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  1. I What a bull shit of an article. Another perfect example of why I can never be a stupid leftist. The author tries to make a connection between Christianity and the spread of the virus. Which they never do. Then the real joke is the climate change nonsense. Climate change, which it always does, has absolutely nothing to do with this viral outbreak. It's the incompetence by China of practicing Kung Flu. Not Trump.
  2. Yes it is. You're not being a racist are you?
  3. Of course not stopping flights from China had nothing to do with the spread of the virus. The stupid left would rather let a viral outbreak to spread here than to look racist.
  4. People who have other conditions are the ones most at risk. Payton is pretty healthy.
  5. So the "Ain't no way in hell" nonsense before the season starts.
  6. Matty Ice will be playing for free just to get to the playoffs.
  7. Yep! The same reason no one on the left had anything to say about rapper Lil Bossie being kicked out of a Planet Fitness but went nuclear over those two black men asked to leave a Starbucks.
  8. Haven't heard about niggas still acting a fool so you should be safe.
  9. Because the left are complete absolute hypocrites.
  10. Might be what Jimmy Graham wasn't for them.
  11. And you're a hypocrite with a mental illness. Where are you when black Obama supporters kill each other everyday? To the point that they are 13% of the population and commit 51% of the murders. I guess Obama's racist rhetoric has nothing to do with this.
  12. People still assume that the number of black head coaches is a result of racism. Just more end result thinking. But then the 95% of race arguments are based off of seeing an end result not favorable and assuming it's because of racism. While ignoring how we really got there.
  13. Yes. Trump University didn't have worthless degrees. People were taught real estate. There's is no guarantee of success in real estate but it wasn't worthless.
  14. Of coarse not. Trump University didn't have degrees in women's studies.
  15. How about not going thousands in debt to get worthless degrees?
  16. What percent of NFL coaches are white vs black? We may make up 70% of roster spots but not coaching positions. For every white head coach there are several whites who aren't. If more blacks get into coaching you will see more blacks head coaches. Then once the left can't cry about head coaches they will move on the GM's, then owners. The only thing left would be commissioner.
  17. This is hilarious and nonsense at the same time.
  18. Not surprised. None of us had much of a dog in this fight. Glad to see the Honey Badger get a ring.
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