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  1. Vanilla2

    Steal a base....

    I’m sure there are Mexicans where you all live. If you want tacos find a taco truck order a plate of carne asada or al pastor tacos. Taco Bell is garbage but you know that already
  2. Vanilla2

    Steal a base....

    Why would I be excited for honkey tacos
  3. You guys are a bump of chumps
  4. Aikman had more Super Bowl win than 5 Players on your list.
  5. Vanilla2

    Davenport is for real

    Gaymundo n da house hows alex?
  6. Vanilla2

    Hey deadkins

    Thank you
  7. Vanilla2

    I have a question to ask.

  8. Vanilla2

    Top ten draft picks?

    Member when they took all this VT corners
  9. Vanilla2

    Where was Ridley in the 2nd half?

    Julio ain't scoring Falcons arent winning How happy is he just to be a part of the team?
  10. Vanilla2

    Problem with the Falcons defense

    I been trying @treefiddy have you thought about it my friend? i just want to remind you that I will keep you lookin good but you got to bring some some to the table do you got a savings account I can look at?
  11. Vanilla2

    Giants @ Panthers Game Thread

    Cookin mc’s like a pound of bacon