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  1. S4L clearly doesn't know what he's trying to talk shit about. .... if it was up to me, i would nuke his thread.
  2. It was actually name martha or something like that. And people called it that for some reason.
  3. Someone tell tatf that Julio won't let Bryant come back because he wants his money. Lol
  4. I see what you did there. And i do not approve
  5. I've "read" it's his agent
  6. Sorry to hear. And I'm becoming like that.
  7. I almost feel like turning off my phone and not keeping up with anyone anymore. I mean literally yesterday on the way back from a funeral i get a call about my aunt dying in her sleep for no reason. And them today another call to me saying someone i grew up with passed away randomly.
  8. Just had a funeral for my wife's aunt, about to have one for my aunt, and my brothers good friends i grew up with. I've tried realizing that death is normal. And used to hope that it happened at old age. But for fucks sakes doesn't matter of your 30 and healthy, old, got a cough...... death just gives random peple the finger now a day's.
  9. I came here to tell jb a thing about Denmark..... but i see others are asking him to read
  10. That made me laugh. Specially with a saint fan posting it.
  11. So when I was young. I used to go to Walmart with my brother in law. We would hollar and ask the employees if they saw snowflake. If they ever replied i would look dead serious and say my albino python. Yes stupid. But it's funny when your young and dumb and have nothing better to do...... so this is something i would probably do if i was 20 again.
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