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  1. Quick snap shot into Falcon fans insecurities.. This Cam conversation begins because Wake didn't rank Julio the number 1 WR in the NFL?? Huh!! Top 5 wasn't good enough..lol Then comes the childish comeback of "well so you like Cam" Lol .. Worst fan base in sports won't ever change.
  2. And still scored 29tds missing 2 games.. Sooooooo #facts a hurt Cam still produces ..
  3. Don't worry about Hypocrite falcon fans.. They stopped counting rushing stats for QB'S after 2006 for some strange reason?? Hmmmmmmm.. Before then they were petition to get a certain players shoes in the HOF that wasn't a RB..lol
  4. 2015 when he was MVP, OPOY, and ranked the number player in the NFL players list.. lol
  5. KYS

    Cam cam?

    Motion seems tighter and more compact.. But we won't know how different the "tweaks" are until he let it rip for a bomb or game situation to see if it settles into muscle memory..
  6. Kawhi the new king of the East?? Love Gannis but Kawhi just put in a serious profile for most dominant player in the east..
  7. If Kawhi pulls this off with this surrounding cast..hmmmm .. That is a huge statement on where he ranks in this league..
  8. Thank you.. But I'll be in and out thoe.. But I appreciate the sentiment..
  9. Why would I ever do anything like that?? I'm happy with me.. life is great thank the lord..lol
  10. Wow that's incredible.. A analytics breakdown of a MB post.. Your parents must be proud upstairs..lol
  11. You could.. And that would do what again?? Absolutely nothing I guess.. But its Okay if that's how you feel.. I'm glad you feel like you won on the internet today. Good for you buddy..
  12. So is this your whole arsenal now?? Gay jokes This guy was going to beat up thing.. You're poor.. Panther failure gifts And clothes ppl where?? Is that all you got spanky??
  13. Yeah that happened so did this.. Now what?? Still in the same boat titleless.. I'm glad Falcons fan still pump their chest while having nothing to pump their chest about..lol
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