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  1. Anybody try Wendy’s saweome sauce? i wonder if it’s similar to chick fil a sauce camt wait til we get recreational weed here in nm
  2. I’m a big fan of the military blue Jordan 4 cant wait to get an og version You smelly piece of alpaca poop
  3. Need a new tv for da bedroom any recomendationson a 60”er that won’t brizzache tha bizzank
  4. Does anyone still watch mnf? i only watch when Dallas plays.
  5. Have paid 0 attention to the process this year. Ill take a look tomorrow to see what left for Dallas to hope for @ 58
  6. Who’s career do you think your tarded teams will ruin tomorrow?
  7. One of the few falcon victories over the saints in recent history?
  8. He’d be worth a hell of a lot more if he put points on the board
  9. I see three possible road roof openings. But who am I kidding. Its the falcons. Those teams probably have a hard enough time justifying turning on the lights for them Much less putting on the effort to push the buttons to open theroof
  10. Good luck and get well soon Let this be lesson to the rest of you. Drain the vag and keep it clean. dont want to end up like .350. Ill never forget the time we shared together.
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