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  1. jb™

    Our President

  2. Gen Michael Hayden‏Verified account @GenMhayden FollowFollow @GenMhayden More Other governments have separated mothers and children
  3. jb™

    Rest in Peace Chef Bourdain

    Just heard about this a few minutes ago. It just goes to show NOBODY can tell how others are feeling about themselves or life in general. I’ve heard Anthony say he knew what an awesome job he had and just how much he loved it. The food, the people he met, the exotic places he was afforded travel to. I can’t imagine a cooler job to have. Suicide always leaves so many questions......so sad. Suicide Sucks, and it makes one wish they could’ve somehow talked to that person and let them know that there’s always better days right around the corner. Life is a gift, and should always be looked at as such. That being said, if someone is terminally ill and in great pain continually, I can understand wanting to move on to whatever/wherever death takes us. RIP Mr. Bourdain.
  4. jb™

    Obamacare premiums to soar in 2019

    You poor baby! From what you’ve said here.....you can easily afford it. But you’d rather have the millions Americans that aren’t as affluent as you pay far more, so they can’t afford it and just die.......which is your plan anyway. Do you really have to be so fucking OBVIOUS?
  5. jb™

    Such a racist, that Trump.

    DumbFuck’s been whining all week about having to meet with other Democracies from around the world when he’d much rather be meeting with strongman Autocrats that deal with opponents by having them murdered. Character no longer matters to many Americans and virtually nothing to most of the creeps posting here. Why else would HateWatch groups be perusing threads on this site? He won’t meet with the president of Mexico, yet is more than willing to give a murderer like Kim Jung Un an invite to the White House.
  6. jb™

    Hey Jimmy.....

    Please do us all a favor and keep Donnie up in the Great White North........PLEASE. I hear if you drop a line of milk duds you can get him to follow wherever you need him to go, like that box Peter & Brian trapped James Woods in. Oh, piece of candy....oh, piece of candy.......it shouldn’t be all that difficult.
  7. jb™

    Such a racist, that Trump.

    Around these parts, it’s known as Raycism.
  8. Good One!!! I’v e gotta start using that one.
  9. Faux News.....of course. A faux opinion to boot.
  10. jb™


    Of course I don't FOOL! I don't associate with Trump-Loving racist homophobes. You do? Hey, Canada's a free country too...at least for the time being.
  11. jb™


    Getting back to the OP....I'm not the one these HateWatch groups and perhaps even the FBI are looking at in all those old threads. But Dago....you keep trying to convince yourself otherwise.
  12. jb™


    You realize how many Trump supporters refuse to acknowledge the Holocaust ever happened.....right? Of COURSE NOT! It doesn't fit your Trump-like bullshit here. You call it making light of.....well, of course you do.......to defend the Nazi-like takeover of our Democracy. For someone that tries so hard to convince everyone he can, that he's the smartest guy in the room (next to beefy of course), you don't know shit about how what the Nazi's did to gain and retain power, and if you're to stuck on defending the destruction of the Republic and the Democracy it's represented around the world for over two hundred years, you have nothing whatsoever but more of the Nazi-like Right-Wing propaganda these fuckers trade in here. Like I said....get back to me once you've got your head outta your ass.
  13. jb™


    The other option was to not Vote. I could of gone the IGNORANT route like dumbass Homophobes such as yourself, but I don't vote for egomaniacal, reality TV stars. I leave that for the morons......