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  1. As should every congressional member...
  2. Need to keep this bitch running instead of sitting idle during this Stay at Home order. IMG_1972.MOV
  3. Agree. Also agree Brees is the QB over Brady in the same circumstances. And thats no slight to Brady.
  4. Shit Bucman, most of those hoes you dream about are a major upgrade over you know who.
  5. It’s not Ron, its Free and DD.
  6. I agree Mash. Romo is the best on TV right now.
  7. ^^^^^^ That said, whoever posted that, I hope you guys stay safe as the world slowly recovers. At the end if the day, peoples health is all that’s important right now.
  8. Somebody is posting on Jb’s computer. No way JB we know shows any compassion for this “RC Alt Right” crowd. And notice the absence of a Trump dig. Somebody is in JB’s house.
  9. What an entire landfill of shit this post is. You destroyed multiple “online friendships” here in RC when you realized many voted Trump into office, yet now you state Brady is exempt because he’s a football player who may bring a Lombardi to Tampa. Two things: You’re a fuckin hypocrite The only Lombardi Brady brings to Tampa is one from NE if Kraft lends it to him for the weekend.
  10. Fiddy blew a load on the server and shorted it out. He’s running his old Pentium 286 server right now, so shit slower than normal. Once he gets his Stimulus funds, he’s gonna upgrade.
  11. I talked with Fiddy earlier today. He’s looking into it. Something is wrong for sure.
  12. Saints will need to draft a QB next year. If Brees is retired, the team will still have a decent core of players. I can see Payton/Loomis trading up to grab a QB in the early half of the 1st round in 2021.
  13. So this season its all in for another SB run, then Brees will retire.
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