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  1. Mock Draft 2.0

    Anytime you have the Browns picking twice in the first, there's going to be some WTF moments.
  2. Post your latest draft simulator

    off the top of my head, hmmmmmmmm, I cant think of one. What if Atlanta could sign him for 5m a year, would you do that?
  3. Post your latest draft simulator

    I wasnt talking about on the current roster. I just know that the Falcons have drafted quite a few RBs. There was that midget Rodgers for sure. Im not sure who was the 5th one.
  4. Post your latest draft simulator

    I agree about the RB FA except when it's for a backup, change of pace guy. Then again, the prices that some of them grabbed this offseason, Id take a 7th rounder over them.
  5. Wouldn't be surprised if Arden Key's draft stock slips

    Id take Key in the 2nd round but not in the first. I dont see that elite first step off the line, his power is limited and hes from Georgia. Thats called THREE STRIKES!!!
  6. Post your latest draft simulator

    another RB, damn, how many are the Falcons going to draft??? 5 out of the last 7 drafts, Atlanta has drafted an RB.
  7. Mock Draft 2.0

    I wouldnt be that upset. Its a position they need to upgrade and if they think someone is worth it, so be it. I agree that a defensive player is the optimal choice. DE, DL, SS, LB in that order.
  8. Proof the Birds win NFCS in 2018

    Typically teams have a guard trained to play back up center. Its not a position you want to carry on the active roster.
  9. Mock Draft 2.0

    Howard started rough but he was balling by the end of the season. He also had another TE to deal with. I do agree that we dont need a TE in the first. Id love to see Davenport in Black and Gold.
  10. Mock Draft 2.0

    Me too!!! lol Im not a big fan of Gesicki.
  11. Mock Draft 2.0

    Vita and Payne will be gone by 26. Bryan may also be gone but I can see him being available. Hurst should be there.
  12. 2018 free agency thread

    Don't fuck up my happy mood with pics of LeBron. The Cavs are killing me!!!!
  13. Cousin or Ryan

    Ryan has those also. He's still better than Cousins though.
  14. 2018 free agency thread

    What S4L was saying is it was only poor play if the expectations were too high. Many on us on here said he'd play worse than he actually did. He was better last season than he was the years prior.
  15. WalterFootball NFCS Grades

    Brate is a steal at 41 million??? Im not sure I can agree with you on that. Add in the fact they drafted OJ last year and it looks even worse.