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    We own the South

    Mother fuckers
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    The bandwagon is real

    With the Carolina Panthers’ recent success in the 2015 NFL season, it’s no surprise that the team now has some of the most popular jerseys among fans. Led by their strong defense, middle linebacker Luke Kuechly has the highest selling jersey in the past 30 days, according to Dick Sporting Goods. Not to be outdone though, quarterback Cam Newton checks in at No. 3 in the list of top jersey sales. Newton’s top pass-catching target Greg Olsen has the ninth highest jersey sales in the past month as well. On the season, Kuechly has the third highest jersey sales, following closely behind the Browns’ Joe Haden and the Patriots’ Tom Brady. The popularity of the Panthers has skyrocketed as they continue to remain undefeated. Newton’s end zone celebrations have attracted everyone around the country, corner back Josh Norman has become one of the premier defenders in the league and even the Panthers’ Twitter account has been a hit among social media followers.
  3. Alright cocksuckers, ***DO NOT*** share this thread or these videos outside this forum. If too much traffic or word gets out about this place then it's liable to disappear like everything else that tries to do this sort of thing. This is the only place I've even shared it at, since we're a pretty tight nit low key community here. I've been sitting on this goldmine for a couple of weeks now, so I'm trusting you.
  4. If anyone thinks they're bout to collect some W's after this game... think again. Reality bout to set in real quick Your teams are still trash We still run this bitch We're still gonna make this offseason hell for you all offseason long Matt Ryan still sucks dick Drew Brees is still one misstep away from retirement Jameis Winston is still a complete unknown with a completely new coaching staff Cam Newton is still the MVP and was still the best player in the league Enjoy your top of the draft draft picks Keep pounding bitches
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    Welp congrats Denver

    I don't know what the fuck happened. They looked completely unprepared this game... one of the worst executed games I've seen in years from this squad. Miscues all game long. Just complete failure all around all game long It was a great season despite the loss. Congrats to Peyton on his 2nd ring going out on top. Whatever, I don't even know. I've got court tomorrow morning.
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    One more thing

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    Back-to-back-to-back NFCS champs; NFC Champs

    Life gonna be rough for y'all this offseason Lol go ahead and get the basking in some other team's accomplishment out your system while you can
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    Back-to-back-to-back NFCS champs; NFC Champs

    Nothings a given in this life brotha Still doesn't change the hierarchy in the division and this conference right now
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    Welp congrats Denver

    Your season was over a long time ago bruh. I think I can manage.
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    Welp congrats Denver

    Welp, here's to 2016 We weren't even supposed to be here anyway One game at a time
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    Welp congrats Denver

    Lol don't get cocky mother fucker. You still know your place. We still run this bitch.
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    My favorite play against the Cardinals was...

    His NFL combine 40 time was like a 4.3 Granted Ginn was in the 4.2's, but Peterson is plenty fuckin fast
  13. Guess what Beef? I'm white, you dumb fuck. Lmao now do you realize how fucking defensive you were for absolutely no reason? How much of a fucking bigot you've made yourself seem like?
  14. Just back to the commercial thing. That "new" 2 Chainz/Cam commercial is actually an old commercial that they just re-dubbed with a couple of lines from 2 Chainz and re-released after the whole Tennessee mom letter thing and the height of the Cam MVP talk. It's called marketing... and cheap marketing at that, as they re-hashed an old piece. Here's the ORIGINAL commercial, from over a year ago, with CAM HIMSELF actually talking before they dubbed 2 Chainz over
  15. And where exactly did I accuse you or say that you should feel wrong because someone else did something long ago? Where exactly did I associate you with "them"? Where did I say I was on a plantation in danger of being lynched by racists? Where did I ever demand you to pay reparations for something you didn't do? All I did was acknowledge that it happened and that it does, in fact, still carry weight in society even to this day. You sure are projecting a whooole damn lot here. Feeling guilty of something perhaps?
  16. Doesn't even sound like Cam... at all. Cam doesn't talk like that. Meanwhile it sounds exactly like 2 Chainz.
  17. Oh, by the way. You realize that's fucking 2 Chainz talking in that Beats by Dre commercial and not Cam right? Lmao, I've seen Cam's supposed "comments" from that commercial referenced several times in this thread as evidence of his supposed arrogance. That's not Cam talking. Sad that you have to go to that length of delusion and being so detached from reality to hate on him about a commercial which he didn't write, much less even speak in.
  18. So acknowledging American History and the social stigma that comes attached with certain races, be it white/black/whatever, whether they like it or not is ridiculous now? Just so happens the ones we're discussing right now deals with being black. Just because you want to keep your head buried in the sand about it and not acknowledge it doesn't make it any less real. It's very, very real. I mean hell, it was barely 50 years ago when the Civil Rights Act was passed. JB was somewhere kicking it watching a football game during that time, and he's here regularly posting with us.
  19. I'm sure they have. I'm also sure Manning hasn't ever came out and said anything about it because he's never had a reporter directly ask him "So Peyton Manning, why do you think you're such a polarizing figure and such a lightning rod for criticism?" like they did Cam here. Because Manning has never been polarizing, he's never been a lightning rod that had his character, every action or statement dissected and criticized every which way but up for the most miniscule of reasons by the media and everyone else. Just the opposite. He's been highly celebrated and the media golden boy his entire career. He was beloved since before he ever even came out of Tennessee. He was Andrew Luck before Andrew Luck. Even more so. Also, I'll come right out and say it. Peyton Manning is white. He doesn't have the same type of racial stigma attached to him as a black person would when it comes to societal views. So why would he ever need to say something like that? Since when in this country is being white a negative qualifier when it comes to a position of authority such as QB? I must have missed the part of American history where white men and women weren't allowed to have certain jobs because of the color of their skin. Weren't allowed in certain establishments because of the color of their skin. Not allowed to drink from the same water fountains because of the color of their skin. Being hung by the neck in masses because of the color of their skin. Being lynched just because of the color of their skin. Being forced to work the cotton fields from childhood up until their backs eventually gave out, then tossed aside like trash, because of the color of their skin. You have to be pretty fucking detached from reality not to understand the differences there. What's that got to do with the conversation at hand anyways? Oh right, it doesn't. Classic treefiddy deflection.
  20. Look, there's a lot of people that are already predisposed to dislike Cam solely because he's a very unapologetic, extremely outgoing, outspoken, eccentric black man playing QB, a position that has traditionally been played (or acted) by the 100% All-American hush-hush good ole boy God-fearing types... whether they be white or black. It has been predominately white though, for the record. The fact that Cam completely flies in the face of that, WHILE being very successful, threatens some... that's just natural instincts for a certain sect of our population. Look at Russell Wilson. He's black, but he tows the company line every single step of the way so it's no big deal - that "I have a black friend so I'm not racist" argument doesn't work for Wilson. Brett Favre is one of the most beloved players in NFL history for many of the same reasons people hate Cam. Some of the same people that can't stand Cam loved Johnny Manziel coming out of Texas and he was far worse than Cam ever was. Cam plays the QB position with tons of flair, wears his emotions on his sleeve and brings his culture along with him for the ride. This rubs a lot of people the wrong way for whatever reason. It's not SOLELY because he's black, but it's sure as hell a big factor when combined with the other things he does. Trust me, this isn't being pulled out of thin air. I have seen PLENTY accounts of people hating Cam because he's a quote unquote "fucking nigger" several times with my own fucking eyes. Heard it with my own fucking ears. Saw all the racists on the Panthers message boards his first two seasons who slowly got weeded out and eventually disappeared as time went by. And I'm just talking Panther fans here. If there was that much going on in our own damn fanbase you expect me to believe for a MINUTE it wasn't going on everywhere else? If I've seen and heard it just as a fan I know damn well Cam is aware of it as well, and this is the first time he's ever went public and commented on it.
  21. The reporter asked him why he thought he was so polarizing and such a lightning rod to criticism and the like. This was his response: “I’m an African-American quarterback, that may scare a lot of people because they haven’t seen nothing they can compare me to," "People are going to judge, and have opinions on things I don’t have control over,” Newton said. “I felt a certain type of way then and I feel a certain type of way now — nothing has pretty much changed. They talk about maturity. They talk about skill set ... The only thing that has changed is that we’re winning now.” “It’s like here I am, I’m doing exactly what I want to do, how I want to do it, and when I look in the mirror, it’s me,” he said. “Nobody changed me, nobody made me act this certain way, and I’m true to my roots. But yet people are going to say whatever they’re going to say. “If I’m in this world living for that person, then I can’t look at myself and say I’m Cam Newton – or Cameron Newton to most people - because I’m not. I’m living for you. You know what I’m saying?” So some really gonna act like many, even several on this very forum, didn't try to put Cam into a box and say he should act like this quarterback, act like that quarterback, he'll never be a leader or a franchise quarterback because he doesn't act like Peyton Manning (who sexually assaulted a female trainer in college, but oh let's ignore that like everyone else), etc, etc.? Because that's what he's saying here. Cam faced a shit ton of outright racist bullshit coming out of Auburn. He pissed off a whooole lot of racist college football fanatics in 2010 when he single-handedly dominated the SEC... hotdogging with a smile on his face the whole way. Shit, a lot of Carolina Panther fans felt the same way when we first drafted him before we saw what he was really about. It took us about a good 2 1/2 to 3 years to finally weed out the racist POS's in our OWN fanbase that had it out for Cam.
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    They just kept pounding.

    He just kept pounding