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  1. WWE Thread

    Can't wait for the eventual Miz/Bryan feud years in the making
  2. Meanwhile, the Saints have a budding star in Ryan Ramczyk

    If Hernandez was alive that All prison team looks pretty formidable
  3. WWE Thread

    I read that it was a trademark issue. Iconic Duo was taken
  4. Bears fans taking it well
  5. WWE Thread

    To be fair, he had the personality of a potato the first go around.
  6. Patriots trade Brandon Cooks to Rams

  7. Happy Falcons Day!

    I already got my "fuck off" in the other thread. We are all 👍
  8. Happy Falcons Day!

    I kind of like this one. Robert stack was the man. Creepy as fuck watching as a kid though
  9. TE Ben Watson rejoins Saints

    Nice stop gap and we should still draft a guy. Get rid of any 2 of the 3 we have. I'd like to keep Hooman personally
  10. New Rules Foolishness

    I have a sneaking suspicion they wont call it when RB's do it. They rarely do anything to handicap offensive players
  11. Happy Falcons Day!

    I think they should make this a national holiday. I'll get the ball rolling on this and will start taking off of work and have the family start exchanging gifts on this day.
  12. LA rams stacked, we fucked

    Same here.... I'm still holding out hope we can sign him next year because they really have to sign some guys. That locker room in LA has some pretty big personalities. Maybe he'll hate it there.
  13. Suh released by Dolphins

    I could have sworn they were doing poorly. I may have them confused with the Chargers. Too many damn cali teams anyway. Still, Fuck the Rams
  14. Suh released by Dolphins

    You might be right about that. I get them mixed up.