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  1. Cam better keep our name out his mouth. At least our QB can drive a truck without it flipping over
  2. Sauce Castieaux

    NFL Highest Paid QB's

    Stafford is trash. Never have been a fan
  3. Sauce Castieaux

    2018 Picks Challenge week 15 (official)

    Chiefs Texans Browns Falcons Giants Jags Vikings´╗┐ Lions Colts Raiders Bucs UQ Bears Seahawks Steelers Rams Saints
  4. Sauce Castieaux

    2018 RC Fantasy Football League (official sticky)

    Alot of people did lol
  5. Sauce Castieaux

    2018 RC Fantasy Football League (official sticky)

    Its oddly comforting knowing i would have lost no matter how i played it though. Lol Ahhh well....always next year.
  6. Sauce Castieaux

    2018 RC Fantasy Football League (official sticky)

    Congrats bro.... I wish it would have been more competitive on my end but it is what it is.
  7. Sauce Castieaux


    Props to those of you that didn't bitch out on your bets.
  8. Sauce Castieaux


    I think Ray had him killed
  9. Sauce Castieaux

    Aaaaannnnndddd stiiiillllllllllll!

    Rivals be like
  10. Sauce Castieaux

    Is Rodgers the most overrated QB in history?

    Even this year everyone talked about how Greenbay was making the playoffs even when it was pretty clear the team was terrible. No one actually seemed to watch the team enough to see how flawed they were. But they always get a pass because of Rodgers
  11. Sauce Castieaux

    Is Rodgers the most overrated QB in history?

    I think so... But he is a great QB. Still, his leadership qualities suck. Alot of his past team mates (Driver, Jennings...) Frequently talk about how he never takes responsibility for anything. Nothing is ever on him. Which i partially blame on the media because no one ever blames him for anything. Its also been said he frequently would change up coaches plays just to spite him. Not because it was the right play or not. I know this is petty on my part because i admittedly just dont like him.... But i cant remember an all time great ever finishing a game with less than 120 yards in a game. Which he has done a few years ago. I think he had one game where he had 90 lol. He just seems like a guy thats overly concerned about his numbers. Which i get....but almost to the point of not caring about getting a Win
  12. Sauce Castieaux

    2018 Picks Challenge week 14 (official)

    Jags Bills Browns Packers Chiefs Pats Saints Giants Texans Chargers Broncos Cowboys Lions Steelers Rams Seahawks
  13. Sauce Castieaux

    Brandon Browner gets 8 years in prison.

    Agreed about the attention part. The only thing I can figure is he had been out of the league already. maybe people just don't care about Has Beens as much.
  14. Sauce Castieaux

    Bills cut Kelvin Benjamin

    This will somehow be Cam Newton's fault according to him
  15. Sauce Castieaux

    Mike McCarthy

    it's more than the bad season. There is supposedly a lot of tension between the two. Easy call on Green Bay's part although Rodgers is hardly blameless in this