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  1. Wonder if he will be on heavy meds ? Only tried to kill myself once and they tried to put me all types of shit ..
  2. Shuswap

    Boy the Saints are such a classy organization

    Yeah , that's bad ass .
  3. Shuswap

    Bucs fire Dick Cutter...

    I was a big Koetter fan when he was in the ATL
  4. Shuswap

    What's on the menu?

    Been a while since I posted in this thread , couple buddies I served with came over unexpectedly . So I got to work , lobster tails , king crab and smoked prime rib
  5. Shuswap

    Merry Christmas to all of you

    So fake but still funny.
  6. Shuswap

    Merry Christmas to all of you

    Merry Xmas everyone , im home alone cleaning up the mess the drywall guys left ... I got a little Southern Comfort and a cat named Henry ... All this guy needs right meow. .
  7. Shuswap

    It's going to be packed today

    Who the fug wants to pay to watch this shit .
  8. Shuswap

    Mash has it figured out.

    Piano accident ? Did a fuggin piano fall on him ? I thought he was retarded from a construction accident , atleast that is what was said in lawyer hanks commercial.
  9. Shuswap

    Mash has it figured out.

    Your title is untruthful and not correct ever in Mashburns life .
  10. Shuswap


    I wonder if this will compete with the CFL as far as players go ?
  11. Thanks , downloading as we speak , like fuck I'm going to let a bunch of leso-chinks fuck with Trump ..
  12. Shuswap

    The best DE in the NFC South

    Well, Betty White could accomplish the same feat.
  13. Shuswap

    Arthur Blank I know you read this forum

    Would you pay to watch that shit ? Actually nevermind u prob would ..