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  1. Vanilla2

    Just to piss some of you off...

    Doesn’t bother me. Maybe it bothers some of you because of the repressed feelings you’ve been living with all these years
  2. Vanilla2

    would you do her ( Politics Edition)

    This place used to be fun
  3. Vanilla2

    Question for Syco

    Don’t act like none of you trump supporters are not over looking shit 45 has done that you would’ve hammered 44 for. The hipocracy that gets my goat is religious hipocracy
  4. Vanilla2

    Question for Syco

    It’s easier to overlook or make light of these things when it’s your guy.
  5. Vanilla2

    RC’s alltime dope thread ...

  6. Vanilla2

    RC’s alltime dope thread ...

    Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree amirite raymundo?
  7. Vanilla2

    taints stadium

  8. Vanilla2

    Julio Back in the Brotherhood

    Artie caved trump style
  9. Cult of personality
  10. Vanilla2

    Because Fuck The Environment

    Queef = shred
  11. Vanilla2

    Because Fuck The Environment

    I don’t know how you do it jimmy. This fascist circle jerk is tough to take. Amd to top it off you got to deal with an even angrier shred than the normal shred.
  12. Vanilla2

    From the rapist mouth himself

    I thought they set the min @ 6 with Zeke. This leagues lack of disciplinary consistency is terrible
  13. But I thought the fbi was not to be trusted
  14. You all are the ones who railed against pc culture. Now that the shoe is on the other foot it’s pearl clutching time. Sad!