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  1. Carolina Boy now...
  2. If Mrs. Ryan was my mom I would have aborted myself.. poor kids...
  3. If Richard Pryor save his ass in prison with comdey.. Mash potatoes would have been a booty jockey as soon as he hit the cell.. You are the fucking worst at this.. Please go take a class or something before I smack who ever nigga "funny boner" out your fucking mouth...
  4. Omg.. I see what you did.. You made a play off the old medieval village idiot jokes... like "Jerk store called Their missing you" thing right?? Good job powder puff .. That really was a good attempt at Elementary school comdey.. You should kill them on the playground... Lol You dumb motherfucker... Go back to your barbershop quartet and get Sal and the boys to give you another 1... You're still making bitch made jokes..
  5. That's what Matt Ryan should have said..
  6. My absence causes more blue balls then even I imagined.. My apologies powder puff..
  7. Really powder puff?? This is your life?? Pathetic...
  8. Prolly won't... All we have to do is really suck next year and be in Range to get a little hometown "sunshine"
  9. You know alot about "Ass Jelly" don't you powder puff?? Lol
  10. I'll give Ray a little credit.. Its really not that hard to get a better looking women then Horseface joker...
  11. Stfu and stop acting tough before you get smack infront of your mom/roommate nigga..
  12. Good luck fighting for the division title the next 2 years.. We probably won't be apart of the competition... Tepper is tearing this bitch down and will billionaire his way back up...
  13. Luuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkeeeeeee.. LK59 will be missed Great player and better person...
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