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  1. Every single time you know I'm correct, you try and drag your old nemesis into the convo. WEAK.......even for you. Later Gator, going outta town again. I'm sure you'll miss me. You all just need to start a few dozen threads about me, that should keep that hate flowing nicely.
  2. I Love your painting me as intolerant of your intolerance. You're SPOT ON!!!
  3. A burr in the saddle of racist xenophobes..... It’s called JBDS.
  4. How I’m viewed by screwball, racist, xenophobic, Trump supporters means nothing to me. I imagine that would be obvious to most, but I also realize how easy it would be for you to miss.
  5. CUNT? FUCKING BULLDYKE? Is THAT what you call it?
  6. LOL Try and make light of it. You know damned well that fear is deep rooted in you poor fucks. If they're gay, Trans, whatever they don't meet with your approval and are fair game for your hate....no matter how much they've accomplished. You may wanna look up what Freud had to say about your sitchyashun.
  7. MASSIVE is the FEAR found in this thread. But it is FUNNY seeing you all hate on an American women that helped win the Women's World Cup for YOUR country. Shows EXACTLY what you're REALLY ALL ABOUT! FEAR BASED HATE.
  8. I already did, as it's only a recent example of the FEAR based HATE you poor fools wallow in. Don't you have another thread you need to start about me? Seems like you poor fucks can't get enough. I leave for a long weekend and come back to FOUR threads started concerning me. I OWN YOUR PATHETIC WHITE NATIONALIST ASSES! And it's not like I want to, I find slavery as abhorrent as most decent folk, sooooooo YOU'RE FREE!!!!
  9. You are one nutty fruitcake! I tell my friends and family members what Trumpists actually believe, and when they don't believe me....I show them this forum, and what you fruitcakes post. All your fear, all your hate, and all your bullshit. All I'm told by EVERY ONE OF THEM is, "keep it up John......these are the people that are helping destroy everything America stands for". You don't see it, because you're one of the weaker people here. The rest here, know exactly why I visit and throw the occasional turd in here for you fools to feed on. You're simply the latest to be infected with JBDS. Notice how there are 4, that's FOUR threads with my name in the topic. Contrary to what your half a brain believes you poor fuckers are growing more delusional even day. Mainly because you're buying into every racist, decisive thing your lunatic poutus tells you to believe. Thanks for your concern, Chester but I, my family, and my friends are fine with exposing you assholes for the racist, xenophobes you are.
  10. I find it funny that this is what you base your politics on. Whether or not whatever it is happening...as long as it upsets Libs. No wonder you're a fascist believing piece of shit. What if he doesn't get re-elected? I don't see it happening, seeing as everyone in the free world knows what a cheating lying piece of shit Trump is, and you motherfuckers applaud him for it, and keep screaming for more. I realize there is no way he won't be re-elected, simply because he'll stop at nothing to make sure it happens. That's fine with you UnAmerican assholes. Even if he were to lose the election he'll tie it up in the courts until Kavenaugh and Clarence Uncle Tom Thomas hand it to him. You fuckers have little to worry about.
  11. Just enjoying watching you worms squirm. The new guy is outing the shit outta you pieces of shit, and I find it nothing less than Hysterical.
  12. You asshole🐷! Your new buddy, MyParentsAreProud was ready to post this same article, but you beat 'em to it. That's NO WAY to treat one of your fellow Trumpists!
  13. A rational discussion with racist xenophobes that refuse to admit the hate they carry for others while waving a flag of hatred daily? I’d much rather laugh at rage filled fucks like you.
  14. It was important enough to you morons, to say what an incredible speech it was.
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