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  1. Congrats on that.. I have 2 neighbors one a Gamecock and one a bulldog.. The Gamecock fan ran down the street and shotgun a beer on the Bulldogs fan lawn on Facebook video.. Funny as fuck!!! Lol
  2. 4 in a row not bad.. Hurney offseason is paying off bigtime.. The depth on the offense and defensive lines are clear.. Kyle making no mistakes and managing the game is big .. On to the bye Hopefully getting some big luck on the health front.. Keep pounding..
  3. Need another Outside big Wr.. I say again..
  4. Need to get Ian Thomas more involved..
  5. Vernon Butler is having the game of his life 4 years to late..
  6. We need another big Outside WR.. This year is proving that DJ is better in the slot.. If we are going with a lesser QB we need better weapons to make a bigger run..
  7. Biggest difference in the game.. Healthy QB and Williams won't be near the LT spot.. Hopefully Little is back but I'll take Daley or any street FA at LT over the Malpractice of putting Williams there..
  8. I was telling ppl on the Huddle that right now.. Minshew is playing like a guy taking a starters job.. Allen is being more of a game manager... This game showed the difference..
  9. So we should see AK double CMac numbers vs the JAGs next week right since this is the dumb argument you're using right?
  10. Always a excuse.. Unless 1 of them gets hurt it will be the same excuse 8 games 12 games and 16 games down the road.. There is always a but this or that.. Reality is right now the numbers don't lie and 1 has better numbers.. But if you want to play that game.. Winston destroyed the Rams Brees didn't who's the better QB??
  11. Why even try?? Plain and simple .. 1 is leading the league in every RB category and the offensive player of the month in the NFC and one isn't.. Debate over..
  12. Serious question.. Do you think we could trade or try to get another WR?? Depending on Moore and Samuels isn't enough I think we need could use a big WR.. Maybe see what Miami wants for Parker?? IF Samuels or Moore gets hurt we have nothing to back them up..
  13. Burns is amazing... We need Donte back soon... The Oline is better when Williams isn't the LT no matter who they put there (lol) Olsen might be done give Thomas more playing time and the switch to the 3-4 may save Hurney and Rivera's job..
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