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  1. Bloods, your people?
  2. Negan

    My people are awesome

    Your 43? Dammmnnnn I thought you were JB age. Jokes aside. Happy birthday.
  3. Negan


    Oh he mad
  4. Hey I performed well, as well
  5. Guess who got destroyed by a team that didn't make the playoffs.
  6. Negan

    NFL admits Davenport penalty not a foul

    Agreed. And it's been a long time since I've agreed with you.
  7. I think you'll miss me the most. Who knows I might be gone for weeks or months.
  8. I was told at work today to be ready to travel north and to double check everything on my truck today. "Some heroes don't wear capes, they wear hardhats" This picture was taken today by someone on my facebook.
  9. Negan

    Trademarking this shit...

    This thread definitely delivered
  10. Negan

    Wow Ray, this place is pretty quiet tonight

    I'm here
  11. Negan

    I'm eating Saints Cheerios for breakfast

    Ok that made me laugh
  12. Negan

    Who smokes newports?

    This guy destroyed davenport, Williams and the rest of the taints amazing pre season.
  13. Wins one game in forever, and he starts acting like he won the superbowl. Smh