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  1. Winston has a beer gut and likes Crab legs , not sure why I haven't been a fan of his in the past .
  2. Fuck it. Falcons suck , I'll root for the fucs this year.
  3. I've read what both parties involved had to say and I'm siding with KYS ... Ray is a major tool.
  4. Hahaha thanks for the 11 days .
  5. If our conservative leader Andrew Sheer did this they would be asking for his head .
  6. Conservative inside job forsure , and I love it !!!!!!! I've been laughing all morning .
  7. This is true . You guys don't out suck alot of teams.
  8. Meh , trash is a strong word .
  9. Playing against a scrub oline.
  10. Dirks a homo , so is famous.... He will be trying out for a minor league ball team at 27 .
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