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  1. Not surprising. I imagine you & mrs. Raycist just hold neighborhood book burnings every Saturday evening, instead of watching a nice feel good movie. Is HollEy the name of that strapon mrs. R uses on you? Wouldn’t it be spelled Holly? You’re such an alt right Wing Nut. It NEVER fails! I take a quick browse through Wing Nut Central here, and find you alt right wing nuts getting angrier and angrier. Pretty hilarious stuff!
  2. Hey dude, I signed back in to PM you since it looks like you, like me, have had enough of Alt-Right Central. If you ever wanna discuss the NFC South or Sane political discussion, drop me an email at johnnybuc@gmail.com. If ya wanna laugh just look at the thread titles in the political forum. No need to read the threads these fools start anymore. The titles alone tell you how fucked in the head this crew is. 

    Take it easy, my man!


  3. Spam???? So.......I'm the one lying here???? Quit your threatening you pathetic Prick! Do whatcha gotta do ADOLPH!!! AND....
  4. None of them call you out on your bullshit. Yeah.......keep telling yourself I'm the Raycist. You've been doing it since you arrived here, you elitist piece of Trump shit. That's right. It's not too hard to reason that when Trump takes a dump, YOU are what's floating in his solid gold bowl.....and you're just grateful to be there. I'm the champion of nothing but the TRUTH, something turds like you will NEVER acquiesce to.
  5. BULLSHIT!! You've gone outta your way to make the rest of your Trump Followers here believe that jb is one of those Fuck Trump people......which may be an alt, but they're NOT me. Quit threatening and go ahead and ban me, Adolph!!!!!
  6. Proposed Football Board Ban of JB. All users vote. Lose my mind?????? I'm not the one celebrating the death of Truth and FACT in the world, you colossal Putz! I'm not the one that voted for and celebrating every move of the one hell bent on doing so. You fuckers feel the need to keep your right wing master race Pure as the driven snow? BE MY GUEST and BAN ME!
  7. Show us where beefy was talking football, dumbass. This thread could be moved when ever fiddy wants to, you ignorant Trumpist FOOL.
  8. YOU are so like Trump!! You think because YOU are a lying, underhanded, cheat that everyone else is too. Don't lay your numerous character flaws on me, you piece of Alt Right Shit!
  9. Good Luck with that. That's like John Gotti getting the FBI, and DOJ to hand over all the evidence they have on him. And YOU are okay with this........ Pathetic!!!!!!
  10. jb™

    Somebody come look at this

    Yeah?? Like I celebrated police being killed in N.O. You fools live in a your own dimension...IDIOTS! For someone that claims to HATE Trump, you're so much like him. You make shit up as best you can, and if it's not working for you, you simply change the context of a point you're trying your best to make. So very Trump-Like...... You may wanna get with Fiddy and do a bit of post editing and post where I said anything of the sort.
  11. WTF???????? Such a TRUMPIST
  12. If that's the case Ban my narrow ass. Defensive? No just calling out you pathetic bastards out for the pathetic, raycist, deluded bastards you are.
  13. Oh Really?? He's inferred I have an Alt here several times over the past 18 months, along with the rest of you dumbass Trump Cultists.