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  1. Houston VS DC is the matchup we need to see.
  2. I mean all we are asking for is someone to verify... Any one person lol Its hard for me to see him keep doubling down on this when not 1 fucking person on the field heard it. Did he whisper it in his ear?
  3. Im not ready to say its a better league...but its starting to be more fun https://dailysnark.com/fans-create-75-foot-long-snake-of-beer-cups-spanning-9-rows-at-xfl-game/
  4. Not sure i wouldnt sue for slander at this point
  5. Pouncy would have easily beat his ass had he said it.
  6. The Steelers team was quick to throw bell under a bus during his contract dispute. So why wouldnt they do the same if some no name player like Rudolph was throwing slurs out there. Just show me one player or person that backs this up. Garrett just needs to stop and shut the fuck up. He is insulting people that go through or have gone through real racism.
  7. New year, new me! Seriously, why the fuck did he wait this long lol
  8. He's going to play whatever they tell him to play if he wants to stick around. We already seen what happened to Tebow by not transitioning and he helped win a playoff game as a starting QB. (Yea, i know Tebow was trash but he still had more leverage than Taysom)
  9. Id rather the draft pick. Let him go to Cleveland or something.
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