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  1. ²ᵦﷲSsKݢݢз

    Vic Beasley Podcast

    because Quinn is either a genius or an idiot. Which side you pick is based on Beasley's two poor seasons or his one overachieving season? lol
  2. ²ᵦﷲSsKݢݢз

    This is on its way to new Orleans

    This is what I saw and I stopped reading.
  3. ²ᵦﷲSsKݢݢз

    David Gettleman has cancer

    That sucks. Hope he recovers.
  4. Congrats on remembering the good ole I'm rubber and your glue. I know it's been half a century since you've used it.
  5. Let's list the reasons your post is shit 1. Comprehension 2. Judgement without basis 3. Poo Poo Information 4. Donkey Cum scouting 5. Mentioning JA98
  6. Champio... Nevermind, its Atlanta.
  7. ²ᵦﷲSsKݢݢз


    7/10!!! Good one JB. Lol
  8. ²ᵦﷲSsKݢݢз

    How many wins will your team secure in 2018

    I'm at 11 but I believe 12 wins is needed to win the division.
  9. ²ᵦﷲSsKݢݢз

    Projected 2018 Offensive Rankings

    Top 5. If Meredith is healthy, top 2.
  10. ²ᵦﷲSsKݢݢз

    Projected 2018 Defensive Rankings

    I'm going with 11-15. Closer to 11 than 15.
  11. ²ᵦﷲSsKݢݢз


    He's a mod on AFMB. Mono something or close to that.
  12. ²ᵦﷲSsKݢݢз


    That foul was too fucking close so how the fuck you change it. Beyond pathetic. And can someone knock that fucking retard Green out.
  13. ²ᵦﷲSsKݢݢз


    That was some of the worst officiating I've ever seen. And yes, Smith blew the game.
  14. Im going with a Japanese massage parlor.