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  1. Well they feared for their lives

    Who the fuck is BATT ? Oh nevermind , probably one of JB's split personality's where he puts on a sun dress and wears lipstick and shit. You're still a bitch.
  2. Well they feared for their lives

    Is JB seriously talking to himself with two different accounts ? Dudes a fuggin moron.
  3. Mock Draft 2.0

    Agreed the last player we picked without meeting was Konz , although he was in the 2nd round he was still our first pick . I think they learned from that mistake.
  4. I just got back from Georgia , still looks the same as when Obama , Bush and Clinton were in office .
  5. Are you guys telling me that the state of Louisiana banned butt fucking ? Even with a female ?
  6. I knew Thomas Davis wasn't shit...

    Why are they fighting again ? Must have missed it .
  7. Parking those things can be a cunt .
  8. Brian Billick addicted to Hallucinogenics?

    He's Mike Smith brother in law . He always promotes the teams Mike is apart of .
  9. Little Ron B is mad at me....

    @I'm Ron Burgundy? K guys , lets find a middle ground . Freebird, only have a few drinks a hour . Ron , try and grow that set of balls. .
  10. Suh released by Dolphins

    #metoo .
  11. The clown has no penis

    Rapping up work , haven't been home in 5 months , except 10 days off for xmas . Can't wait to see the kid Tuesday .
  12. Altered Carbon

    Tittys and shit...sound shops to me just need to talk the old lady into it .
  13. Runaway Bride

    Always the bridesmaid never the bride.
  14. Wentz vs Foles

    Really ? Where does Foles go ? Superbowl winning QB is good for the resume ..So weird tbh .....
  15. Wentz vs Foles

    Who starts next year ?