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    Dline finally showed up to protect Gettelmen's secondary . .
  2. rooting for nawlins today

    Does it really matter??
  3. Congrats Saints

    Hopefully ppl start putting some of the heat of this lost failed season on Gettelmen..
  4. I'm already looking at pass rushers and olinemen for top 5 to top 10 picks.. Also looking at FA as well.. Gettelmen fucked this season up with his arrogance. Hopefully he has learned a lesson in humility and that he can't Bargin shop a team every year..
  5. Congrats saints..

    Looks like the basement is waiting for us. Good game.
  6. Congrats saints..

    Looks like the basement is waiting for us. Good game.
  7. Congrats Bucs

    Gritty win.. Good job ..
  8. 1-4 unbelievable

    Smh... This is all on Gman and his fucking arrogance..
  9. Billy Bush sounds like a hype man in that video. Lol "The Donald Scores"...hahahaha
  10. If GWB starts talking you know it has gotten bad... Wow what a bad fucking year for politics..
  11. Republicans might need to get Herbert Walker out soon..
  12. GWB maybe coming soon to save the party and down ballot ppl.. Dam it's gotten this bad??
  13. Will GWB be coming oUT of the Shadow too. To save the down ballot candidates...