pre season only matters to players trying to make a team.
  10. Refs are already practicing screwing us with bad calls.
  11. We saw what we needed to see from them. No need to have them in longer the necessary.
  12. So easy it took the worse no call in the history of the league.
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