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  1. Don’t you have swamp waters to swim in? Time to your overweight hero in a MAGA hat to save you.
  2. Ray and his crew continue insist how they are not racist or homophobic. They’re doing a fine job at proving the contrary. Stay racist, Trump fans. 😅
  3. So, trump has failed majority of Americans while benefiting the few that are in red states.
  4. $92 mil for a parade and $0 for starving Americans is clever? Such wise priorities. Trump is just keeping up the good work.
  5. I would think a certain clever businessman with 500+ companies is better suited for that.
  6. It’s just a 20 person Internet forum, I don’t take that stat seriously.
  7. Unlike you and ray, good thing my state isn’t on that list. Enjoy being poor, losers!
  8. Your wife is retired? Didn’t know whores got pension plans. 🤣
  9. No it doesn’t, numbskull. An abundance of anything lowers its value. How does not being in debt equates to not being poor?
  10. Because it’s a coffee restaurant, dumbass. Which I’m glad there’s no more inbred conservatives.
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