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  1. Luke harper asked for his release. Shame as he was very underutilized. Sasha banks and baley threw a hissy fit at mania over losing the titles. Banks basically quit and WWE is giving her sone time to think about it. What a shit show this company is in. They are on the verge of a mass exodus.
  2. So we have 2 trophies now. Sucks for yall. 2-0 saints
  3. by 4 games. That shit is coming to an end soon
  4. I hate the first half of our schedule. Could be a brutal start to the season potentially
  5. KC may have to take out a loan for Mahomes next deal
  6. Boogie with a torn Quad most likely. Hard to get sympathy being a gigantic asshole your entire career.
  7. Yea, I guess I was just expecting Davidson to get a bigger pay day.
  8. I still have to wonder if Malcom Brown is that much of an upgrade from davidson. Seems like we really could have kept him
  9. I dont know why but im happy for him. Guy played his ass off.
  10. I get it. I was just arguing semantics because I have nothing better to do
  11. agreed. but he didn't start the thing.
  12. That was Gregg Williams. He had similar systems in Buffalo and Washington.
  13. Still does not defend him driving with a suspended license. I mean nothing he's done has been really terrible. He's just a fucking idiot that cant get out of his own way.
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