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  1. Feels like Carrs situation is similar to Brees aside from the injury. Before Brees breakout year in San Diego they were ready to move on. I feel like he is just good enough to at least keep this team as a playoff contender. Similar to what Teddy did
  2. I mean i get it...but i feel like him being with a more stable organization and HC would do him some good. The Raiders seem to be one of those organizations where players go to die. Reality is we are probably not in position to take an elite guy and he's probably the best most attainable QB out there.
  3. Curious to see what our future is at QB. I mean they keep pushing Taysom but a 30 year old that relies on athleticism is kind of shakey to me for a long term prospect. Looking at possible guys that have disappointed or may be malcontents and i wouldnt mind taking a chance on Derrick Carr.
  4. They are calling for a revote from what i saw. But yea this i would think would go to court. No way should this be allowed to fly
  5. In a letter to the NFLPA on Monday, Reid's lawyers said language posted on the players' association's website after passage of the agreement by a 1,019-959 vote on March 15 contains language different from the one that the players signed off on.The letter from attorneys Ben Meiselas and Ray Genco highlights a difference in wording in the section about the league's disability plan that affects hundreds, and potentially thousands, of ex-players who applied for Social Security disability insurance payments before Jan. 1, 2015. In the version the players received and approved, those offsets applied only to players who applied after Jan. 1, 2015. im no CBA expert but this seems really fucked up
  6. Jimmy Graham once said he would retire before playing with another QB not names Brees. Brees...Great Wilson...ok, not mad at that. I get it Rodgers... Let's turn this thing back around buddy Foles...ok, now that quote was fucking dumb in hindsight
  7. He was not that bad in Seattle. He just was not NO Graham. But still very productive. I still think he has something left but this may be one of the worst locations to prove it.
  8. He's also had Russ Wilson and Aaron Rodgers these last few years. Nick Foles is not going to make things better
  9. Ill believe it when i see it. Chicago has not exactly been an offensive powerhouse.
  10. I mean if they get divorced and he doesnt have a solid prenuptial than technically its hers too
  11. Honestly i dont think they are that much better than having Winston. I dont know i just seen enough pats games to where they couldnt move the ball and it was not always the other players fault Brady did not look like himself. Brady behind this Tampa o line does not scare me. Its fun to make fun of Jameis but Evans has had a great career and Godwin has had a breakout year under him. Im just not sure the offense will be as good. Sure, less turnovers. But i dont think they'll be able to move the ball as well under this version of Brady.
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