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  1. Because his roots are long and strong.
  2. Enjoy Easter. And remember is ain’t all about chocolate bunnies.
  3. Ron claimed the ribs on the bottom were his oven baked version, but he swiped that photo off the internet. That bark was bad ass. His were the the exhibit at the top of the photo. He got caught bullshitting the foodies in the food thread.
  4. Ron’s got all kinds of “bark” happening tonight.
  5. They’re 5”8” from the floor. That leaves your short ass out in the cold.
  6. You aren’t tall enough to reach my nipples.
  7. You and your 5’7” frame wouldn’t hold up.
  8. If they aren’t available, I’d just shoot you.
  9. Wow, now that I looked back at things, the Saints have the better record over the last 50 years. 50 Years!
  10. Oh, me too. And recent history is the Saints own the fuck out of the Falcons. That’s been so this entire century. But it was YOU who brought up the all time h2h, so I think you’re a bit full of shit about liking modern history better.
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