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  1. SaintRay

    RIP Bill Fralic

    Falcon legend right there ... RIP
  2. Panthers suffering through an 0-5 stretch scares the shit outta me. Never underestimate a team in a tailspin. Saints will need their best game.
  3. SaintRay

    Just how good is WR Michael Thomas?

    Brees is a Football God. Bow down bitches., show your respect.
  4. SaintRay

    All NFCS Team 2018

    To me, MVP isn't only about stats (they need to be strong) rather the intangibles that make that player invaluable to his franchise. Is he the reason the team is successful? Is he the natural leader of the team? Is he a person who excels at an elite level versus his peers? If he weren't available or injured, who it be likely the team suffers immediate decline? Does his presence affect the game? Is he at the pinnacle of players across the league?
  5. Again, same reply. If you have such issues with this country, Nigeria may be a great choice.
  6. SaintRay

    2018 Picks Challenge week 15 (official)

    Lighten up Sally. How many times have you picked the Saints to win a game this year?
  7. SaintRay

    Chargers @ Chiefs Thursday Night Football

    What do you want him to say .... shit ... fuck?
  8. SaintRay

    Chargers @ Chiefs Thursday Night Football

    I like Troy as an announcer.
  9. SaintRay

    Chargers @ Chiefs Thursday Night Football

    Rivers looks S L O W when he moves in the pocket.
  10. SaintRay

    Falcons starters playing

    Falcons, Seahawks and now a Bears fan ... lol
  11. SaintRay

    2018 Picks Challenge week 15 (official)

    I like a good laugh, and you never let me down.
  12. I'd offer them a free round of rubber bullets directly in the ass if they cross illegally.
  13. SaintRay

    Falcons starters playing

    Professional football players on the defensive side of the ball are paid to stop offensive players. Fact is the term garbage stats is fucking stupid. If my team laid over in the 4th Quarter, I'd be pissed. You play every down or get off the field. The history books are full of comeback stories, be it 14 or even 25 points in a matter of minutes.