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  1. Who ever was in 45 abs 27 was definitely not football players. Those were legit blind men dog walkers
  2. @Jd dirtybird21 this is something you should share to tatf.
  3. Oh you used invisible ink... my bad.
  4. ST is the problem. The ball isn't held right, the line can't hold. Furthermore our head coach is an idiot to sending tavecchio to the curb, instead of addressing a ST coach. ....... so now i know why our strength and conditioning coach is still here all these years.
  5. Im disappointed in you. That was a great opportunity to mention something about chick fill a.
  6. I see your point and why you view it that way. I just view tatf as a joke. But as far as the topic goes. Im not going to blame Bryant (even though i think he needs to go because i won't trust him making a long kick, due to he'll injure himself)...... we have ST problems. People thought it was tavecchio and it wasn't. It's simply we are not coaching hitte to block and hold the ball...... also bosher got injured from a blocked punt. So we could have the greatest kicker of all time and we would still have missed easy kicks. Furthermore our defense puts us in this situation to lose by one point to one of the easiest teams of the year. If we fixed our coaching of defense abs ST, we would hands down be looking at a post season.
  7. I didn't think about their terrorist attacks. But i bet you're right.
  8. I want to ask them how Julio signing helped vs getting depth and spending towards defense is going
  9. Pretty sure you won't consider his "point" to this.
  10. Dudes nor tatf funny. But he's up there.
  11. You're missing the "point" and only looking at the end of the game.
  12. Possibly. Because our ST suck. Bosher even had blocked punts. And last year tavecchio made kicks from the 50
  13. How is me saying this isn't the kickers fault result in you thinking i haven't watched football until today. Defense wasn't around Johnson for 40 yards. They let up 300 yards in the first half. And our ST sucks (go watch tavecchio in pre season)....... but go ahead and continue to point fingers at what happens at the end of games instead of the entire game.
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