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  1. 49’ers passing offense was for real, Saints pass defense was atrocious. Better team won the game today. But fuck the 9’ers.
  2. Yes dear, of course I realize you’re right.
  3. 40 years ago today I married this dynamite, sweet lady who puts up with all my shit and never complains. Met her 42 years ago in college. Always there for all of us everyday. Mom of our 2 children and 4 grandkids. When I tell you I’m one of the luckiest guys on the planet, you can take that to the bank. Some of you have met her and know this to true.
  4. The 8” heels achieve a finished height of 5’11”.
  5. He’s lying like a cheap hoe on Bourbon Street.
  6. Better player got a contract.
  7. Deuce isn’t much better. ”They asked he about what football meant to he.” Gawd damn.....
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