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  1. He is so about to get her pregnant again
  2. True...but it seems like anytime he starts to build momentum there is a holding call or something to void that.
  3. Thats fair but at the same time the team forgot how to play when Brees went down. Not that i think Bridgewater has been good but my god the team has been a walking penalty.
  4. I understand not having Brees is huge... But this team without him is fucking retarded
  5. Im more shocked we had a return not called back for a flag. That almost never happens anymore
  6. Mash's team must be coached by dan quinn
  7. I hope he has to stock dog food at walmart to make a living
  8. I think not having a 3rd QB on the roster prevented Saints from playing hill last week. Should see both bow.
  9. I think Singletary is becoming a legot back for Buffalo so he shoukd be getting more carries by the week. Michel has been money so far but Bill could not use him randomly one week. Elliot is the only one that scares me on Mashes team. Ive have Rodgers and still do on some leagues and he is not a huge fantasy scorer at least like mahomes is. I got this
  10. Added Dallas just for the fact that they are playing miami.
  11. Id almost rather bottom out for the above reason. Nothing good ever comes out of 7-9 lol
  12. Say we bottom out and end up with a top tier college QB. The pain train starts all over again for yall. For yall sake you better hope ole humpty dumpty brees can be put back together again.
  13. Teddy for a couple of reasons. 1. Taysom is best used in the role he has been in. I believe he becomes figured out very quickly as an every down QB. 2. The saints need to know what they have in Teddy long term. You have to play in him in games other than spot duty at the end of games. If we are going to cut or re-sign him id rather we find out what he is. Taysom may be the better option. Although he may not
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