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  1. Shuswap

    Jets odds-on favorite to sign Le’Veon Bell in 2019

    Would be hilarious .
  2. Shuswap

    Falcons vs Browns is on NFL Network right now.

    You guys are dick heads.
  3. Shuswap

    The Cologne Thread

    Good to know , was thinking Tom Ford , Tuscan Leather will be the next purchase .
  4. Shuswap

    The Cologne Thread

    Purchased Aqua Di Gio, but not very good selection where I'm at and I'm afraid to purchase online . So waiting until i get some time off . Unless some of you guys know of any reputable sites ?
  5. Shuswap


    Today I'll be called a hero , today I'll put my uniform on again and stand at attention where great uncle has his named engraved , today I'll get free beer at the Legion ..... Yesterday I dreaded the flight home , knowing what was coming .. Today nobody will know that I've been drinking since 2am to get ready for this ceremony that isn't for me for but them. Today my son will think his dad did good .... The drive there solo with my son is the worst ....
  6. Shuswap

    Is this meme racist?

    I didn't know illiterate was a race.
  7. Shuswap

    Who will score more TD’s this year?

    Julio is always up for a challenge
  8. Shuswap

    Dez suffers a Torn Achilles

    Pretty sure captain obvious is a saints fan .
  9. Shuswap

    Only 6k for 4 days of paradise

    Fuck , I'm single again. Was going to Nepal but .......
  10. Shuswap

    Cam Meredith to IR.

    You'd prob hit Robin first.
  11. Shuswap

    New #1 in the Combined Power Rankings

    14 is perfect ,not showing off and not lagging behind .
  12. Shuswap

    Dafk ?

    Libs from ABF.
  13. Shuswap

    Congrats Saints

    Congrats fuck heads.