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  1. BadMoonRising

    2017 early predictions

    only way Falcons struggle next season is because of health issues. Our entire O is returning and young, except chester who could be replaced quite simply. Defense is young and trufant will most likely return. Not trashing the saints, but they got a long way to go defensively so I would have too wait and see what they do before i could remotely crown them.
  2. BadMoonRising


  3. I really like having an OC who has the ability to make adjustments on the fly. I don't know if the next guy can do it.
  4. BadMoonRising

    Looks like I'll be a Packers fan for one week

    I am honestly still torn on that, before the Viking game I was actually happy for the Saints. Some of those hits though, changed my feeling about and I just haven't ever felt better about it. That said I am a computer programmer who gives a damn how I feel about a professional football teams Superbowl.
  5. BadMoonRising

    Looks like I'll be a Packers fan for one week

    yeah, starting to wish Dallas won at least they would admit that Dallas fielded more than one player.
  6. BadMoonRising

    Looks like I'll be a Packers fan for one week

    I couldn't root for the Packers being honest. There only so much I can take of watching every TV personality giving him a BJ after BJ then licking his ass on live TV I can watch and not get sick to my stomach.
  7. BadMoonRising

    Looks like I'll be a Packers fan for one week

    included the nickelback since they play 80% of the time.
  8. BadMoonRising

    Looks like I'll be a Packers fan for one week

    whats funny is fans take this Rival crap way more to heart than the players dream of doing. Except Heath Evans, he's pretty much a 12 year old in the head.
  9. BadMoonRising

    Dallas vs Atlanta...in reality...

    My hatred for Dallas has no bounds. I cheer for the ground when them azzhats are flying in a plane. That said their offensive line is the the best in the business right now, I really don't see anyone's A game vs A game in the NFC being able to create enough of a disruption to slow down the cowboy's offense.
  10. BadMoonRising

    This dude may never be the same again

    He loves the game, my guess is he's worried its serious and he's done for the year. dude just has passion.
  11. BadMoonRising

    Fuck Mike Evans - He's Dead To Me.

    the goverment is far from perfect, but I have been abroad and not just the fun spots. WE have it good here, things are better the truth is special interest groups needs us fighting to stay in power. Nationalism is one thing that can unite us regardless of race and religion.
  12. BadMoonRising

    Fuck Mike Evans - He's Dead To Me.

    Lots of anti trump people are showing the best way now, its mike Evans he can go on CNN. MSNBC the daily show. These athletes have lots of opportunities to really do some good, and not at the expense at the few things that unite us.
  13. BadMoonRising

    Fuck Mike Evans - He's Dead To Me.

    because some of us feel that Anthem is more than just a song we sing before a game, some believe it its disrespectful to the men who went into the fires during 911, or the men and women who died on foreign shores. this country is not perfect has made mistakes, will make more mistakes but that is one moment regardless of our differences we come together and recognize those who continue to give us the chance to fix this nation we all live in. It just feel its wrong.
  14. http://www.ksla.com/story/33689627/video-mom-throws-son-out-of-the-house-for-voting-for-donald-trump-in-school-election?clienttype=generic&utm_content=buffer1c4e7&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer Another proud Democrat
  15. i like this, my only issue is a Single Payer system can be taken away or used to control the populace. No Thanks. Call me Ron Swanson