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  1. DaBadass#11

    WC Round Predictions

    If I had to choose a lock it would be The Jags oddly enough... I also got Titans,Falcons,and Saints respectively. But I’m not as confident in those picks as I am with Jacksonville
  2. DaBadass#11

    Yo lil' kid...

    And y’all couldn’t even beat the whitest team in America... gah damnit @treefiddy end the year on a 3 game losing streak... cmon man
  3. DaBadass#11

    Two NFL Assistant Coaches Give Their Thoughts On Sark

    Sark sucks ass. Point blank period. This isn’t some foreign language to him. He ran the same type stuff at USC and Washington. Only difference is he has no idea how to call a game or use his players in ways to compliment their abilities... (MOSTLY GABRIEL AND COLEMAN)
  4. DaBadass#11

    Glad Kyle Shanahan left

    Premature drinking starts now.... on a side note Jimmy G for MVP
  5. This thread alone is why McVay deserves coach of the year
  6. DaBadass#11

    Yo lil' kid...

    @treefiddy have a blast in the Nobody Gives a Damn bowl against Wisconsin
  7. DaBadass#11

    NFCS could land 3 teams in the playoffs

    Not only yalls... he did it to us in 2012... fuck VD
  8. DaBadass#11

    NFCS could land 3 teams in the playoffs

    It's what we do... literally look at the last 5 Super Bowls we've been in damn near all of them
  9. DaBadass#11

    Waiting in the wings

    1 game. And we control our own destiny. The Falcons are coming. Stay alert.
  10. Why and how the fuck did this go from a thread about the jags to the validation of the saints? Got damnit @treefiddy
  11. DaBadass#11

    Yo lil' kid...

    I ain't tripping. Richt always shits the bed
  12. Did you think before the season they'd be this good?
  13. Aside From KC I believe they're the next best bet to topple the Pats. Only cause they can play keep away from their offense cause NE's defense is horrible, and their defense is one that could fluster Brady just like we seen the Ravens and Broncos past defenses do.