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  1. Houston barely winning that game. I wasn't expecting a high score like that.
  2. @SaintRay very well spoken and spot on. I have not seen improvements of half of these accomplishments with any previous president since I started paying attention.
  3. Swear this is my newest cat.
  4. You literally said this (below quoted post) out of no where. You were not in a conversation with kevo, like you're trying to suggest now.
  5. Look at your first 2 post. How am I showing an ugly head? You've literally even said in here that since the gay community has been attacked that they get a pass for burying the flag.
  6. No. You didn't clarify. Instead you went after kevo in several post. And yes you are the definition of hypocrite. You literally snapped on kevo saying how he shouldn't use the word liberal because it is meaning all, and blah blah blah blah. Yet you literally had a thread created saying, "all" liberal are idiot's". Serious question. What drugs are you on? I've never seen you like this and I've always respected you, even when you chewed my ass out. You've literally went looking for a fight with kevo, freebird, and me...... I know the person your being today is going to be butthurt with me asking that. But old you would understand I'm just saying you're not acting yourself.
  7. This is funny. It's a snake of beer cups. Lol
  8. @DawnOfThemBirds I haven't heard. But I'm going to search Google like acop doing a cavity search.
  9. Exactly. I was so confused by dago coming towards you, yet he had that thread that literally said, "all".
  10. They'll eventually flip one day to saying they originally wanted it and it happened during Bush's days. And that credit goes back to 2000 days. Watch what history books say 20+ years from now.
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