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  1. Man..imagine your team and city* were this closely connected. *unless you're from NOLA in which case you're like "duh". Atlanta seems more like a baseball town, for example.
  2. I dunno how well Brees' shoulder is gonna hold up, but he at the very least seems to be a serviceable upgrade to the Billy-Joes I am accustomed to.
  3. That block! I Think this Brees cat might be a keeper
  4. Saints off to a good start! Liking this new attitude
  5. When Tom Servo gives advice on securing unfuckability, you can take that shit to church.
  6. For a substandard product, yes.
  7. They really put that shit on a pedestal didn't they? Stuck it way on up there
  8. Nothing being transmitted here. Not chants, not excitement...not even noise, really. Home field advantage: that'll cost ya more than a $2 hot dog there fella
  9. I left the Catholic Church in the 80's, Tom. But yes, I live in Georgia
  10. Falcons fans been practicing "social distancing" in the stands for years. They got this on lock
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