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  1. I'm more worried about his mental health.
  2. Hahahaha wtf did I miss ? Sounds like Days of our Lives shit !
  3. I think it's a decent signing , not knowing the numbers of course.
  4. Should have just named it the senile old cunt thread . Those boys would have found there way in ..
  5. Yeah , our only problems are on the field.
  6. Broken Arm ? He'd be doing time down there wouldn't he be ?
  7. Co-signed ,after his arm get broken of course .
  8. Rams aren't even in the top 10 , I'm a little surprised.
  9. Fuck I literally have the hottest girl in this thread. Including the so.called models .
  10. Nothing but steers and queers come from New Orleans .
  11. That was AC Slater . Luke Perry was the back-up catcher for the Montreal Expos back in the mid 90's .
  12. My older sister will be crushed .
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