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  1. Definitely looking forward to a prequel.
  2. I find it amusing that you would define your fellow Trumpists calling for Civil War a political statement. Pretty much defines all of your wackiness.
  3. Then these stupid fucks wonder why no one but hateful, brainwashed Trumpists post here anymore.
  4. ^^^^^^^^A real American Patriot, hoping there’s a civil war if Trump gets defeated. You poor fruitcake! We considered moving, but thought the better tact would be to stay and fight Trump and his band of traitors, by donations to organizations like the ACLU, protesting, and just being involved in the truths that this country was built on. This is one of the biggest differences between the brainwashed Trumpist and civic minded progressives. Just keep it up, if nothing else it’s incredibly funny coming from someone whom supported Bernie before he decided Fascism was the way America should proceed.
  5. No, it’s the Low Spark of High Heeled Boys. I Found the casting nothing less than extraordinary.
  6. Look how young they look. Perhaps one of the coolest features of this series was watching the cast age and how they changed season by season.
  7. It really does suck to lose a longtime pet like that, especially your dog. They have a way of entering your heart like few pets can. I sit here and looking at my Riley, wondering just how hard it’ll be when he takes his leave from us............too hard to even contemplate. Sorry for your loss.
  8. We were going 3-13 before this.... It really sucks, as he may never play another game for the Bucs, or any other team. Doesn't sound like it's super debilitating if he's considering to keep playing.
  9. The Bucs are #29 which is way off. It’s pretty obvious that the Bucs are now Cleveland South. They’re odds on favorite for the #1 pick in 2020, at least from what I’m seeing. Devin White was probably the best pick they could make, but everything after that was questionable in the minds of objective Buc fans.
  10. I fucked up, last night's episode was #3 of S8. Have fun getting old, nippledicks. One day ya suddenly finding yourself butt dialing half the people you know......and forgetting wtf ya just had for lunch.....or wtf did I walk into this room for??? Other than that kinda nonsense, aging is simply what ya make of it.
  11. Sorry bout that. But it was just such a perfect set up for that moment. Excellent episode.
  12. I originally watched the first 2 episodes of the first season but lost interest, until our youngest daughter kept talking about it and insisted ther her mom and I watch the entire series. We weren’t sold until her husband told us he had read the entire Fire and Ice, George RR Martin books. After that we decided to binge the entire 7 seasons. From the very start we were hooked! It’s an entirely different genre, but I always believed the Sopranos was end all be all of cable or streaming series. GoT leaves the Sopranos in the dust. Storyline, production value, and character development are second to none with Game of Thrones. To date, my favorite episodes were episode 9 & 10 of season 6. So far season 6 & 7 were the best, but you couldn’t get there without all the character and story development. Just an awesome series. We binged the entire series a few weeks ago and were waiting with baited breath for the new season. So last night we watched S7 Ep 2 last night. It almost seemed like it was the end of the series, when my wife turned to me and said we hadn’t seen Aria in awhile and that she was gonna save the day..........a few seconds later WHAM!! Here comes Aria! I suddenly realized just why all my girls love this series. If you haven’t watched the entire series you’re you’re doing yourself a real disservice. Of course if you don’t like stories with extremely intelligent, strong women, you’ll hate the series. Just my take. edit: my bad if you nippledicks have had discussions on this topic. I don’t visit here like I used to, so if this has already been endlessly discussed, excuse the beating of a dead horse.
  13. Just read up on our new kicker......Matt Gay, and I’m stating here and now that if he makes the team as our kicker, he’ll have a half dozen kicks blocked this season. At least we didn’t take him in the first or trade up to get him......I suppose that’s progress.
  14. My bad, 5th round...... WTF is it with this team??? Loved the Saints move up to grab Chauncey in the 4th. I had initially wanted him until we decided to reach on 3 DB’s in a row. Love our first pick outta Linebacker State U. And can only trust that BA & Bowles know what the hell they’re doing. the Bunting pick was okay but to go 3 In a row is questionable, and sounds exactly like something Licht would do. Now with the kicker pick, I’m scared that buttmunching fool was the one in charge of our draft.
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