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  1. I had e matt Ryan, Julio, Turner that signed footballs..... what do I get?
  2. Well they feared for their lives

    I'm laughing because jb tried to act like he has black friends. ..... jb in real life sits in a old folks home and no one visit him. He tries to call family, but no one answers. He probably had a lot of family who disconnected their phones.
  3. I'm back.....

    Yeah when I saw him post, I never saw anything bad.
  4. I'm back.....

    So we lost the mullet cry baby and picked up this guy. Interesting
  5. R. Lee Ermey Passes

    Ah that does suck. I really enjoyed watching shows that had him in it.
  6. Banning

    While yes I agree. The kidd is bumping threads in the football chat for political purposes. And what he is saying has nothing in those thread about his political point.
  7. Banning

    Yeah I know I y'all hate it. And the only one who needed it, was clearly me. However jb needs a time out for a few weeks at least.
  8. Nor even a thunder at night house.
  9. Still great

    I'm lost on his reasoning for turning this into the Falcons Superbowl.
  10. So you are only here to troll for 7 years? And then once you have nothing to troll on, you'll leave?
  11. Jb, step away from the computer until draft day. Your letting things get to you way too bad.
  12. Comey's New Book

    You think it'll be sold out like crazy for almost 6 months? .... like milo, you know.
  13. Politics really have you screwed up in the head.
  14. A sex is different than a religion. ..... you know that right?