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  1. Hey dude, I signed back in to PM you since it looks like you, like me, have had enough of Alt-Right Central. If you ever wanna discuss the NFC South or Sane political discussion, drop me an email at johnnybuc@gmail.com. If ya wanna laugh just look at the thread titles in the political forum. No need to read the threads these fools start anymore. The titles alone tell you how fucked in the head this crew is. 

    Take it easy, my man!


  2. So youre just throwing shit at a wall and hoping it sticks. Tree doesnt have to out an ALT, all he has to do is look and tell you Im not one of them.
  3. Where has Jimmy posted personal information about someone on here?
  4. You're a toothless, one nut racist. Darwinism at work!
  5. I do? You sure about that moron? Why dont you ask Tree to check IPs and see about that. I HAVE NEVER posted on here as an ALT. Look Tree, someone is falsely accusing me of something. Should I ask for him to be banned?
  6. You see Jimmy, If Ray agrees with the inflammatory post, he wouldnt have a problem with it.
  7. Dont you have a KKK rally to attend? Im sure theres some niggas at a store near you that need following.
  8. wants attention by being removed from the board. Real logical thinking there bud.
  9. Heres our resident racist. Still complaining about liberals and blacks.
  10. Where have I whined about me getting banned? Your post doesnt make much sense. JB was banned you idiot. How does my behavior say I hate this place exactly?
  11. There's alot you don't know. Like how it feels for your team to win a SB, or how it feels to be raised with a father.
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