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  1. The amount of deaths in America will be 10,000 come Sunday.
  2. Why do I feel like I'm about to download something messed up
  3. Great to hear. Thanks for keeping us updated
  4. You make sure to tell @Handsome_Jimmy that I didn't delete none of mine!!!
  5. If you agree. You like the dang comment!!!!! Don't make me go Ron on you. @GOAT POTUS am I doing this right?
  6. Yeah I'm confused why he posted a picture of himself.
  7. You clearly need a bad over her head for you.
  8. That's a better way to say it.
  9. The forum must be broke or either lawyer Hank did something without my approval.
  10. you went to far. way to far..... pretty sure there is no point of return.
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