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  1. Sauce Castieaux

    I’d like to point out ....

    The thing is he probably wont have to be putting up crazy ass numbers like his old self. Its hard to determine if there will be a decline or he just has more help. Saints fans will say he has more help...rivals will say he is declining. Not sure we will have a real answer. As it stands right now i dont think we'll see a washed up Brees. He'll probably just call it quits when he wants to spend time with his 800 kids.
  2. Sauce Castieaux

    RC FF League

    Im in to play
  3. Sauce Castieaux

    Former Saint Been a Bad Boy

    It's not like Atlanta hasn't had their fair share of shit. Every team has. Pretty interesting site http://nflarrest.com/ LOL Adam Jones with the double digit arrest
  4. Sauce Castieaux

    Former Saint Been a Bad Boy

    He was last a Seahawk in the NFL. So technically he was not even "Our guy"
  5. Sauce Castieaux

    Former Saint Been a Bad Boy

    Hey man, he could have picked that up from New England as well. As well as the seahawks, we know there is no accountability over there. He was long corrupted before he made it here.
  6. Sauce Castieaux

    Former Saint Been a Bad Boy

    No one liked this prick when he was on the team. This is the least surprising news ever
  7. Sauce Castieaux

    The WAAAAAAAAAAAAY Too EARLY NFCS Prediction Thread

    Saints 10-6 Falcons 10-5-1 Panthers 8-8 Bucks 4-12
  8. Sauce Castieaux


    Not sure that's completly true. The only reason they coukd afford to do so was because of the cap spike a couple of years ago. The NBA wanted to smooth it over a few years but the PA rejected that. It bit teams in the ass because they overspent and the cap didnt go as high as they thought. They took advantage of a loophole. Good for them
  9. Sauce Castieaux


    My only question is when he does come back. At some point there is just not alot of touches for 1 ball. How is he going to adjust being like the 4th option?
  10. Sauce Castieaux


    Lost in tgis situation is the fact he will not play till about all star break. He's getting a ring, but it damn sure aint earned. Make no mistake about it...i have 0 issues with GS. They are doing exactly what they should. But Boogie got caught in his feelings and took the easy way out. No one other than us wanted him. GS saw an oppotunity and took advantage of it. As well they should.
  11. Sauce Castieaux


    Gregory G. @srevolution 3 minutes ago @JoelMeyersNBA stated that the Pelicans are running everything by AD, and he takes it to Jrue to discuss. He knows everything that’s going on and approves all of it. Noise of Davis being upset is just that, noise.
  12. Sauce Castieaux


    If Boogie wants to go to the superfag friends then by all means go. But dont fucking say we didnt want or offer him a deal because he had one. Dont fucking lie about it. Oh, and AD signed off on not wanting him so that says it all "Andrew Doak @AndrewDoak_WWL 8 minutes ago Lost in all of this is Anthony Davis’ role in free agency. Source w/ team said if AD wanted Cousins back, GM Demps would have listened. Davis liked the style the Pels started to play without Cousins, and he also liked the environment in the locker room more with Boogie absent."
  13. I would hope so. Was just curious how that worked because he really has no incentive to do so otherwise. If you are a piece of shit, go all in. "fuck yall's fine, I aint paying"
  14. Sauce Castieaux

    From the rapist mouth himself

    "It is uncharacteristic of me"
  15. First of all fuck him but how do you fine a guy that no longer owns a team? What is to stop him from saying screw you and your fine!