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  1. Corey Coleman went #15 to Cleveland Will Fuller went #22 to Houston Josh Docton went #23 to Washington Laquan Treadwell went #24 to Minnesota Sterling Shepard went #40 to the Giants Thomas went #46 to the Saints The first 5 guys combined at this point, including last week, have combined for 192 receptions for 2,588 yards and 20 TDs. Shepard is the star of this group, having 129 receptions for 1,462 yards and 10 TDs. Thomas has gone for 212 receptions for 2,562 yards and 15 TDs. Coleman is all but out of the league, already on his 3rd team. Docton and Treadwell rarely see the field as backups. Fuller is seemingly always hurt. Finally, Tyreek Hill was drafter in this class at #165 and has done quite well himself, logging 142 receptions for 1,945 yards and 15 TDs, plus doubles up as a punt returner.
  2. SaintRay

    Just how good is WR Michael Thomas?

    I saw Jerry Rice make many 3rd down receptions.
  3. SaintRay

    Vontae Davis

    Damn, at first I thought you said he choked a little ...lol
  4. SaintRay

    Streaming question for RC

    Thanks guys, you’re all very generous. DD pm’ed me with his Sunday ticket info, so he’s good to go now. Appreciate all offers. (now I have to be nice to DD for the next 15 minutes)
  5. SaintRay

    Streaming question for RC

    My son lives in Hawaii for the next several years on assignment for the Armed Forces. He is asking about streaming services so he can catch Saints games. Any help would be appreciated, but please be specific, because I haven't done this myself. You can also PM me.
  6. SaintRay

    Wounded Falcons

    So I'm getting ready to make my weekly picks in the Pigskin League. Any more Falcons bite the dust since yesterday?
  7. My wife grew up in a Democratic family, me in a Republican family. It didn't take long for her as an adult to understand she was no Democrat, and I never put pressure on her either. Having children and a social responsibility changed her. She's no woman lib supporter, absolutely hated Hillary Clinton and everything she said/did. She believes a man and woman have a place in society and family. She likes a man to be the man of the house. But don't think about stepping all over her either. She'll set shit straight if that happens. She doesn't like everything Trump tweets, nor do I, but we both LOVE his passion to restore America as the global leader while ripping down horrid economic deals that have hurt this country. A strong military for worldwide protection and safer boarders for the citizens of the USA are important to both of us. Open border policy is simply lunacy without proper vetting. I know this, she'd throw JB and friends out of the front door quickly if they came in with the garbage he spews.
  8. SaintRay

    Cop body slams Antifa Asshole

    I'd bet that faggot never rushes a cop again.
  9. SaintRay

    Hey Ron I found just what your Man-Cave needs

    Come on man .... that ain't no hill for a climber like you.
  10. SaintRay

    Wounded Falcons

  11. SaintRay

    Shame on you, Falcons fans...

    Absolutely nothing. I live the same pain. We're just part of the best of times.
  12. SaintRay


    Oh, and here's where we queue up HJ asking about Peat.....
  13. SaintRay


    They love the Saints Offensive Tackles. Ram is #1 at RT Armstead is #2 at LT
  14. SaintRay

    Shame on you, Falcons fans...

    Spoken like a real football fan....a purist of the sport. Completely agree.
  15. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ RUN ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Don't ask, just GTFO
  16. SaintRay

    Wounded Falcons

    So is Takk in or out?
  17. SaintRay


    I don't drink beer bitch....
  18. SaintRay

    Hey Ron I found just what your Man-Cave needs

    Saints * = Falcons =
  19. I'd love to see LSU win it all. Every other team can kick rocks, but the Falcons must never win a Super Bowl or the world won't turn as designed.
  20. She must have a freakin' bush and a half looking at those eyebrows. Pass....
  21. She announced recently she intends to stick around for 6 more years.
  22. I'd be embarrassed to call myself a democrat.
  23. SaintRay

    My people are awesome

    By the way, I thought we all agreed you were gonna buy a tank to get around town? I don't see that bitch in the parking lot.