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  1. Anna Kendrick is shaped in a strange way.
  2. Brock Samson joe swanson https://youtu.be/c3raKrkl3D4
  3. What? isnt he the reason Atlanta won super bowl 51?
  4. Checked in to see the score for my squares and I must say That stadium looks a lot less tacky not draped in that red n black color scheme
  5. Just left outback and am currently at Lowe’s picking up some odds and ends for the after season honey do list
  6. The Dez Bryant noncatch still irks me just like I’m sure this will bother ray and key and any other taint fucktard but neither compare to the choke job of super bowl 51 and it’ll stick with you for as long as you all DONT have a Lombardi.
  7. These nimrods know the saints got screwed.
  8. Half the falcon fanbase would’ve spent the next 2 weeks crying if saints won
  9. Nah. Clock runs for 2-3 plays after rams use their last timeout. Hit the fg rams don’t have much time with no timeouts saints got hosed
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