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  1. Hey, you made a funny instead of crying. +1 mate.
  2. That's your reply? You call me weak but you don't even have a comprehension of knowing what you read. No where in there did i try to explain my main post. So again as I stated in what you just quoted. Y'all are not even worth my reply. Y'all do nothing but circle jerk to feeling like y'all won something.
  3. Your right. I expirence y'all doing it all the time to each other.
  4. Good grief at the tears in here. It's not even worth my time responding to it. And even @meezy0236 is crying (and he rarely comes on). So that's when you know you hit a spot with them. As for them accusing @Freebird Lives of dick riding I find hilarious. Because you can scroll through every post a taint fan has made and they are all jerking each other off........ y'all are having a limp biscuit parade every chance you get. ...... if you don't know what limp bisquit is; I'll explain. It's when everyone seats in a circle and jerks off into a biscuit. And then there's a person selected who has to eat it........ and in this case. Looks like all you fucker taint fans par took in it in eating it.
  5. Will do. Continue to get better and rest up.
  6. No, it passes for what is in your trophy case. sheesh, I thought you would like your gift by now. I'll come back September 15 about 7:00 PM EST
  7. Where else you going to play a home game?....... asking for a friend. And my friend is @Capt. Obvious
  8. You know looking at this from outsude the box it's better without the Falcons Jersey. Your statue should be a remembrance of coming back from Katrina, a look of what Gleason did. It should never be looked at as just one game. Think about your grand kid going to the game one day. Would you rather him laugh at the Falcons or learn who Gleason was and what that season was able to the city that just got hurt by one of the weirdest hurricanes to hit America?
  9. And yes ray and kevo. We all know, "Falcons have nothing in their case". We've known that 50+ years. Tell us something we don't know.
  10. What? Y'all didn't think I was going to be nice all season, did you? I am not Negan of being a prick anymore, but I am going to take rib shots at the least expected times.
  11. They've decided to add this to the saints trophy case.
  12. Rays about to hunt you down and beat you for comparing him to JB and @Rave. Lol
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