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  1. MASH

    The free agency market value for Mark Ingram

    Makes me wonder what he can do as the cow bell.
  2. MASH

    The free agency market value for Mark Ingram

    @SaintRay dudes better than freeman, pay the man!!!!
  3. MASH

    It’s a real thing in New Orleans.

    I'm not even talking shit and trolling anymore, at least not right now in this moment. And let me just say that is probably the weakest comeback I've seen on here.
  4. MASH

    Funny Shit (Political)

    That's not funny. That's truth. Damn it ray these are too be funny.
  5. MASH

    Funny Shit (Political)

    That's a lie. You know that cunt can't buy a horse.
  6. MASH

    Bring JB Back!

    Ignore does not work like we all wish it would. When someone quotes him, we see it. Furthermore even if we all ignored him, why even have him here? Lastly. If he stayed and someone continued to quote him. I would eventually block those people as well (right now i don't have time for internet drama). and so then i would eventually just leave. ........ sorry @jb™ you used to seem like a good guy. I do not know why you are acting this way. And I truly hope everything is ok at home and with you personally. Just know it's not that I do not like you because of your views, it's the personal attacks you do on those who have a different view than you. And you have let that hatred follow into other forums....... when you realize that, I will have no problems with you here (and obviously you keeping politics and football separate).
  7. MASH

    Salary Cap

    He deserves more than julio
  8. MASH


    I'm contacting lawyer hank. I never got to play in the NFL. I have reasonable doubt it's due to grammatical errors.
  9. MASH

    Y'all finally won the battle on me

    Lol. Today was an accident. The threads of putting saints stuff in abf was right. Lol
  10. MASH

    Y'all finally won the battle on me

    Yeah I'm all good. Just some health scares with the brain tumor returning and a A-hole job doing me wrong with firing me over it. Not sure if you saw, but I snapped on dago. And I was completely out of line. I read what he said completely wrong and wanted you take it as he was throwing a jab at me. Furthermore dago was recently talking to me behind closed doors in advice with the job situation. So that's even more so wrong of me to snap the way I did. Since then I realized I had to take a chill pill, which made me realize other things as well. I know i'll eventually troll again. However it's hard right now. But when i do troll again, i don't think I'll ever get to the scratch of the level where it goes personal.
  11. MASH


    In law, a settlement is a resolution between disputing parties about a legal case, reached either before or after court action begins. The term "settlement" also has other meanings in the context of law. Structured settlementsprovide for future periodic payments, instead of a one time cash payment. I feel someone had to be captain obvious here.