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  1. What's the word on Takk McKinley? Dude showed some promise last year and looks like he's disappearing this year.
  2. Peters is for certain a selfish player focused only himself. Sean Payton had the Saints go after him last season and Peters was seriously pissed after the game. Sean made a few disparaging comments toward his play as well.
  3. He went to high school about 6 blocks from my home. He was a stud in high school.
  4. It would be hard to argue against him based on what he's done to Hopkins, Cooper, Evans and Chark in consecutive games over the last month. He shut all of them down.
  5. Wonder what they get in return?
  6. Panthers are a better team without Newton. But's here's hoping Riverboat Ron reinserts Cam as the starting QB.
  7. That's pretty damning right there. Deep thoughts Mash.
  8. Defense is ranked: 14 Rushing 11 Passing 10 Total 11 Scoring Offense is ranked: 19 Rushing 15 Passing 22 Total 18 Scoring
  9. This will fall on deaf ears. Owners are busy counting their billions.
  10. Because Freebird says so. lol Now I'm not gonna count shit that happened in 2012.
  11. That happened because we had one of the worse DC's in football who insisted players fit his scheme rather than play to their strengths. He was also considered immature at the time.
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