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  1. Mrs. Ray made a batch of killer chocolate covered shortbread cookies with toasted pecans today. These knocked it out the park.
  2. Nice move by Ron R and his wife. Respect.
  3. You gonna go down this road again? So Ron, how many net carbs were in the Casserole? I know the answer.
  4. Great question.. Here’s what jB will say. “Nothing but a white nationalist site. I’ll only post here when shit is rolling my way. Fuck you Hitler bitches.” Here’s what Syco will say. “I’m still here, but its an exhausting battle trying to convince you conservatards why male gay/transgender dudes should use the same restroom as my daughter.” (He actually said this) Here’s what Willy will say. “I hate whitey and his relatives.”
  5. Issued the command “Drivers ... start your engines” and then took a lap around the track pacing the field.
  6. So when the Saints organization is cleared in this public forum you can suck the nuts of Saint fans everywhere, starting with Kevo, who stands 6’6”.
  7. That’s because many previous Presidents used perfect political edicate with weak global policy agendas instead of focusing on keeping America prosperous. Love him or hate him, Trump has done wonders for the American superpower position and American economy.
  8. Any rational person must admit under Trump: The economy is soaring Investments are kicking ass Small business is booming Factory's are reopening Lowest unemployment rate in decades for all ethnic groups Energy independence is an initiative, establishing America once again as an energy superpower via exporting of LNG. This was a dead in the water program when Trump entered office. American energy dominance is a major play in geopolitical security terms We haven’t started any wars, even when provoked Trade imbalances are being rectified, and he especially took on China and won using tariffs, leveling the playing field with our largest competitor Border control has improved Created and funded Space Force to guard our assets in space. This protects our country in wartime, protects our satellites and economy into the future. It was a major accomplishment Signed into law First Step, slowing mass incarcerations for lower level crime Beat the ever-living shit out of ISIS Created and signed USMCA, a strategy that places all of The Americas in alliance with each other and creating friendly business between themselves Flushed the Washington political club and turned it on its ear, exposing political corruption left and right, perhaps one of his most important lasting accomplishments. This is evidenced by the hatred many politicians have toward him since the moment he was elected I’m not always a fan of his tweets, but his accomplishments easily overcome that concern.
  9. Saturday Mexican Night Enchilada Casserole with Anaheim and Banana Peppers and pressure cooked pork butt. Queso Fresco, Cotija and Cheddar Cheese layered inside with a homemade Enchilada Sauce and a couple of scrambled eggs to hold everything together. Mild heat level.
  10. I agree with you. Stomp and burn the American flag and nothing happens to you. Some have gone so far to political correctness we’ve lost all sensibility. Stealing a flag isn’t a felony. In no universe is stealing then burning any flag worth a decade plus in prison.
  11. There ain’t a Democrat in politics today who can take any credit for this good news.
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