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  1. That bucket caught the ball better than Julio did. ..... Deal with DD. Don't go crying on my post
  2. Really? Dude so many will buy that drug on the black market
  3. Nice!!!! Now time to track up all those doctor visits and etc.
  4. No I am not saying I am this smart. but I have been able to see the odds to things and decide if it's something good to bet on. however I never found a betting game as stupid as this. my wife loves taking me to the store. however she gets a kick out of it when I start looking at the different size boxes and how much is in each box and then I start breaking it down..... and yes I know some stores do that with a tag under the price. but some times their numbers are off to get you to spend more, obviously. while other times they do not take in the sale price, which is what happens usually.
  5. is that what happens when we get old or something? Kev, me, Dago, and no clue who else, and no clue who does not want to speak up. but dag nam, I hate hearing how so many are having problems. I might just start asking who does not need prayer, and that'll make it easier to remember. LOL.
  6. That was mine. But he continued even the next day
  7. Anyone else getting these messages from vanilla? Or have a clue why he's sending them to me?
  8. MASH

    Poor Browns

    The attention whore area you seek is right up risk central ally in TATF.
  9. He does workers comp. But I can give you his number, and tell him I referred you. He will only refer a good lawyer if he knows they are actually good. And not just to help a friend lawyer out. Which I like.
  10. All I want is to hear is I don't have it. And I'm never going to look back on it.
  11. Thanks. I slept good. But I had a nightmare of trying to kill myself. Which I would never never do. But I wonder if the dream was actually just trying to tell me I was harming myself with this worrying.
  12. No way that's swift. He would have told me ages ago. Because I've always resoected and stood up for swift at TATF. Actually I miss swift. So anyone that sees him in Twitter. Tell him Mashburn says howdy.
  13. FYI I'm totally OK with Ron. I'm not upset at all. And anyone can expose my info. At this moment right now with how scary it is. I rather people honestly know me instead of just see me as a random person on the computer. However I smile at the fact that yall are standing up for me. It really makes me laugh and smile...... And I truly need that right now. So thank you all.
  14. OK so here's an update after taking to some who actuality have it. I did this ice test. And my eye did not improve..... When it should help your eye. I did a look up test (Simpson test). Nothing changed........ When it should make your eye lid close. No this isn't saying I don't have it. But it's very possible I don't. I will find out from a blood test next Friday and it'll take a week to get the results back. Also thank you everyone for praying. I feel better in peace of mind.
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