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  1. Imagine being so toxic Drew Rosenhaus dont want you
  2. And people questioned why i never took him whenever asked who i would pick off division rival teams. Figured it was coming. Great player that you hate to see leave early but i applaud him for putting his health first
  3. 99.9% of people agree its a non story. Unfortunately that .1 percent work for the crooked NCAA. The players that took the money are on their way to the NFL but its still stupid because what could happen to the school that they just won for. Honesty, those guys should have told OBJ "not now"
  4. If true, the optics are still bad. I dont care personally but the NCAA doesnt like people getting free sandwiches
  5. Odell Beckham seen giving out cash to LSU players after the game. This could be a thing.
  6. Burrow is crying because he is on to Cincinnati
  7. If he doesn't get double digits sacks he is going to get a haircut? Super bold of him If the Saints dont get double digit wins im going to buy a new pair of pants.
  8. Yea im not buying we would have been rolled. Just because the Saints matched up badly against the vikings who got beat by the 49ers doesnt mean we get rolled by the 9ers. 49ers lost earlier to the Seahawks who we beat with a backup QB. See... Shit happens.
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