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  1. Because his roots are long and strong.
  2. Enjoy Easter. And remember is ain’t all about chocolate bunnies.
  3. Ron claimed the ribs on the bottom were his oven baked version, but he swiped that photo off the internet. That bark was bad ass. His were the the exhibit at the top of the photo. He got caught bullshitting the foodies in the food thread.
  4. Ron’s got all kinds of “bark” happening tonight.
  5. They’re 5”8” from the floor. That leaves your short ass out in the cold.
  6. You aren’t tall enough to reach my nipples.
  7. You and your 5’7” frame wouldn’t hold up.
  8. If they aren’t available, I’d just shoot you.
  9. Wow, now that I looked back at things, the Saints have the better record over the last 50 years. 50 Years!
  10. Oh, me too. And recent history is the Saints own the fuck out of the Falcons. That’s been so this entire century. But it was YOU who brought up the all time h2h, so I think you’re a bit full of shit about liking modern history better.
  11. And now we witness Freebird defending the very guy who wanted to go to his house and kick his ass. lololol
  12. I’ll grant you that the Falcons owed the Saints from 1967 until 1973. After that the Saints have the better of the series. However the Saints haven’t caught up all time just yet. Don’t believe me, check it out for yourself.
  13. Wait for it .... the JB approach is next.
  14. This is the JB liberal approach. Don’t listen to anything and declare hollow victory.
  15. That gator took a try at biting her. The dude was outta that pool quick.
  16. Skillet seared chipotle pepper crusted thin cut chicken breast with cherry tomato/peppers/onion pan reduction sauce, homemade Catalina dressing/avocado and broccoli.
  17. At the PGA tour today at Hilton Head. Dustin Johnson had a small problem and couldn’t hit his shot. As he walked up to the ball, suddenly this guy showed up. Seems the gator had other ideas. That’s Johnson hauling ass in the first picture.
  18. I lol at the Falcon schedule release video. That was good trolling.
  19. Yo dipshit, I’ll be more than worried about that opening game. Saints usually suck Week 1. But in the meantime, get used to seeing the Saints at the top of everything heading into the season. That’s what happens when you don’t post up a losing season like Atlanta did.
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