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  1. RelaxImaPro

    One more thing

  2. RelaxImaPro

    Back-to-back-to-back NFCS champs; NFC Champs

    Life gonna be rough for y'all this offseason Lol go ahead and get the basking in some other team's accomplishment out your system while you can
  3. RelaxImaPro

    Back-to-back-to-back NFCS champs; NFC Champs

    Nothings a given in this life brotha Still doesn't change the hierarchy in the division and this conference right now
  4. If anyone thinks they're bout to collect some W's after this game... think again. Reality bout to set in real quick Your teams are still trash We still run this bitch We're still gonna make this offseason hell for you all offseason long Matt Ryan still sucks dick Drew Brees is still one misstep away from retirement Jameis Winston is still a complete unknown with a completely new coaching staff Cam Newton is still the MVP and was still the best player in the league Enjoy your top of the draft draft picks Keep pounding bitches
  5. RelaxImaPro

    Welp congrats Denver

    Your season was over a long time ago bruh. I think I can manage.
  6. RelaxImaPro

    Welp congrats Denver

    Welp, here's to 2016 We weren't even supposed to be here anyway One game at a time
  7. RelaxImaPro

    Welp congrats Denver

    Lol don't get cocky mother fucker. You still know your place. We still run this bitch.
  8. RelaxImaPro

    Welp congrats Denver

    I don't know what the fuck happened. They looked completely unprepared this game... one of the worst executed games I've seen in years from this squad. Miscues all game long. Just complete failure all around all game long It was a great season despite the loss. Congrats to Peyton on his 2nd ring going out on top. Whatever, I don't even know. I've got court tomorrow morning.
  9. RelaxImaPro

    My favorite play against the Cardinals was...

    His NFL combine 40 time was like a 4.3 Granted Ginn was in the 4.2's, but Peterson is plenty fuckin fast
  10. Guess what Beef? I'm white, you dumb fuck. Lmao now do you realize how fucking defensive you were for absolutely no reason? How much of a fucking bigot you've made yourself seem like?
  11. Just back to the commercial thing. That "new" 2 Chainz/Cam commercial is actually an old commercial that they just re-dubbed with a couple of lines from 2 Chainz and re-released after the whole Tennessee mom letter thing and the height of the Cam MVP talk. It's called marketing... and cheap marketing at that, as they re-hashed an old piece. Here's the ORIGINAL commercial, from over a year ago, with CAM HIMSELF actually talking before they dubbed 2 Chainz over
  12. And where exactly did I accuse you or say that you should feel wrong because someone else did something long ago? Where exactly did I associate you with "them"? Where did I say I was on a plantation in danger of being lynched by racists? Where did I ever demand you to pay reparations for something you didn't do? All I did was acknowledge that it happened and that it does, in fact, still carry weight in society even to this day. You sure are projecting a whooole damn lot here. Feeling guilty of something perhaps?
  13. Doesn't even sound like Cam... at all. Cam doesn't talk like that. Meanwhile it sounds exactly like 2 Chainz.