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  1. SaintRay

    For Those of You Who Watched Last Night...

    Outside of the opportunity to fuck with Falcon fans for suffering a shutout, it hardly means anything. 1st preseason game, lol.
  2. SaintRay

    Best part of dating a conservative woman

    The one in grey has some big ass cans. Bucman knows whats up.
  3. SaintRay

    What's on the menu?

    That looks like a good road trip. I'll have to mention it to Mrs Ray and see if she can fit this in her always overbooked social calendar. Our auto club would would likely enjoy it as well. They love short cruises to interesting places.
  4. SaintRay

    ——— RC News Alert ———

    I blew a wad, won’t lie.
  5. SaintRay

    2018 Make or Miss

    I'll judge the Falcons in games 9-16. I expect you to be decent at the 1/2 way point. Your 2nd half schedule looks brutal right now.
  6. SaintRay

    Pain is on the way NFCS

    Ginn and Smith on the outside Thomas and Meredith in the slots Kamara out of the backfield I like those chances.
  7. SaintRay

    2018 Make or Miss

    Chiefs and Panthers don't quality, and if the Falcons lay another goose egg in preseason, they're out too.
  8. SaintRay

    Pain is on the way NFCS

    So you'd load the box and force Brees to throw into single coverage? PLEASE MAKE THAT HAPPEN
  9. SaintRay

    Do We Look Handsome & Thin?

    Dude is unfiltered. Lol
  10. By the way...... This thread delivered.
  11. SaintRay

    ——— RC News Alert ———

    Calm down Hillary. Everyone knows the 1st preseason game means nothing, but when you pitch a goose egg after the press telling the world you have the #1 offense, and then try to save face with a run off FG that sails wide, we’re gonna throw a few shitballs your way. Its the RC way.
  12. SaintRay

    For Those of You Who Watched Last Night...

    Muthafuckas came out flat, got their asses kicked. Your OC looks just like last year and Fiddy was ready to pound him in the ass. In a Hail Mary effort to not get blanked, DQ sent the FG team out as time expired, the the kick sailed wide, preserving the shutout. Saint fans rejoiced and laughed, bars stayed open until sunrise and parties were citywide. Falcon jokes were told and 28-3 was relived.
  13. SaintRay

    ——— RC News Alert ———

    Aww shit. You are correct. It was such a shitshow I guess the NFLN pulled the damn game.
  14. SaintRay

    A month and a half into residency...

    Hang in there NOLA. Time heals all wounds.