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  1. Negan

    RC FF League

    It's ok to say you are scared
  2. Negan

    Head Scratcher

    Dag nam that guy is messed up. Didn't know the stuff about the mental hospital
  3. Negan

    Jags vs taints.

  4. Negan

    RC FF League

    I want in.
  5. Negan

    Vid of JB clipping his fingernails

    I want to know how jb has been using the keyboard
  6. Negan

    Pac Man Jones Airport Fight

    That's the spirit. Would your uncle ray ray to hold your hand while you do it?
  7. That is true. Didn't think of it that way
  8. Negan

    Pac Man Jones Airport Fight

    Bless your heart, I've gotten you all upset. Don't worry your uncle ray ray will be coming to visit you real soon.
  9. Negan

    Pac Man Jones Airport Fight

    You want a treat? I'm sure ray will rub your little head for you.
  10. Negan

    Former Saint Been a Bad Boy

    Ohhhhh ray is going to lose his shit..... what's left of it, since dago has been pounding the shit out of his sphincter that has a tattoo around it saying, "waffle house", meaning always open.