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  1. You sounded cocky....... Didn't realize you were a Min Pin.
  2. Lucille is thirsty. She's a vampire bat...... You've ran into her a few to many times.
  3. So you taking bets that saints will win the NFC South in 2020, with the Falcons not having a winning record in 2020?
  4. hold up, who is bevis? I know of a Beavis. but not Bevis. @Dago @SaintRay dag nabbit now I'm turning into this spelling/grammar nazi
  5. I remember 2 years ago same for us. and all these other odds and etc....... yeah wasn't even close.
  6. Did you not make this post when it was #fakenews
  7. you bastards arguing over grammar/spelling, and I am not involved???
  8. Are you being serious? I thought he had done 100,000. This thing of "my is bigger than yours" is ridiculous. I'm proud of anyone who helps. And that doesn't mean just money.
  9. Someone's got to. Several of my friends were fighting or being depressed.
  10. Sorry but it looks like your computer is having a problem. Would you like to talk to Mohammed? He is from Dell technical support today.
  11. I will need your social and banking information. And I can waive the fee today for doing this for. Because I'm representing as the IRS. If not, you will not receive your check. And I'll have to turn your name over to the IRS for fines. The IRS will come to your door and arrest you, rape your dog, and pee in your flower bush. Do I make myself clear?
  12. MASH


    Just had someone who accused me duporting slavery and pulled a #metoo. All because I said that I liked men who built America more than politicians. And listen Carnegie and Ford as examples....... Yes I had to do a double check to make sure it was JB. It's not just analyzing each sentence that bothers me. The problem is the assumption of going to extreme.
  13. I'm sure we've all seen this. But as every day goes by it gets worse and worse. 20200326_071147_edited.mp4
  14. Trump could call it covid-19 or whatever. People still know where it came from and still would have their thoughts.
  15. Are you saying you named your wife's breast Negan and Mash? Or is it Negan and Fib? or by chance does she has 3 tits Like that chick in Total Recall, so you have their names, Mash, Fib and Negan?
  16. you bastard, why would you give him solid advice to put me on ignore. Just for that. At the next meet and greet, I will be there. and I will make sure @Freebird Lives coughs on your Drew Brees Jersey.
  17. it's Fib for Fibonacci. not Fibb with 2 B's. Also. there is Megan you can add to the list.
  18. don't forget to add his QB is a racist white boy
  19. but it's still today being called the spanish flu. even as it's been talked about in the last week.
  20. Poor Mr Wilson is probably terrified in his grave that's here going to be called a racist.
  21. I am Curious how the intro music to this is.
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