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  1. Shuswap

    Because Fuck The Environment

    Makes sense , it gets fucking cold up here . Wind turbines don't heat the house at -40 .
  2. Shuswap

    I’d like to point out ....

    I'm done with the Brees declining predictions. I'll see it to believe it .
  3. Shuswap

    Pac Man Jones Airport Fight

    Been there enough to know what you are talking about, but the fight must go on.
  4. Shuswap

    Former Saint Been a Bad Boy

    Wish I cared enough to do that kind of research .
  5. Shuswap

    What in the actual fuck, Drew Brees!

    Ray and Dago during the offseason .
  6. Shuswap

    Was busy this past weekend...

    Looks good Ron , I still haven't finished my basement , since I built the house . Going to get my ass in gear shortly.
  7. Shuswap

    Remember Elian Gonzalez?

    Well I know this . Did a quick look and posted lol .
  8. Shuswap

    Remember Elian Gonzalez?

    Holy fuck ! I'm not even editing it . Got a case of the Mash .
  9. Shuswap

    Remember Elian Gonzalez?

    Why is he pointing the gun at the kid with his finger on the i love this cock i'm eating .
  10. Even in defeat he types hate.
  11. Shuswap

    A Great 4th

    Yup if I never have to blow something up again in my life I'll be happy .
  12. Shuswap

    Takk aint that fat...

    Prob hasn't played much ping pong either . Still a good football player .
  13. Shuswap

    Vic Beasley Podcast

    Thought it had something to do with Duke Riley sucking ass.