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  1. Fuck it, he may be a dipshit but he's our dipshit for now. #BBB
  2. Gonna be interesting to see the details on the Picks LA just gave NOLA. From what I understand the Pelicans didn’t want Lakers FRP next year. But through pick swaps they essentially have control of the Lakers draft for the next 7 years. Ramona Shelburne
  3. Dont know how they get Beal they gave everything to NO. NO controls their draft picks for the next 7 years
  4. Curious to know how LA fills out their roster. AD aint playing 82 games
  5. I know pels fans will shit on this because Davis got his way but its a good haul. Demps would have gotten us Dwight howard and a 2023 2nd round pick. Also, i expect us to keep dealing.
  6. Im glad that emotional lesbian Demarcus Cousins lost.
  7. To be fair, skill wise NO was left without a team for years
  8. I just hope we have a year that puts this bullshit aside. Team has enough leadership to where they wont let the gane carry over to this year. We can go around in circles but whats the point. Im just ready for football to start
  9. So you can get on the refs for not doing jobs (fair enough) but the players/coaches get a pass for not doing theirs? It is without a question a garbage no call. But i will not have the team go blameless for getting themselves in that situation.
  10. Saints had more than enough opportunity to win that game with or without that call. Same with the Vikings. Its a bitch when it works against ya huh? Because lets face it had this been ATL...you would be ok with that. Had the Saints won that game do the saints fans still bitch about that call? Probably not. People are more angry about the result than a missed penalty which happens in every game. Ive always been consitent with this....Dont let the refs decide games for you
  11. Maybe Minnesota should not have turned the ball over 6 times. Just like the Saints dug their own grave last year. Tough titties to both scenarios
  12. Ok, So If the Broncos called and offered Von Miller or the Bears offered Mack in a trade for those you guys would turn it down?
  13. We are seeing the beginning of the end it seems. However, if there is any team that can make a come back its this one. Toronto needs to stay aggressive. I would love to see the end of The warriors
  14. Yep, all those sites are the same exact shit.
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