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  1. Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad’s here. And Happy Father’s Day to my Dad, who joined my Mother in the Skies above 2 years ago.
  2. Pels got serious return in this deal.
  3. Facelessman, Only chance you have to prove your white worth to JB is to marry a black woman. That way you simply can’t say anything or be prejudice.
  4. Go fetch me a beer bitch or I'll tar your ass.
  5. Classic JB playbook. Either step in line with his extremism or you are a white nationalist racist. It was bad enough being born white, but combine that with a conservation viewpoint, THE HORROR!!
  6. I'd pay good money to watch your reaction if a conservative protester threw a milkshake on you.
  7. I’m old school about many things. And the local newspaper is one of those. So is washing my car weekly, cleaning the windows on the house twice a year, frequenting local places rather than big chains and plenty more.
  8. Just imagine if the Falcons could lay claim to one.
  9. Well in retrospect Payton is probably asking about a real estate transaction or how to activate his auto parking device in his car. Because clearly during OTA’s he isn’t discussing the route tree or how to attack the defense.
  10. Payton, one of the brightest offensive minds in the biz, sharing that knowledge with Mike Thomas and Drew Brees. And Thomas is looking fit in OTA's. That dude is ready year round.
  11. SaintRay

    Old Spanky

    And even knowing this dude had zero self control, he was allowed to continue his career? I mean, shit, what would happen if you brought a life-sized silicone mold of a woman’s torso—complete with vagina and anus— to your place of work? (Ron, don't answer this)
  12. What a little cunt. People like him are gonna get their ass whipped before it's over.
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