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  1. Somebody Upset? Never gonna be impeached, huh? Your poor deluded cultist.....
  2. I didn’t realize Jerry Granville is still alive.......he’s our defensive coordinator. The younger guys that sit behind us at Bucs games were trying to talk us into buying season tickets for the Vipers. Not a chance! Gimmick league will get old fast.
  3. The funniest thing is Dago claims to hate Trump. He just hates Obama, and those who found him as a far better commander in Chief than the blithering windbag in the position presently more than Trump. You’re in the middle of the hate based ideology that Trump promotes when you visit this place. Just look at the posts you’ve been responding to... It’s fun for awhile but when you see all the testosterone driven, gun loving, tough guy hate Trump has tapped into here.......it gets old quick. Have fun poking them with a stick. They’ll respond EVERY time.. Just like Trump would......they try so hard to be unpredictable they’re incredibly predictable, just like Trump.
  4. We wouldn’t if we had a QB that didn’t throw 30 interceptions of which 7 were pick 6’s, mostly at home.
  5. Congrats, Dude! Boy or girl? Do you know yet? if I can offer any advice, it’s to start planning on college right away, and always be interested in what they’re doing as they grow & mature. Sooner or later they realize you know of what you speak.
  6. The ONLY road game we play against a playoff team is the Saints. As long as they don’t screw us again with no home game for 7 weeks, I love our schedule.......as long as we have a QB with a bit of grey matter to rely on!
  7. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Morons gonna be morons.......FACT.
  8. Evidently Burgundy must've lost his drivers license after that last DUI. Couldn't resist......
  9. LMAO!!! Van Drew and that other fool are as fucked in the noggin as House Republicans!
  10. So.... we won 2 in a row against two not very good teams. Sorry, but I’m still not convinced the Bucs are heading in the right direction. Now, if they they can take the Colts and Texans over the next couple of games, I may start believing in a Turnaround.
  11. Wait’ll next season, Fucker.............wait, I sound like a Falcons fan.
  12. If not for McCaffery the Panthers would have the #1 pick.
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