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  1. SaintRay

    I’d like to point out ....

    I used to read Brees had 1-2 years left before he was washed up ...... and those comments were made on the old RC.com site. I say he still has 2 good years left.
  2. SaintRay

    Because Fuck The Environment

    HJ da idiot.
  3. SaintRay

    I’d like to point out ....

    You put 2-3 minutes on the clock in crunchtime and need a score, I’m lining up with Brees. Dude has done it so many times he deserves to be in that conversation still.
  4. SaintRay

    Head Scratcher

    Well ain’t dat special.
  5. Where are the other teams in the NFC South, you ask? The Saints appear at #6 with their strong unit, which is one of the best in the NFL in terms of pass protection. The Panthers are at #21 with questions at left guard and Matt Kalil stinking up the left tackle position, though they have some options to try out this summer. And the Buccaneers are at #22, with left tackle Donovan Smith looking like an active liability and center Ryan Jensen a pricy signing who has to live up to that contract. All of those rankings feel fair. If it shakes out like that in 2018, the Saints are well on their way to another playoff berth, and the Falcons probably won’t be far behind them. That’s especially true if you believe, as I know many of our fine and fair readers do, that games are won and lost in the trenches. Fixed that for you.
  6. SaintRay

    I’d like to point out ....

    Oh hell yes. I’m good with your assessment, even if the rest of the NFL recognizes you Top 10 QB comment as being ridiculous. Dude was smoking hot in last years playoffs, so I doubt we’ll see much dropoff in 2018.
  7. SaintRay

    RC FF League

    No time for this
  8. I’ve reached the point where anyone on the radical left can suck a fat dick. All of them. #zeroshits
  9. And this why having a business man at the helm makes sense. Trump makes plenty of “establishment Presidential” mistakes, often saying the wrong thing. Afterall the position demands a strong turd polisher at times. What he doesn’t lack is big balls and and a desire to make America stronger. The world is now realizing he means business. Sell that oil!
  10. SaintRay

    Indictment incoming

    Well that leaves negan out of the IT business.
  11. SaintRay

    For the bourbon lovers

    You need to stay out of Dorignacs! Lol
  12. SaintRay

    Vid of JB clipping his fingernails

    What a freak.
  13. SaintRay

    Pepe johns founder resigns.

    I’ve never ordered one of his pizzas.
  14. SaintRay


    I laughed at her stupidity. And the video shows nothing much more than tits.
  15. I agree with the HOF decision. TO chose to be a little bitch about things.
  16. Not any American I know.
  17. SaintRay

    Pac Man Jones Airport Fight

    Just to be clear.... I only have one wife, not multiple wives. And I’m adequately armed, so I won’t need my wife’s pistols.
  18. SaintRay

    What's on the menu?

    Today was Osso Bucco (veal shank), a rich veal stock reduction sauce, parmigiana risotto with peas and finished with broccoli.
  19. That act would have resulted in him being dropped, especially when he continued toward her a second time after punching her. That scum fucker doesn’t deserve to be walking.
  20. SaintRay

    Pac Man Jones Airport Fight

    I don’t blame Pacman. I woulda done the same thing if that nigga attacked my and my wife.
  21. SaintRay

    Former Saint Been a Bad Boy

    Fuck off dummy. I’m in neither category.
  22. SaintRay

    Former Saint Been a Bad Boy

    Sauce C provided the link earlier, took like 30 seconds outta my day. Saints and Falcons are like choirboys compared to many other franchises.
  23. What in the actual fuck is that!! Fiddy, we need a throw up thingy...
  24. SaintRay

    Making Asbestos great again

    Agree 100% Last year before selling a piece of commercial property, I was forced to remove older asbestos floor tiles in a space less than 300 sq/ft (2 small offices in the front of the building) containing less than 5% asbestos. Cost me $6,000 and the dudes who did it were there for less than 1 day wearing while jumpsuits and a facemask. Yet they would sit 1 foot outside the front door where the tiles were present smoking cigarettes. They threw it all in an open dumpster then dumped it at a local landfill. A week later I received a piece of paper from them declaring the site free and clear. By the way, older asbestos floor tiles were commonly smaller than 12"x12". Its a dead giveaway they may contain asbestos.