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  1. If we had a "healthy" Cam you would have lost this game.. The added dimension of the QB running would have made a difference for us in this game..
  2. We got all the breaks and still lost.. Good teams liked the saints can win even when the ball isn't bouncing their way.. Good game thoe..
  3. My bad .. still hope its true..
  4. Thanks but the better team won today no doubt and it's time to blow this team up.. We got alot of breaks and still lost.. Plain and simple..
  5. Hopefully they take his job as well.. Time for a new start..
  6. Read the thread basement boy!! Tell your mom to make the meatloaf 1st..
  7. Who is going to save your team??
  8. Congrats Saints.. Time to blow it up.
  9. Yeah that was a big ass whipping and ends the whole Kyle Allen being a starter for the future thing..
  10. "I don't give a fuck that I'm a loser and cheer for a basement loser team" lol Fuck Walmart Maybe Blank can get a better team from one of his Homedepot stores.. Atleast the Walmart greeter has never been the QB of a 1 win team.. Lol
  11. 1-7 ? Matt Ryan?? Lol win more than 4 games this year basement bitch!! Let's laugh about that..
  12. Predictably.. Kyle Allen reality check from a top defense.. Rivera gets outclassed again by Shanahan.. If we are going to contend we need a healthy Cam.. Plain and simple..
  13. Congrats on that.. I have 2 neighbors one a Gamecock and one a bulldog.. The Gamecock fan ran down the street and shotgun a beer on the Bulldogs fan lawn on Facebook video.. Funny as fuck!!! Lol
  14. 4 in a row not bad.. Hurney offseason is paying off bigtime.. The depth on the offense and defensive lines are clear.. Kyle making no mistakes and managing the game is big .. On to the bye Hopefully getting some big luck on the health front.. Keep pounding..
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