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  1. Well that sucked. Looks like a Saint 3 pete..
  2. I don't know if it has here but we talked about it on the huddle. And the show is good but depressing for all panthers fans.. We know the ending and it sucks!!
  3. Now this is a fucking beautiful pass..
  4. If he stays healthy Samuels is in for a big Stefon Diggs like impact this year.. https://www.panthers.com/video/must-see-highlight-samuel-snags-deep-ball-over-bills-defender
  5. Thank goodness Bree's can't do it anymore..lol
  6. That was the point.. Ron is a good head coach ..
  7. There's is a spectrum but again these kids are going more to his side of the spectrum then ours.. Oh and the rest of this was me having fun passing time .. I really don't care what most of you think ... Moving on you can have the thread now..lol This was fun..lmao
  8. Oh so now we're going back to the psychology of posting drivel..lol Seriously do you have any other moves other than horrible jokes and psycho analysis?? There has got to be more you can put into this internet persona you're running with??
  9. It was still horrible on the reread as well.. You suck!!
  10. Really?? We are not the style makers anymore they are...
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