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  1. Cowboys always negotiate through the media. Dak isn’t going anywhere and neither is Tom for that matter
  2. Doesn’t look real to me
  3. Yeah. I haven’t spent a dime on cowboys gear since the 2016 season. I watch but I don’t have any emotional connection anymore. Now if they start winning I’m a be all up in your face like these niner fanzz right meow
  4. As long as the corporate money keeps flowing
  5. Personally I’m hoping he stays. football is so two thousand and late.
  6. We pumping the brakes over in cowboy world about this tweet. Might be true but the past few days have everyone unsure and even more on edge
  7. That’s funny I have a friend named Milton that looks just like the except he has salt and pepper hair. he used to claim to love America but now he’s a cultist just like you.
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