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  1. I don't sense dago getting riled up, rather he is managing to make you look foolish.
  2. I don't give a shit what you think, or don't. I simply added into this conversation.
  3. SaintRay

    Jussie Smallett

    All those Holleywood motherfuckers are suddenly quiet.
  4. 3 surgeries, 184 rounds of chemo, 20 months.
  5. Dumbass looks stupid with his screen name these days.
  6. She is...6 years and counting. Not bad for being told she had a 12% chance.
  7. I don’t do laundry, my wife does. I handle the outside, she handles the inside. Call me old-fashioned, but it’s been working for 40 years. In full disclosure, when she fought cancer, I did the laundry and never complained.
  8. SaintRay

    It’s a real thing in New Orleans.

    You two dummies are missing the point.
  9. Gee, I guess the Stock Market didn't crash after all. Snapshot of a J.P. Morgan account I have.
  10. The perfect place is my wiener in your big mouth.
  11. SaintRay

    Add this to the list, shred

    You need to go rebrand yourself a conservative piece of shit.