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  1. ²ᵦﷲSsKݢݢз

    DE Comparison

    Sure he can. Atlanta should pay the man!!!
  2. ²ᵦﷲSsKݢݢз

    RB Comparison

    The Saints could have drafted Hunt... Lol
  3. ²ᵦﷲSsKݢݢз

    QB Comparisons

    Fitzpatrick 1 year 3.3 million 822 yards 8 tds 1 int 2-0 Ryan 5 years 150 million 523 yards 2 tds 2 ints 1-1
  4. ²ᵦﷲSsKݢݢз

    Saints vs Browns game day thread

    Ingram makes a huge difference. He breaks arm tackles that neither Williams or Gillislee does. Payton trust him and hands the ball off more letting the oline wear the dline down. There's plenty of ways Ingram changes things.
  5. ²ᵦﷲSsKݢݢз

    Bucs best in the NFCS right now

    Is Ray the real Captain Obvious?
  6. ²ᵦﷲSsKݢݢз

    Saints vs Browns game day thread

    Can they please clean house. Too much talent to keep seeing this shit. Paytons teams are sloppy, inconsistent and sometimes downright pathetic.
  7. ²ᵦﷲSsKݢݢз

    anyone got a link to nfl streams ?

    Cheaper to get a box with Kodi and pay for a sports package. The box ran me 200 and the package cost me about 10 a month. I get every sports game there is. Was able to watch Canelo beat GGG last night as well.
  8. ²ᵦﷲSsKݢݢз

    D. Freeman out 2-3 weeks

    Even better.
  9. ²ᵦﷲSsKݢݢз

    Injuries Saints vs Browns

    Jesus christ. How hard is it to say NO.
  10. ²ᵦﷲSsKݢݢз

    Injuries Saints vs Browns

    A Saints fan can hope.
  11. ²ᵦﷲSsKݢݢз

    2018 Picks Challenge week 2 (official)

    Ravens Panthers Saints Texans Redskins Chargers Jets Vikings Eagles Rams 49ers Broncos Jags Giants Seahawks
  12. ²ᵦﷲSsKݢݢз

    Deion Jones to IR