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  1. Stfu and stop acting tough before you get smack infront of your mom/roommate nigga..
  2. Good luck fighting for the division title the next 2 years.. We probably won't be apart of the competition... Tepper is tearing this bitch down and will billionaire his way back up...
  3. Luuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkeeeeeee.. LK59 will be missed Great player and better person...
  4. The Moral victories crew is back at it again.. "Falcon Fans" "Finding glory in actual failure since 1966"
  5. All you are is a dumbass opinion... Your parents thought about having kids.. Didn't realize both of them are morons and will probably only create retarded spawn .. And here you are constantly running your bitchass mouth behind a username on the internet... Conversate with ppl who actually like you.. That not me... Oh and here are facts and some opinion since you're so stupid not to know the difference.... 13-3 team being favorite next season - fact Best defense in the division being the Saints this year - fact 6-2 record after 1-7 start meaning anything positive for next season.. When you're not really changing anything coaching or GM wise - opinion Thinking you're going to make significant moves with little to no cap space - opinion Dumbass...
  6. Figure it out for yourself bitchmade... I've already explained this to your bitchass enough... Stay being the loser you are it's okay...
  7. Not everybody dumb slut... Miami nor Cincy at 1 point were competition for a ring this year.. You can play the dumbass semitic role all you want .. That's all you're known for anyway...( clown ass pussy)... Plain and simple the Saints will still go into next year favorites to win the division and looked at as a championship contender... The Falcons won't the Panthers won't and Bucs won't either...Deal with it cum-stain...Talk yourself up after another losing season find false victories where there isn't any.. That's what you're good at pussy please don't change... lol
  8. I said compete for a ring but please keep changing typed word to fit your narrative..lol
  9. Cool live off that .. We will see what difference that actually makes ..lol
  10. From things I've read now.. Your cap situation is you're 2 mil over and probably need to make cuts to even sign your draft picks.. And your 6-2 record at the end of the season.. You really think that's consequential?? Your coach got desperate trying to keep his job and squeezed out some victories on a soft backend schedule... reality check sorry..
  11. Reality and a 5-11 season..
  12. Then you're not living in reality.. They ranked higher than all of ours. And other than the Bucs.. None of our cap situation are great to add anything substantial..
  13. Nah that will be your mom...
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